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Why Magento is Still the Go-To Platform for Large E-commerce Businesses

Published: Jul 10, 2023  |   | 

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Magento is a widely used platform for developing eCommerce websites. It contains many powerful extensions and features to streamline your eCommerce store and make it profitable. 

The security, payment gateway integrations, scalability, flexibility and other features make Magento a leading and reliable eCommerce platform. Hire expert Magento developers if you want to leverage the full potential of the Magento platform.

Magento has the most advanced features that assist businesses to stand unique in the market. According to stats, about 30% of eCommerce sites are designed using Magento. Indeed there is no limit to what you can achieve using the Magento platform. Only hire a Magento web developer for a sustainable eCommerce store.

Points To Prove Why Magento Is Better Than Other Platforms?

why magento is better then other platforms

  • Open Source

Due to an open-source platform, Magento enables developers to add features and functionality and modify the source code by adding plug-ins and creating add-ons

  • High Scalability

Developers can easily scale Magento as per their project needs. You can easily adapt Magento irrespective of your business size.

  • Easy to Manage

Magento can assist you in managing several stores using a single admin panel. It saves lots of effort and time to manage online sales. Magento also offers multi-currency and language features to manage shipping, orders, etc.

  • User-Friendly

Magento offers user-friendly layouts for better user experience and easy site navigation. This way, you can easily displace your products and offer an impressive buying experience.

  • It Supports Mobile Commerce

If you are still seeking to make your business mobile-friendly, it is time to use Magento to increase your business reach. Magento Enterprise Editions and community provide mobile shopping experiences across several devices and web browsers.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Magento is an SEO-friendly e-commerce platform. It allows you to create descriptions, tags, and URLs with dedicated keywords. Hire a certified Magento developer to create an SEO-friendly eCommerce store using Magento.

  • Security and Payment Options

Implementing a dedicated IP and SSL security is easy through Magento. It makes your eCommerce store more secure

  • Third-Party Services Integration

Magento helps you integrate additional plug-ins, applications, and third-party extensions, such as shipping providers, marketing automation, payment gateways etc., to enhance your e-commerce store functionality.

  • Analytics and Reporting

Hire Magento certified developer to integrate required tools such as Google Checkout, Google Base, and Google Analytics to keep track of your market and customers online. Here Magento again wins the race as it helps integrate all such tools easily.

  • Huge Community Support

Magento offers a wide, global community where developers share updates and tips and assist in solving technical issues.

The Right Magento Development Company: 6 Points to Consider

According to Built With, nearly 1.2 million websites are developed on Magento. Moreover, several businesses are switching to Magento every new day.

Choosing Magento for your eCommerce site will only be effective once you choose the right Magento development company that can understand your needs and provide you with the finest eCommerce solution using Magento. 

Consider the below points to hire a Magento website development company. It will help you get the right Magento website development partner.

  1. Know Your Requirements

Whenever you hire Magento web developers, you must know your project requirements. It will help you save time and effort. You should know the business needs, criteria and functionality you need in your Magento website. Check your rivals, budget, returns, app features, and suitability of the developers before hiring them.

  1. Experience

Experience is a vital factor to consider when hiring a Magento-certified developer. Check their track record, and examine their experience, professional competency, technical expertise, and capacity to fulfill your Magento project development needs. An experienced Magento mobile app developer can resolve all barriers and technical issues in the app development process.

  1. Portfolio          

When you Hire Magento Developers, you should check the portfolio of the developers. It showcases their talent and working styles. It will also help you know their company's deliverables and dedication to Magento app development. You should also look at the client's testimonial of the Magento developers you want to hire.

  1. Quality

Do you need a successful and quality Magento store? If yes, then prioritize quality. Find the companies having ISO certifications. It will undoubtedly give you a quality product and assure the project's consistency and stability.

  1. Post-Deployment Assistance

Another vital factor to consider while hiring a Magento website development company is post-deployment assistance. It assists businesses to remove bugs, get upgrades and update the app occasionally. Check all these procedures should be mentioned in the agreement of hiring.

  1. Meet Your Budget Needs

Budget plays a vital role when you decide to hire expert Magento developers for your eCommerce store. Most clients search for developers who work as per their budget needs. So, you should check your finances before hiring a Magento web developer.

Hire Magento Developer Costs Comparison Worldwide & Expertise

As per Clutch's report, Magento developers charge $50 to $250 per hour per location, certification, and experience. 


Check Magento developer costs worldwide & experience:

  1. Front-end Magento developers

These Magento developers are responsible for making the e-commerce store visually appealing. They often charge $20 to $85 per hour.

  1. Back-end Magento developers

They work on the server side of the eCommerce store. These professionals are responsible for all functional features, writing codes, and integrating website extensions. They generally charge $35 to $100 per hour.

  1. Full-stack Magento developers

Full-stack Magento developers work with the eCommerce site's front-end and back-end. They charge $40 to $150 per hour.

  1. Magento solution architects

You might need to familiarize yourself with their role. They plan and create flexible and scalable documented tech solutions for your site. They charge $80 to $300 per hour.

  1. By level of expertise

  • Adobe Certified Professional (~ $20-$65/hour)

  • Adobe Certified Expert (~ $35-75/hour)

  • Adobe Certified Master (~ $60+/hour)

Magento 2 – The Perfect eCommerce Solution

Magento 2 is the advanced version of Magento. It offers more advanced features and benefits to create an eCommerce website. Hire Magento 2 developers if you want to create a more advanced eCommerce store or migrate your existing store to Magento 2.

Magento 2 offers several advantages:

  • Self-hosted

  • Open-source

  • Out-of-the-box features

  • Enhanced testing capabilities

  • SEO-friendly

  • Easy integration of third-party services

Hiring Models of Magento Developer

Hire Magento mobile app developers with flexible hiring models per your project needs. Some hiring models expert mobile app development companies offer are hourly, part-time, full-time, and dedicated resource hiring. You can choose the best model according to your business domain and project requirements.

Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Hiring Magento Developer

Are you seeking to hire Magento website development company with hands-on experience, expertise, and knowledge to make your eCommerce store development journey successful? Indeed, this is risky and needs to consider several things in mind. 

If you hire a perfect resource, you can make your eCommerce business more successful and profitable. They take full responsibility for creating a feature-rich, market-ready, futuristic, and quality eCommerce store in your budget

Check the things you should consider if you want to hire expert Magento developers:

  • Hands-on experience  

  • Security

  • Practical Strategy

  • Clear code

  • Cost-Effectiveness

  • Value to the quality

  • Regular reporting

  • Team of experts

  • Fixed delivery date

  • Use of standard practices

  • Complete knowledge of the language

  • Flexible plan Models as per your budget

Final words

Of course, Magento is the most powerful and yet the most demanding eCommerce development platform. It helps create a user-friendly, fast, and highly optimized eCommerce store. However, to get the full benefits of Magento, you need to hire a skilled Magento website development company that can give you a competitive advantage.