Semaphore Software is a offshore development service provider. We are expert in delivering the qualitative experience with keeping in mind the edge in your business over your competitors. Our Offshore Software Development Company is geared up to deliver the best solutions as possible.
Our expert team offers reliability, transparency and collaborative approach to have a quick start. We associate with several offshore software companies to cater to diverse technology and fulfill the scalability requirements. Our experts deliver the desired services with increasing productivity and reducing operating expense of a software development project.
  • 24/7Support

  • InternetFiber Optic Connectivity

  • Work SpaceModern Workspace

  • IT InfrastructureSecured and Robust

  • ScalabilityTeam Size as per need

  • Call MonitoringCollaboration Suite

Advantages of offshore software development Company

  • Skilled Resources at Competitive Rate
  • Save cost for Infrastructure
  • Change Management
  • Knowledge Transition
  • Managed SLAs
  • Managed Source Code
  • Centralized Backup and Secured Network
  • Time Zone Difference Advantages
  • Focus more on your Business
  • Shared Responsibility

Ensuring Flexible Engagement Which is Easy to Adapt

  • Dedicated Team
    Allocated to work only on assigned project, Tasks from client.
  • Joint Venture ODC
    Financed by both partners to share risks and have desired time bounded results
  • Build – Operate – Transfer ODC
    We build an ODC, set-up, launch and operate till certain extent. The result is then transferred to the client at a predefined terms.

How to Launch an
ODC project?

Select the right
vendor for ODC
Explore the track
Select Staff and Setup
Office Premises
Plan your Data Center
and security measures
Start actual development
Setup project tracking
and management suite
Give your team a new place
to carry out the project
Monitor and Evaluate
Process Compliance
and IPR
Inquire Now

Types of offshore Software Development Center

Our Offshore Software Development services will give cost-effective solutions, on-demand service
delivery to faster the market time and support the needy clients.

How partnering with Semaphore Software gets you an extra edge?

  • Digital Infrastructure
    World class infrastructure can handle Software Development, Web & mobile app related projects of any size.
  • Globally Trusted
    Several top companies put trust on us with having 360 degrees IT solutions and work accordingly.
  • All under One Roof
    Our expert team works from consulting to development, deployment to marketing and gets end-to-end customized solutions to work under one roof.
  • Data Security Assurance
    We make sure your data are secure as we never sell your project data to any third party as your projects are in the safest hand.
  • Reduced Budget
    We provide access to the skilled workforce to meet your business needs at cost-effective pricing.

Why us for offshore development centre?

  • CMMi 5 Rated Company CMMi 5 Rated Company
  • Years in IT Industry 23 + Years in IT Industry
  • Client Worldwide 2000 + Clients Worldwide
  • Successful Projects 4000 + Successful Projects
  • Skilled Professionals 1400 + Skilled Professionals
  • SubsidiariesGlobal Presence Offices in USA, UK, France
    & India
About Company

Offshore Software Development – FAQs

1. How does the Offshore development work?

You need to choose the right offshore partner to kick off the project for your business. There are outsourcing activities performed by the offshore companies from a different location. Although, you need to consider a few points while selecting the right partner to prevent any disaster and loss of money.

2. How can I access and manage my offshore team?

There are multiple tools through which you can stay connected with the offshore developers. Tools like Slack, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc., are some of the best internet technologies invented to stay connected with the team overseas. Managing is not an easy task, so you need to keep the communication clear, minimise micromanaging, and appreciate their hard work at every stage of the development process to keep them motivated throughout the project.

3. How can I monitor the project progress?

Create the project roadmap. Select which platform you need for the software to be built and what is the purpose of building that product? Once you have all the answers you can find the right partner for the project completion. Discuss the strategies and sign the NDA with them. However, keep clear communication and understand their progress closely by emailing or calling them regularly. As a reputed software development company, they would like to be transparent with their clients and give timely information.

4. Which challenges can be addressed with offshore software development model?

There are multiple benefits and so are the challenges. The most important factor that occurs during working with an offshore team is the time difference. Choose a time where both the companies are working mutually to discuss if anything is required. The second most important factor that becomes a hurdle is the motivational factor that a client needs to maintain in order to keep the developers on their toes.

5. What is the difference between offshore and onshore software development?

The onshore company means outsourcing or recruiting the team within your company and providing them training to run the project. Whereas, offshore is to hire a dedicated software development company who has a plethora of skilled developers ready to work immediately without wasting any time on the training.

6. What differentiate you from other IT Outsourcing companies?

At Semaphore, you can get skilled professionals with years of experience into developing software. We are a CMMi 5 level company, with 23+ years of experience. Along with the time we have upgraded ourselves to the latest technologies and have successfully completed 4000+ projects of different industries and companies.

7. What collaboration tools are necessary when working with offshore developers?
  • Slack- a communication management tool for instant messaging with the teams.
  • Jira- task management tool to focus on the needs and manage the Scrum master to define the workflow.
  • GitLab- to manage the code for non-technical projects. It is more popular than Bitbucket.
  • Third Party tools like Toggle help in tracking the progress of the project closely.
8. Are there any specific engagement models in offshore software development, and how do I know which one is the best fit for my project?

Yes, there are multiple engagement models for the software development like:

  • The fixed-price model
  • The time and material
  • Offshore development centre
  • SLA milestone based model
  • IT Staff augmentation
  • Hybrid model
  • Managed services
  • High and Low touch onboarding

The above all the best engagement models. However to choose the best you need to understand what and why of your product and who will fit in the best in terms of quality and budget.

9. What kind of projects are most suitable for offshore development, big or small?

Offshore development companies have a team of experts and they are very skilled to handle complex projects. So, they are good enough to work on long-term projects even if they require a large team or extended time to complete the project. Only if the company or a client is known they would prefer to take up small projects.

10. What are the Top Advantages of Hiring Offshore Software Development Teams?
  • Lower Costs
  • On Demand Access to Knowledge
  • Expertise workforce
  • Time Savings
  • Shared responsibility
  • Experience
  • Scaling the IT development team
  • Reliability
  • Language Barrier
  • Focus on other important tasks of the business