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Time for Role-Reversal from Software Tester to Business Advisor

Published: Nov 14, 2016  |   | 

Time for Role-Reversal from Software Tester to Business Advisor
The enterprise mobile development industry is going through a major change. Although this industry is still at a nascent stage compared to software development, we are witnessing a significant reversal of roles as far as enterprise testing services are concerned. As a business looking to streamline your operations with enterprise apps, you would want to adopt agile development strategy, one that keeps you in sync with the changing needs. This is where testers with their immense experience come to your rescue. They are donning a new role that of business advisors and helping enterprises increase productivity and add profitability to enterprise apps. Let us share with you some of the benefits that software testers bring to the table in their new role as business advisors.

In-depth Domain Knowledge

Strong domain knowledge is vital for the success of any enterprise app. With every platform having its own inherent dynamics, it becomes necessary to design and develop apps that maximize the potential of the environment and offer maximum functionality and usability to the end-users. Testers much like developers have in-depth domain knowledge and perhaps even more given the challenging role they have played over the years. Apart from the thorough understanding of the native environment they also bring in deep knowledge in issues concerning data and security. This enhances their role in today’s enterprise development environment.

Understanding of User Perspective

Years of bug fixing has ensured that tester has essential knowledge about users’ perspective while using an app. At the same time, they also possess deep insights on the impact of functionality from a business point of view. This knowledge when combined proves handy when it comes to helping clients choose the right products for their needs and that of their users. Seasoned testers can easily simulate different user actions which allow them to visualize your enterprise app’s strengths and weaknesses.

Prioritize Development

In an agile development environment, it is important for any business to differentiate critical issues from the trivial ones. The focus has shifted from preventive testing in the last few years as long as bugs are known and can be fixed at a later stage. Bugs that don’t pose a threat to security and functionality of the app may not always require urgent attention whether in manual or automated testing environment. While this sounds good, in theory differentiating between critical and trivial issues requires expertise and clear understanding of the app’s function in business. This is another of those roles where testers excel and take important calls as business advisors. Read Also : Impact of Mobility Solutions on your Enterprise If you are looking for a company that brings in expertise as well as an innovative bent of mind in enterprise app development, we at Semaphore Software fit into your bill perfectly. We have helped businesses across industries turn into a mobile enterprise and take a long leap ahead of their competitors with inspiring enterprise apps. With expertise in designing, development, and automated testing solutions, we redefine your possibilities. To know more and discuss your next project write to us at info@semaphore-software.com.