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Xamarin App Development

Design and Develop cross-platform apps on Xamarin framework Hire Developer

Xamarin App Development

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is an excellent platform that creates single code for mobile app development and deploys entirely across various platforms.

Xamarin Development

Partnership with Silver Touch Xamarin will take you towards the robust and well-equipped mobile ecosystem to offer excellent mobile solutions to meet client’s needs. We deliver native Android, iOS and Windows apps using the same IDE, language, and API. With Xamarin you can do anything in Objective-C, Swift or C#. Moreover, it also supports new OS release that comes with cutting-edge apps.

Xamarin Development

Why Xamarin?

  • Cross-Platform:

    Get the best-in-class development environment for cross-platform apps which come with combine advantage and boost entire app development process quickly.

  • Native Code:

    If you’re looking for high performance compiled code which comes with Native APIs, then we provide you the same for different platforms. We delivered specific user experience and built native interface controls by sharing logic and codebase.

  • Xamarin Test Cloud:

    Our Xamarin Developers make use of the tool that helps to test your iOS & Android apps on numerous devices by offering continuous integration. The test is performing for the fragmentation as well as object-based UI testing.

  • C# Coding:

    To build applications, Xamarin uses C# and object-oriented language where the data types work as objects. It makes robust platform integration in .net and helps in processing asynchronous programming with ease.

  • Extra Plug-ins:

    Xamarin Development Company with inbuilt extra plug-ins apps developed by Standard UI controls. We help you to access platform functionality such as Android Fragment and IBeacon for device processing.

Why use Xamarin Mobile Application Development Platform?

We as Xamarin Development Company deliver the best value to the global clients as we had expert and dedicated Xamarin team. We mainly offer high quality and innovative solutions to keep ourselves updated. The primary goal is to grow the user base by making client satisfied and provided secure apps.

  • To Reduce Duplicate Effort: Xamarin eliminate duplicate effort and develop apps using Android, iOS and Windows platforms.
  • Familiar Programming Language: Many business teams develop apps on Xamarin with using skills such as C# and .Net.
  • Share Existing Code base: One can create the portable class library and reuse iOS and Android apps across a various platform.
  • Support Solid Development: We know that Xamarin is owned by Microsoft and comes with the highest market share for better development experience.

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