Flexibility and Scalability Simplified with Flutter Apps

As a leading Flutter app development company, we help startups and established enterprises leverage the benefits of a robust Flutter platform. Developed and supported by Google, the Flutter platform enables us to deploy highly scalable and feature-rich apps with a native-like experience to the end-users. We render cost-effective Flutter app development services while developing enterprise-level

apps across different industry verticals including healthcare, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing. Our in-house team of certified Flutter app developers can reduce time to market (TTM) and enable your company to launch an MVP rapidly. We know what it takes to build an appealing and seamlessly-performing cross-platform app using widgets and tools of Flutter. We build Flutter apps that can run on the latest iPhone and Android version. You can hire Flutter app developers through our flexible hiring models and stay ahead of the curve with a tailor-made business app.

Give Your Enterprise
a Flutter App Advantage

  • Single Codebase

    Our engineers enable businesses to sell goods and services through custom mCommerce apps, leveraging the power of Android Pay

  • Flexible UI

    Rich widgets in Flutter make this platform rich and adaptable to build a flexible and engaging UI.

  • Easy Iterations

    It is easy to build Android & iOS apps using the Flutter platform with Hot Reload and other features.



Faster Apps



  • Faster Coding

    Flutter facilitates rapid app development by enabling developers to write the code faster than other platforms.

  • Original Source Code

    Flutter gives easy access to the source code to find the issue quickly or customize the app.

  • Rapid Testing

    Flutter reduces the code thanks to the single codebase, which speeds up quality assurance & testing

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Semaphore can help you build beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.
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At Semaphore, we assist companies to come up with user-friendly business apps in a short time, while enhancing value at every stage of the app development lifecycle
  • Rapid App Development

    A universal set of UI building blocks and a single codebase enable app developers to come up with a flexible and business-focused app in a short time. Quick testing and debugging also reduce the overall app development duration.

  • Flexible UI

    Flutter offers adaptable and flexible widgets to build a flexible UI with a native-like experience. Flutter facilitates reuse of the modules and components in different configurations to build a UI in line with your business model.

  • Cross-platform Apps

    Flutter app development services provide cross-platform apps that run across various platforms like iOS and Android. We also build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Bluetooth- based applications using the Flutter platform.

  • Native Experience

    Widgets and components supportive to Material Design for Android and Cupertino for iOS for providing native user experience. Dart, the programming language for Flutter, is similar to C++ and Java with JIT (Just-in-Time) compilation.

  • Extensive Testing

    We perform extensive testing to ensure the Flutter app with the highest quality for your enterprise. Our testing and debugging process involves cutting-edge tools and techniques to make the app free from any issues.

  • Customization & Modification

    Hot Reload feature enables us to see every change in the app instantly. Even the slightest modification implemented is visible within seconds that leads us toward effective customization and excellent modification of your existing Flutter app.

Flutter Technology Stack

  • Dart


  • C++


  • keras


  • caffe


  • js