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Unlocking Success: The Key Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated .Net Development Team for Your Business

Published: Jun 21, 2023  |   | 

Microsoft's ASP.NET framework has become increasingly popular among programmers over the years. It's a robust web app framework with many useful features for creating scalable and secure programmes. 

It's likely that ASP.NET's user base will still be sizable in 2023. Microsoft is committed to the framework's future and releases updates and new features on a regular basis. 

The Popularity of ASP.Net  and Where Does ASP.Net Stand in 2023?

popularity of asp.net development

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, .Net was ranked as the most popular framework among developers in both 2021 and 2022. In addition, ASP.NET has a sizable user base, which means there is a wealth of documentation, how-to guides, and user-generated content to draw from. 

Several factors, including technological development, rivalry from other frameworks, and market tendencies, will determine ASP.NET's position in the industry in 2023. 

It is important to remember that software development is an ever-changing industry, and that frameworks' levels of favorability can shift over time. Therefore, when evaluating ASP.NET in 2023, it is crucial to take into account the most recent data and market trends.

Why do big brands choose ASP.Net for their development projects?

why big brands choose asp.net

Numerous compelling factors lead major brands to select ASP.NET for their development projects. Some of the most important reasons why these businesses should consider adopting ASP.NET are as follows:

  • Connectivity to Microsoft's infrastructure

When used in conjunction with Windows Server, SQL Server, and Azure, ASP.NET provides seamless integration. Organizations already immersed in the Microsoft ecosystem will find the transition to ASP.NET smoother thanks to this unified setting for development and deployment. It allows for simple integration with pre existing systems and takes advantage of a consolidated technology set.

  • Ability to scale and perform well

When it comes to developing scalable, high-performance applications, ASP.NET has you covered. It includes capabilities such as caching, session state management, and load balancing to help applications cope with high volumes of users and requests. For large, well-known companies that expect a high volume of users and must keep their services running smoothly, this scalability is essential.

  • Security

When it comes to private information and high-visibility software, security is top of mind for major corporations. Common web vulnerabilities can be avoided with the help of ASP.NET's built-in security features like authentication and authorization mechanisms. 

It helps reduce vulnerabilities by allowing for features like input validation, request validation, and cross-site scripting (XSS) protection. Large corporations that place a premium on user and data security will appreciate this feature.

  • Effectiveness of Programmers

Microsoft's Visual Studio is just one example of the powerful development environment and tooling available for use with ASP.NET. Features like code debugging, IntelliSense, and project management capabilities are just a few of the ways in which these tools improve developers' output and efficiency.

 In addition, ASP.NET has many useful libraries and frameworks that make creating applications easier. ASP.NET's developer-friendly ecosystem can help streamline the development process and increase productivity, which is especially useful for large brands with multiple development teams working on complex projects.

  • Encouragement and fellowship

There is a large and active group of programmers working on ASP.NET. Resources, tutorials, and user-generated help are all made possible thanks to the efforts of this group of people. 

The presence of a robust community is highly valued by major brands because it provides ready access to knowledge and support in times of need. Having access to a thriving ecosystem can be a huge boon to development teams, allowing them to tackle problems more efficiently.

For these reasons, ASP.NET is a popular platform among major corporations for building enterprise-level software. There is a lot of community support and the framework has great integration capabilities, scalability, security features, developer productivity tools, and more.

What kinds of solutions are usually built with ASP.Net?

demand of asp.net

ASP.NET is a flexible platform for developing a wide range of applications. Common examples of ASP.NET-based applications and solutions include:

  • Content management system

Content management system (CMS) platforms that let users create, manage, and publish digital content are a natural fit for ASP.NET. Content management systems (CMSs) developed in ASP.NET typically include tools for content creation, revision, workflow management, and distribution.

  • Systems for Managing Connections with Customers

Businesses can better manage their interactions with customers by implementing a customer relationship management system built with ASP.NET. Typical functions found in such platforms consist of lead and contact tracking, sales pipeline management, ticketing for customer support, and data analytics.

  • ERP Systems, or Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP systems that consolidate disparate business operations onto a single platform can benefit from being built with ASP.NET. Inventory management, order processing, accounting, human resources, and other core ERP functions can all be built as ASP.NET modules.

  • Computerised Management of Supply Chains

Supply chain management systems can be developed with ASP.NET to improve the distribution of products and services. Typical functions of such platforms consist of stock tracking, order monitoring, logistics planning, and cooperation between suppliers.

  • Collaboration and Intranet Portals

Intranet portals and internal collaboration platforms can be driven when you hire dedicated dot net developers. Access to company resources, internal communication, document sharing, project management, and team collaboration are all facilitated through these solutions.

  • Online Storefronts

Developing e-commerce platforms that allow for online buying and selling is a common use case for ASP.NET. Features like product catalogs, shopping carts, payment gateways, order management, and customer reviews can all be built into a safe and scalable e-commerce solution using ASP.NET.

  • Banking and Financial Software

When it comes to building banking and financial applications, ASP.NET can be used with confidence. Online banking, transaction processing, account management, fraud detection, and reporting are all common features in such programmes.

Hire ASP.Net Developer Costs Comparison Worldwide & Expertise

asp.net developers cost

Building communication and data exchange mechanisms between applications and systems? ASP.NET can be your platform of choice. While Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) enables the development of SOAP-based web services, ASP.NET Web API provides a framework for developing RESTful APIs.

A mobile app's backend can make use of ASP.NET for things like data storage, authentication, push notifications, and the actual implementation of business logic. Thanks to ASP.NET's compatibility with mobile development frameworks like Xamarin, back-end and mobile app functionality can be developed in tandem.

Depending on factors like location, experience level, and project specifications, the cost of hiring ASP.NET developers can vary widely. Here is a high-level look at how much it costs to hire net developers around the world:

  • North America: The cost of hiring an ASP.NET developer in North America is typically higher than in other parts of the world. Developers with extensive experience and specialized skills can command hourly rates of $150 and up.

  • Europe: Developers skilled in ASP.NET can expect to earn higher salaries in Europe than in other parts of the world. Prices per hour can range from $60 to $120, depending on where in Africa you happen to be.

  • Asia: Due to the lower cost of living and competitive pricing, many companies choose to hire ASP.NET developers from Asia. This includes countries like India, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Developers in Asia can charge anywhere from $25 to $60 per hour, depending on the country and their level of expertise.

These rates are only approximations, and actual results may vary greatly. The cost may also be affected by factors like the project's complexity, the required level of expertise, and the developer's (or company's) reputation. Evaluating the developer's abilities, experience, and portfolio is crucial when making a decision based on expertise.

Asp.net programmers should have a deep familiarity with the platform, be well-versed in related technologies such as C#, SQL Server, and front-end development frameworks, and have a proven record of delivering on ASP.NET projects. Interviews, technical evaluations, and reviews of previous work are all useful ways to hire dot net core developers. 

The benefits of ASP.Net development for enterprise app development

benefits of asp.net development

When it comes to building apps for large companies, ASP.NET has many advantages. Some major benefits are as follows:

  • When it comes to creating enterprise-level applications, ASP.NET is an excellent choice because of its scalability and performance. It includes capabilities like caching, session state management, and load balancing to help applications cope with high volumes of users and requests. Enterprise apps that anticipate high traffic volumes and require reliable performance absolutely must be scalable.

  • Enterprise applications place a premium on security, and ASP.NET provides numerous built-in protections against potential threats. It protects against common web vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection and provides authentication and authorization mechanisms. These additions aid in keeping sensitive company information safe from harm.

  • ASP.NET is designed to work in tandem with other Microsoft products, including Windows Server, SQL Server, and Azure. Enterprise application developers, deployers, and maintainers, especially those working in the Microsoft ecosystem, will appreciate this integration. It makes it easier to connect different systems together and improves communication between them.

  • ASP.NET's comprehensive set of development resources, including Visual Studio, greatly improves the efficiency of programmers. Code debugging, IntelliSense, project management tools, and a large collection of libraries and frameworks are just some of the benefits of using Visual Studio. Developers can save time and effort with the help of these tools and resources, resulting in quicker project completion.

  • The ASP.NET development community is large and active, which is a huge plus. You can find guides, tutorials, discussion boards, and community-driven help here. The smooth development and maintenance of enterprise applications relies on developers having access to documentation and peer support.

Reasons to Hire from Semaphore ASP.Net Developers

There are many benefits to working with Semaphore ASP.NET Developers. The ASP.NET developers at Semaphore are experts in the field. 

They are well-versed in and proficient with this JavaScript framework for developing web applications. When you work with Semaphore, you gain access to developers who are fluent in ASP.NET and know how to make the most of the framework's features to create reliable, scalable applications.

Semaphore's ASP.NET Developers have a history of completing ASP.NET projects on time and within budget. You can hire dot net developers as are well-versed in developing everything from basic web apps to complex enterprise-level software. You can have faith in their ability to meet your development needs because of their track record and previous projects.

As a leading ASP.Net developers company, Semaphore Software offer all the benefits of ASP.Net in highly reliable, compatible, and secure web apps. 

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