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Detail Guide – How to Hire Dedicated React Native Developers for Startups and Co-Founders

Published: Jan 31, 2023  |   | 

React Native is one of the most preferred frameworks in the dev world. When it comes to developing enterprise-level, feature-rich, and cross-platform applications, you can hire dedicated React Native app developers. In recent years, React Native has created quite a stir as a robust cross-platform app development platform to build native-like apps in a cost-effective way. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that as one of the best options for developers in 2023.

Let’s dig deep into the current trends and useful tips to hire a react native development team to leverage the benefits of this platform. We will also cover the development cost and key advantages of React Native app development. Read on to know why React Native is the best choice for your upcoming business app development project. 

Current Trends About React Native

Quick Intro about current trends of React Native Apps

Since its launch in the year 2015, this JavaScript-based framework has gained popularity among React developers for building natively rendered apps. Whether you hire a React Native development team or remote developers, you can get a feature-rich app that can run seamlessly across both iOS and Android platforms. Quick MVP development and lower maintenance costs are some of the key benefits of React Native app development. 

The latest version of React Native is 0.71.1. It has an in-house JS engine known as Hermes. This engine was first introduced with React Native 0.70 in September 2022. This latest RN (React Native) version has a unified way to define Codegen for both Android and iOS platforms also. React Native developers can directly define the Codegen specs in the package json. 

An Autolinking feature enables developers to include external libraries with a yarn add command and plays a crucial role in React Native development experience. The new architecture can adapt auto-linking to support various libraries that use Codegen. React Native developers can also get complete support from CMake to configure Native Android builds. 

When you hire a React Native development team, they use all such trends to make a customized app for your company. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s go through some useful tips to hire a dedicated React Native developer or remote developers for your upcoming app development project.   

Effective Tips to Hire a Dedicated React Native Developer Company

hire react native developers team

Hiring a React Native app development team is a difficult task and needs some preparation. 

Here are some of the effective tips you can consider to hire dedicated React Native app developers-

  • Define Goals and Requirements

First things first. You need to define goals that you wish to achieve with the help of a customized application. Based on these goals, you can identify the project requirements and app features. It is better to make a roadmap for app development before consulting a React Native app development company. It can give the development company a clear idea about your project. 

  • Select the Right Option

These days, several hiring options are available. When you hire remote React Native developers, you can either go for a dedicated model, fixed price model, or Time & Material model. It depends on the project requirements and level of complexity. Here, a reputed mobile app development company can assist you to select the right model for developing your app.

  • Arrange an Interview

You can shortlist developers for your project and arrange their interviews. An interview can enable you to know the technical and interpersonal skills of developers and you can hire the right team. Most mobile app development companies arrange interviews for their developers where you can ask any project or expertise-related questions. 

  • Check Out Skills

Apart from having solid insight into JavaScript, a React Native developer should have some skills like the ability to write well-documented code, knowledge of tools like Virtual DOM and JSX and native app-building tools like Swift, Kotlin, and XCode. Along with this technical expertise, interpersonal and communication skills are essential in React Native app developers. 

  • Opt for Experienced Developers

When you Hire React Native App Developers from India, you can get an opportunity to select expert professionals who have hands-on experience in developing robust and complex business apps. It is always beneficial to choose experienced developers who can easily handle the development process even when your project requirement may keep on changing. 

How much does it cost to hire dedicated React Native Developers?

Cost to hire react native developers

When you hire dedicated React Native developers for your project, the development cost depends on several variables. These factors include the size of an app, the complexity of features, skills of developers, and the app engagement strategy. 

Let's discuss these factors in brief. 

App Size

It is one of the biggest cost-affecting aspects when you hire React Native developers. As per the size, we can classify apps into small, medium, and large categories. As compared to large business apps, small and mid-sized apps take a shorter time to develop. Therefore, the development cost for small apps remains the least. 

Feature Complexity

Complexity of app features is also a major cost-determining factor for React Native app development. An enterprise app with complex features and functionality is costlier than a basic app with simple features. If your customized app has multiple interrelated features then its development cost will be high. 

dedicated react native developer rates

Developers' Skill Set

React Native app development is capable of building apps for different industry sectors irrespective of features' complexity and other aspects. In such a scenario, it is essential to hire React Native developers with the necessary skills and experience level. But then experienced and highly skilled developers take higher hourly rates than the same taken by junior developers. 

Engagement Strategy

The React Native app development company offers different engagement models for building tailored applications. The most popular hiring models are fixed cost or project-based, time & material or time-based, and dedicated hiring models. Every model has a different price structure based on the team size, project requirements, and other factors. 

It is always better to consult a reliable and renowned React Native app development company to get a quote based on your project needs. 

Hire a Dedicated React Native Developer: Main Advantages

main advantages of react native developers

When you hire dedicated React Native developers for your project, you can remain assured of impressive UI and flawless functionality. Apart from these benefits, we can mention the following advantages of hiring developers. 

Cost-effective Process

It is one of the salient features of hiring app developers. You can research a bit to shortlist React Native app development companies and get quotes from them. All you can get is a cost-effective development process by hiring developers at reasonable rates. 

– Easy Coding & Maintenance

Coding and maintenance of a custom app is easy for React Native app developers. When it comes to React Native, app maintenance is somewhat easier than on other platforms. However, you need to hire dedicated app developers for regular updates and maintenance of the bespoke application.  

– Excellent Performance

Experienced React Native app developers can easily integrate technological advancements and use third-party plugins to get the desired features and functionality. As a result, you can remain assured of excellent app performance irrespective of the target audience. 

– High Flexibility

React Native is a scalable and flexible platform but expert app developers can make the most of it in making enterprise-level applications. You can hire a team of dedicated developers to bring a user-friendly and flexible app for your employees or a target audience.

– Real-time Technical Assistance

React Native app developers with domain insights and knowledge of business trends can give real-time technical support to you. Be it upgrading your app or modifying its features, you can get assistance from dedicated developers. It can keep your app up-to-date and user-friendly. 

Why is React Native the Best Choice for Your Business App?

React Native the Best Choice for Your Business App

Today, tens of Fortune 500 companies rely on React Native as a robust cross-platform development framework. It has over 42% of the market share in the cross-platform app development domain. App developers prefer it for multiple reasons including-

  • Code Reusability

React Native facilitates developers to reuse almost 90% of the codes across both native and cross-platform apps. 

  • Native Performance

React Native is better than other cross-platform development frameworks in providing app users with a native experience. 

  • Responsive Nature

React Native applications are highly user-friendly and responsive thanks to the framework’s built-in features. 

  • Stability

React Native apps are highly stable on both platforms and developers can easily modify them as and when necessary. 

  • Real-time Updates

With the Live Reload feature, developers can easily implement changes to the code and see them in real time. 

  • Third-party Plugins

React Native supports the integration of third-party plugins. This characteristic is useful for bringing necessary functionality to the business app. 

  • Excellent Business Logic

JavaScript in the React Native framework can be used for business logic while offering a unified user experience across Android and iOS. 

Skills to Consider while Hiring ReactNative App Developers

Developers need to remain updated with advancing technology. When you hire a React Native developer, it is imperative to check whether they have the following technical skills-

1. Good command of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and fundamentals of React

2. Hands-on experience with different platforms like iOS and Windows

3. Insight of React Native framework

4. Great knowledge of tools like Jest, Redux, ESLint

5. Expertise in third-party dependencies and REST API integration

6. Unit testing and code debugging capabilities

7. Competence in UI design and responsive design 

8. Soft skills and communication skills

Set Your Requirements for React Native Apps Developer

Defining requirements is the first and foremost point for React Native app development. Let's understand this process with three common scenarios. 

Validation of Idea

You can hire React Native app developers from India to convert your idea into a user-friendly app. However, even if you have a brilliant idea, you should not build a team and start the development straight away. It starts with the validation of an idea or the discovery phase. Here, an experienced business analyst evaluates the idea's viability. A software architect can check the technical feasibility and create the architecture of the proposed application.   

Process Initiation

Your app development team consists of React Native developers, designers, a software architect, a QA executive, and a project manager. But, here it is fair to mention that if you own a startup, the app development process should be initiated quickly. It is because your competitors may leverage this delay in releasing a mobile app and take away your audience. Therefore, it is better to hire a React Native app development company rather than make an in-house team. 

Regular Upgradation

After converting your idea into a successful application, you must consider maintaining and upgrading the app regularly. Most companies keep some budget aside for the maintenance and modification of custom applications. It is always advantageous to come up with new features and improved functionality with an updated app version. Experienced React Native developers can assist you in meeting this objective efficiently while making your enterprise app highly relevant and competitive. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps 

mistakes to avoid when developing react native app

React Native app development is highly beneficial for modern enterprises. However, developers need to avoid some common mistakes while developing a feature-rich React Native app. 

Let’s go through a few such mistakes. 

  • Improper Optimization

Image optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of the development process. But, at times, developers remain too busy coding and forget to optimize images. 

  • Lack of Attention

It is one of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced developers commit. They do not pay enough attention to every detail and fail to estimate the project hours. 

  • Avoiding Unit Test

Lack of proper testing and documentation of the process can lead to many complications in the ongoing project. 

  • Ignoring Protocols

Like other cross-platform app development platforms, React Native also requires to adhere to coding standards and even slight deviation from these standards can ruin the app. 

  • Absence of Project Structure

Absence or avoidance of a project structure can not only increase the development duration but also demand more effort. As a result, companies have to pay higher costs. 

A renowned and experienced React Native app development company can easily avoid these mistakes while following all the standards of the development process. 

Hire React Native Developers: In-house vs. Outsourcing

You can either hire React Native developers and build an in-house team or simply outsource your application development project to a React Native development company. Here is a brief introduction to both in-house development and outsourcing methods. 

In-house Development

When you build your team from scratch in your company, it is an in-house development. Here, you need to fill up the necessary positions based on the project requirements. You need to hire temporary or permanent staff with the necessary skill sets and experience for your project. Your company goes through the process of taking interviews and onboarding employees. 

Outsourcing Method

When you assign the project to an offshore software development company or an outsourcing partner, it is called an outsourcing method. It enables you to get rid of legal and employment-related issues while offering a team of dedicated React Native developers for your project. Outsourcing is a cost-effective and highly suitable model for companies of any size.  

You can make a decision of making an in-house team of React Native developers or outsourcing your project on the basis of development requirements and the duration of making a custom app. 

Reasons to Hire from Semaphore React Native App Developers

Semaphore Software is your one-stop destination for cross-platform app development. As a reliable development partner, Semaphore offers end-to-end services in web app development, Android app development, iOS app development, and cross-platform app development. 

Here is why companies prefer Semaphore to hire dedicated React Native app developers

  • Developing advanced applications in line with trends and technological advancements

  • CMMIDEV/5 level company that follows ISO and other international standards

  • Global presence with state-of-the-art development center and skilled resources

  • In-house teams of experienced developers for native and cross-platform apps

  • Excellent support and maintenance services to ensure a seamless performance

  • Cost-effective app development process for startups and SMEs

  • Dedicated ODC (Offshore Development Center) with flexible hiring models

  • Focus on quality and performance while maintaining the tradition of meeting deadlines

Concluding Lines

In a nutshell, React Native looks highly promising as a cross-platform app development platform. Both mobile and web developers use it to build customized applications. The entire JavaScript community supports it and active developers make this platform richer for a better future. Top brands like Skype, Instagram, and Uber have already started leveraging the benefits of this excellent and reliable platform. 

You can hire React Native developers in India to get a competitive edge through a fully functional app that gives you the best of both worlds, Android and iOS. 

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How to hire a React Native Developer?

You can check the portfolio of some reputed React Native development companies online and select the most suitable development partner. You can make your team of developers by taking their interviews afterwards.

How much time does it take to develop an app?

The app development time completely depends on the complexity and number of features of your application. You can get a customized app in a period of one month to six months.

How does React Native Reduce app development costs?

One of the top benefits of React Native as a cross-platform app development platform is it can reduce the development cost significantly. It has built-in tools, features like live reload, and an extensive library that contribute to reducing app development costs.

Which type of apps can be developed in React Native?

React Native is useful in developing apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and web platforms.

Which popular companies use React Native programming language?

Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Uber, and Walmart are some of the popular companies that use React Native for their dedicated applications