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How to Hire Dedicated iOS App Developers? A Step-by-Step Guide

Published: Jan 3, 2023  |   | 

Uniqueness is one of the USPs of the iPhone giant Apple. Even if iPhone has only a 28 per cent market share globally, many enterprises tend to select an iOS platform to grow their business. Every month, customers can get over 25,000 new apps in the Apple App Store, which means that standing out from the crowd is really quite a task for any new entrant. In such a scenario, it is beneficial to get insights on how to hire an iOS app developer who can assist you.

In this article, we will discuss every aspect and cover all things you should keep in mind when you hire iOS app developers. But, before moving forward, let’s have a quick glance at the iOS app development trends for the year 2023 and beyond.  

Quick Intro about current trends of iOS Apps

Quick Intro about current trends of iOS Apps

Every year, Apple comes with new iPhones to set standards of creativity and innovation based on evolving technology. On one hand, these iPhones offer a rich user experience, and on the other hand, they drive the future of modern businesses. iOS app development keeps on evolving to add advancements of AI, AR, IoT, and other emerging technologies to sophisticated apps. The top iOS app development trends are just a reflection of this approach. 

Here are the trends you need to watch out for in iOS app development in the year 2023 and beyond.

  • Wearable App Development

Apple Watches and other wearables are gaining ground swiftly across the world. You can hire a remote iOS app developer from a reputed company to build apps for wearable devices and Apple Watches. 

  • Focus on App Security

You can hire an iOS app development company to include end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and other security features. Customized iOS apps are more secure than their Android counterparts because iOS app developers focus on security. 

  • Addition of iBeacons

iBeacons have gained popularity in recent years because of more precision than GPS and their capability to be integrated into iPhone apps. You can hire offshore iOS developers to create an app with a built-in iBeacon feature especially if you have a brick-and-mortar store. 

  • CloudKit-powered Apps

This is one of the major iOS app development trends of 2023. CloudKit-based applications can store and manage a huge volume of data and developers can build dynamic apps. CloudKit also fuels one of the latest trends known as cloud integration. 

  • Advanced Swift 6

Since its initial release, Swift has become a favorite language of iOS app developers. The latest version of Swift is quite advanced and developer-friendly. You can get a seamless app with high-quality code when you hire an iOS app developer from a reputed company. 

  • Prevalence of AI and ML

The development of complex iOS applications with a focus on automation is possible with AI and ML technologies. You can hire iOS app developers in USA who integrate features like predictive analysis based on AI and ML technologies. 

In five steps, let’s understand the process of hiring Dedicated iOS App Developers.

How to Hire Dedicated iOS App Developers: Top 5 Steps

how to hire ios developers - top 5 steps

Whether you want to hire iOS app development company or a team of dedicated app developers, the following five steps will remain beneficial. Let’s understand these points in detail. 

  1. Make a Roadmap

It all starts with making a list of requirements and core objectives. When you want to hire a remote iOS developer, you need a proper description of the necessary features, a timeline, and your app development project. You need to include core objectives and issues that you want to resolve through an app also. A straightforward yet concise roadmap can assist developers to understand your project requirements easily. 

  1. Select the Model

This is one of the most crucial steps because several engagement models are available these days. If you want to hire an iOS developer, you can either outsource, hire a freelance app developer or hire an agency. Every method has its pros and cons, therefore, you need to take every aspect into consideration while selecting the hiring model. Along with this, it is necessary to keep budgetary requirements in mind. 

  1. Take the Interviews

Once you select the hiring model, you can either opt for building your team of dedicated iOS app developers or hire a remote iOS app developer. In both options, you should ask questions to the shortlisted developers. These interviews will help you get the necessary details about their skills, working style, and other abilities. Interviews can be the best option to understand app developers from the perspective of a professional approach. 

  1. Define Your Conditions

After making a team or hiring an individual developer, it’s time to make a contract. You need to define all the conditions and project requirements well. Also, you need to make sure that the iOS app development company has understood your terms and conditions properly. While making a contract, you need to ensure that all your conditions are covered in it in a proper and direct way. You should address any sort of ambiguity quickly before signing the contract. 

  1. Sign the Contract

This is the final step. The contract is similar to any agreement made for taking other services. It should have all the conditions and clauses written in a clear and easy-to-understand way. For example, service requirements, project time and cost, intellectual property rights, and confidentiality clauses. Once the contract gets ready, you can sign it to kickstart your project in a full swing.  

How much does it cost to hire dedicated iOS developers?

cost to hire dedicated ios developers

It is way difficult to determine the cost of hiring iOS developers. It is simply because multiple factors affect the iOS app development cost. Some of the important factors are-

Skills and Experience

Technical skills and years of experience play a vital role in determining the hourly rate of developers. If you hire an iOS developer with experience of a couple of years, you need to pay less hourly charge than the same you need to pay to a highly experienced developer. 

Geographic Location

When you outsource your app development project to a remote country or any outsourcing destination, you can get a good deal without compromising on the app's performance. Different locations have different hourly rates. 

Complexity of App

This is one of the most important cost-determining factors to consider. Highly complex and feature-rich apps take more time to develop, and it directly reflects in the development cost. You can get an MVP for any app at a minimal cost for this reason. 

Hourly Rates

As mentioned above, developers stay across various regions of the world and take different hourly rates for iOS app development. For example, iOS app developers in the USA take anywhere between $150-$200 whereas Indian app developers take $25 to $40 for the project. 

An iOS app development company can give you a quote by considering all these factors and your project requirements. 

It is always cost-effective to hire an offshore iOS app developer without sacrificing the quality of your application. You can consult a reputed offshore development company to hire dedicated iOS developers for your project and save big bucks. 

Essential skill set of iOS Developers

skill set of dedicated ios developers

When you hire iOS app developers, it is essential to evaluate them on the basis of soft and hard or technical skills.  Here are the essential technical and soft skills for iOS app programmers. 

– Insight in Swift

Swift is an official programming language for iOS app development. They should remain updated with the latest version of Swift and cutting-edge tools. 

– Knowledge of Xcode IDE

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Xcode has a code editor and it supports different languages including C, Swift, Objective C, Java, Ruby, and Python. iOS developers need to have proper knowledge of Xcode IDE. 

– Human interface and design information

UI UX design information is one of the top skills for building user-friendly iOS applications and every developer should have this information. 

– JSON core data 

Having a proper understanding of JSON is crucial for iOS app developers as they cannot transmit and receive data via networks without JSON. 

– Spatial Reasoning ability

This ability is useful for thinking from the user's viewpoint. This skill facilitates iOS app developers to envision the application. 

– Communication skills

Clear and effective conveying of information requires excellent communication skills. iOS app developers with good communication skills can explain and understand aspects with ease. 

– Time management skills

These skills are helpful in accomplishing projects on time. They can even handle multiple development projects at once with these skills. 

– Interpersonal skills

Good interpersonal skills can help iOS app developers build rapport among other employees and enable them to find the way in difficult situations. 

– Leadership skills

Dedicated iOS app developers that you hire should be capable of leading their teams. They should have a positive influence and the capability of taking responsibility for their actions.  

– Teamplayer

Collaboration and coordination are highly important to ensure successful project completion. iOS app developers should be used to working in and as a team. 

Hire a Dedicated iOS Developer: Main Advantages

advantages of dedicated ios developers

A feature-rich iOS application can take your business to a new level. But, you need to hire dedicated iOS developers. Here are the top benefits of hiring iOS developers. 

1. Rapid development

A team of specialized developers focuses on the development cycle and strives for accomplishing the project as per the deadline. 

2. Cost Reduction

Outsourcing an iOS app development project can save money in terms of operational costs, hardware costs, and the like. 

3. Higher Control

Your dedicated team of developers can give you more control over the process and you can monitor every aspect of the app development project. 

4. Increased Collaboration

Experienced iPhone app developers can collaborate efficiently with the in-house teams for ensuring the success of the project. 

5. Expert Resources

When you hire iOS developers from a reliable development company, you can leverage the benefits of evolving technology used in the latest versions of iPhones.

Benefits of Creating an iOS App For Big Companies and SMBs

Connnect with team of iOS Developers

Small and mid-sized businesses and large enterprises can get many benefits from tailored iOS apps. Here are some of these benefits. 

  • Expansion Opportunities

Most businesses tend to establish their presence in as many countries as possible. An iOS application with desired features can be well-received in developed countries like the USA and Canada. As a result, your business can expand its borders by targeting audiences in these countries. 

  • High ROI

This is one of the most noteworthy benefits of developing a tailored iOS business app. Statistics reveal that iOS apps can bring relatively high ROI as compared to their Android counterparts. You can increase the reach of your business and generate more value with the help of an iOS application. 

  • Loyal Customer Base

A flawless and future-ready iOS application is highly secure and utilizes the features of an iOS platform. You can hire iOS app development experts to build a safe app for users or customers. As a result, you can get a loyal customer base as they can remain safe from external threats or cyber-attacks. 

5 Things to Consider Before Building Your iOS Application

things to consider before building ios apps

Having a customized iOS app can be a game-changer for your enterprise. However, you need to invest a sizable amount of money, time, and effort in developing an iOS app from scratch. Therefore, it is better to keep five things in mind before you hire an iOS developer and initiate the app development process. 

  1. Identify Your Requirements

Every business has unique requirements, and therefore, you need to identify them before hiring dedicated iOS app developers. 

  1. Define Your Goals

You need to set business goals to enable the developer and your team to get a clear picture of a proposed business application. 

  1. Research Market Trends

You can find similar apps or check your competitors’ applications while researching market trends for your upcoming app. 

  1. Identify Target Audience

It is the most crucial aspect because you can add features and functionality based on the needs and expectations of your target audience. 

  1. Select Your Team

You can take interviews and gather necessary details about developers to select a team of dedicated professionals for your app project. 

Set Your Requirements for iOS Apps Developer

Choosing the right iOS app developer is a difficult task, and therefore, you need to consider various factors while setting requirements. 

You can focus on the experience of iOS developers and their domain expertise. You can ask for their portfolio to know more about their working pattern and experience in developing apps similar to your app. It is beneficial to take an interview to find out their abilities to communicate and collaborate with your in-house team. Whether it is an MVP development or a full-fledged app development, you need to select the most suitable iOS app developers for your business. 

What Are the Options for Hiring iOS App Developers for Clients?

dedicated ios developers for clients

Entrepreneurs or business owners can hire iOS app developers in three ways-

  • Hire Freelance Developers

If you want to hire remote iOS app developers, you can select them from standard online platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Here, an in-house project manager interacts with remote developers. 

  • Hire iOS App Development Company

This is the best outsourcing option for your iOS app development project. You can hire an outsourcing iOS app company to build an app in a quick and economical way while saving money. 

  • Hire iOS App Development Team

This is a preferable option especially if you need to hire iOS app developer or a team continually for your project. This option can give the advantages of similar work culture and efficient communication, 

What should you consider while hiring offshore iOS App developers?

Offshore iOS App Developers

Hiring experienced and talented offshore iOS app developers is a difficult task especially when they are far away from your company. Here are some of the useful tips that will help you hire offshore iOS developers-

  • Focus on Performance

When you hire offshore iOS developers at less hourly rates, you may compromise on the app’s performance and other aspects. It is beneficial to give preference to performance over cost. 

  • Ensure Proper Communication

You need to ensure that the development team understands your expectations and requirements properly. Effective and real-time communication is essential in the app development project.  

  • Interview Project Manager

A team lead or a project manager is a single point of contact for you, and therefore you should take the project manager’s interview to know their abilities properly. 

  • Give Sufficient Time

Quick app development may result in poor performance and UX for your app. You need to give enough time to the development team so that you can get an app with seamless functionality. 

Reasons to Hire from Semaphore iOS App Developers

Semaphore Software is your one-stop destination for iOS app development. We build high-end, enterprise-level iOS applications for SMEs and large enterprises. You can hire iOS app developers from our company through flexible engagement models and save big on app development costs. We offer custom iOS app development, game development, iOS app upgradation and migration services with excellent technical assistance. 

Here are the reasons why Semaphore Software is your preferred iOS app development partner-

  • Effective communication using multiple channels

  • Dedicated team lead for a single point of contact

  • Daily and weekly reporting

  • Cost-effective and secure development process

  • Experienced professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure

  • Extensive app testing and real-time tracking

Concluding Lines

If you want to accomplish your iOS app project on time and without spending more bucks, you can consider its outsourcing. A reliable iOS app development company can handle all aspects of the development process while offering you the benefits of an innovative iOS platform for your business. Hope this comprehensive guide will assist you to find the right developers for your company. 


How to hire an ios developer?

You should define project requirements and make a proper roadmap for developing an iOS app before hiring an iOS developer. Then, you need to ask for the developer’s portfolio, technical and soft skills, remote working capabilities, and insights into technological advancements.

What are the roles and responsibilities of an ios app developer?

Some of the top roles and responsibilities of an iOS app developer include the creation and implementation of the source code for building new applications, testing and debugging of the source code, evaluating applications and performing updates regularly.

What are iOS Developer Rates?

iOS app developers have different hourly rates based on their geographical locations, experience and other factors. For example, new or freshers in iOS app development take USD 16 and more, advanced iOS developers take USD 35 and more, and highly experienced developers cum designers can charge around $50 for an hour.

How much time does it take to develop an ios app?

App development duration depends on the complexity and features of the app. Small iOS apps take 2-3 weeks to develop whereas a big, enterprise-grade app may take more than 10 weeks to develop.

What skills are required for an iOS developer?

Apart from having technical skills in Xcode and Swift, all iOS developers should have soft skills like communication skills and time management skills.

What are the benefits of creating an iOS app?

A customized iOS app offers benefits like expansion opportunities, high ROI, increased productivity, and a loyal customer base for modern enterprises.