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With SharkID, you can get an extremely short, unique ID as short as your name which can be shared easily with anyone using the same platform. We’ve visualized the whole idea of simplified communication and smart phonebook, brainstormed over features like…

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Help Customers Protect themselves from Decisions based.

Lime provides customers with a set of software tools that enable organizations to optimize their Oracle License Investment. It delivers cost-effective solutions that provide a complete integral license position without compromising on performance. It is architected to meet stringent scalability, availability, and security demands.

Help ensure your kids are safe even when they’re out of sight.

MyNino is developed with the objective of tracking a child for his safety. It is a cross platform friendly application. The Parent needs to install the application on their phone first to receive reports from the child application (installed in the child’s phone) over the web server or GPRS or Wifi connection.

HRMS is the web enabled HR Software Providing core HR Functionality with Reporting Capabilities.

Data is the most worthy currency in the business economy, where success supports the businesses that get their ideas to market the fastest. Data-driven organizations achieve significant gains

Bless is your Trusted, Secured, live data Collection system integrated with ERP.

BLESS portal provides an easy and secure platform and interface for Business Partners to collect or key in the GST Numbers into existing software without turning any current process.

Helps Build Robust Websites with top most Infrastructure.

In the competitive digital landscape, it is essential to stand out. With SilverCMS, you can not only create a differentiated website strategy but also manage your content effortlessly. With a well designed dashboard, and panel, this content management system offers clean designs and rich user experience.