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Microsoft Launches Suite of Hardware & Software for the Professionals

Published: Nov 17, 2016  |   | 

Microsoft Launches Suite of Progressive Hardware & Software for the Professionals
With massive amounts of data, remote working environment, and lack of security, enterprises are looking for solutions that can ably integrate the different departments, and streamline the workflow, thus catering to their business needs. Security is a major concern, and most companies are looking at secure solutions that can improve their capabilities, offer role-based structure, and enhance collaboration. Silver Touch has the apt expertise and experience to deliver enterprise software solutions that can improve your integration and collaboration capabilities. We have collaborated with Microsoft and its innovative stream of hardware and software to enhance the experience within your enterprise. In order to improve the content management in enterprises, we have delivered enterprise content management that can take care of managing documents, applications and other related material and ensure they are accessible in remote environment. We have even catered to document management system needs raised by an Italy based company, so that they could organize and search for documents as and when needed. Microsoft has enhanced our capabilities as a solution provider with its range of innovations. For a while, Apple has been known as the innovator and has to its credit a wide range of solutions that are aimed at the creative professionals. Looks like Microsoft is soon going to beat Apple at the game of innovation with the wide range of software and hardware solutions it has launched in the recent times. At a recent event, Microsoft launched the surface studio, a 28 inch all-in-one PC that can be reclined at a 200angle, and can be accessed with a digital stylus. This futuristic hardware was just one of the few revelations made by Microsoft in this past month. The company has also released a few tools that can help in creating effective 3D art.

Microsoft has extended its innovation to the software suite as well. Read on to know how.

But, hardware is not the only part that Microsoft has innovated. It has even upgraded and updated its software suite as well to match the progressive needs of the enterprises. The SharePoint mobility solution as well as SharePoint for developers was a result of the innovation that Microsoft wanted to offer the enterprises, and make collaboration effective. Proving that Microsoft is the true friend of the enterprise, it has come up with some swift upgrades to its software solutions. A day back, Microsoft released a minor update to its SharePoint iOS app, which allows users to create news posts from within the app. Adding rich text, photos and documents to the posts while on the go has been made easy with this iOS app. The posts once uploaded, can be viewed in the app as well as on the web. Editing as well as updating the app, while keeping in mind the IT policies, has been made easy with this new roll-out from Microsoft for the enterprises. Microsoft on 16th November made the SQL server database for Linux available for all. Till now, this was an invite-only preview, but yesterday the company made it available for all, including the macOS users, all due to the support from the Docker containers. With this, Microsoft has ensured SQL server will be “singular choice” across all operating systems. The SQL server for Linux will come with advanced features like always-encrypted and row-level security, along with the regular features that were available on Windows. The upgrade will also include support for the R services. At a point when enterprises are undergoing a digital transformation, and IT infrastructure is all set to maximize your capabilities, it is time for you to embrace tools and solutions that can help you build a collaborative and highly capable environment. To adapt to the changing ecosystem, you not only require an enterprise ecosystem to suit your business needs, but also a partner who can offer you capable and highly scalable software solutions. We have embraced SharePoint to offer 3600 innovation to the enterprise solutions that we offer. With the necessary expertise and experience in Windows 10, SQL and SharePoint, we offer holistic solutions specifically designed to meet your end goals, and enrich user experience. Our SharePoint solutions and enterprise mobility solutions improve your business agility, thus increasing operational efficiency. If you are looking to partner with an all-rounder in technology, with the requisite experience and business understanding, connect with us at info@semaphore-software.com.