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How iOS9 has Redefined the Mobile Collaboration for Enterprises

Published: Nov 10, 2016  |   | 

At a time when Apple has launched iOS10, one of the biggest upgrade as revealed by the company, we will talk about how its predecessor is maximizing the potential of the enterprises. While, iOS10 is still being tried and tested among the developers’ community and they are busy incorporating the new upgrades to their apps, iOS9 has offered better integration and collaboration in the enterprises, thus improving their efficiency levels and overall productivity. Let’s have a quick look at how iOS9 has redefined the enterprises, and how iOS10 will take it forward from here.

iOS9: The Key Updates it Received

It is important to understand the key updates iOS9 received before we move on to understanding how it has redefined the enterprises.

App Switcher

For all of us, navigating through the app should be intuitive. With iOS9, the intuitive levels are improving, as the app switching feature will make swiping through pages as easy as flipping a deck of cards. With iOS9, users started double tapping the home screen to get started with flipping

Smarter Caller ID

iOS9 started the ritual of syncing your mail data with your contact list to ensure your contacts are updated with all the details required. In fact, if you received a call from an unknown number, the caller’s details would be fetched from your mail, unless it is unavailable there

Most Recent Notifications

With iOS9, the users could view the most recent notifications, and organize the notifications in a chronological manner

Intelligent Siri

Siri became intelligent and smarter with iOS9. It grew to be your personal assistant by offering you contextual reminders, helping you search through videos and photos and giving you suggestions whenever needed. Search became smarter with Siri

Redefined Notes App

Taking down notes was easier with Apple iOS Notes app. With iOS9, this app received improved security feature, as you could lock it using a Touch ID. This ensured your notes remained secure and private

Split Screen Multitasking

You can use two apps simultaneously, in three ways, thus allowing you to multitask with ease. This improved the multitasking abilities of the users especially within the offices. The three multitasking methods are described below
  • Slide Over: You can quickly work while using two apps simultaneously. This works when you have interrupt driven flows or, you keep checking notifications and responding to them simultaneously
  • Split View: This works for desktop level of multitasking, where you need to view both the apps simultaneously. This is perfect for both iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 2
  • Picture in Picture: If you are watching a video and want to work at the same time, you can do so with this multitasking mode offered in iOS9
The upgrade to iOS9 requires only 1.38 GB as against 4.38 GB required for iOS8 upgrade

Read on to see the enterprise features that came with iOS9

iOS9: Enterprise Updates

Here are a few updates that were meant for enhancing productivity within the enterprises

Advanced Security Features

With the new security updates, iOS9 can keep the devices and apps secure without affecting the user experience. They have closed the existing security gaps, and allowing accessibility to the employees who use their own devices within the enterprises. With iOS9, the enterprises can prevent unknown installations of the enterprise apps. They can ensure that the secure corporate data is not sent via AirDrop. BYOD being the new thing in enterprises, they need to disable app store usage within the enterprises, and possess the app management capabilities which have been made possible with iOS9. Restrictions on device name, passcode and wallpapers with the new upgrade is possible, making things easy for enterprises

App Management using Devices

With iOS9, Apple has allowed the IT within enterprises to assign VPP apps directly to the devices, rather than assigning them to the users, thus removing the need for active Apple ID for individual devices. Previously the ownership was linked to Apple ID, thus requiring a complex process for downloading the app to the device, especially for the corporate owned devices. Managing licenses and allowing same app to be linked to multiple devices has become easier with this device based app management. Deploying or updating the app has become easy, as you can allow and disable access with this upgrade without complicating the process. This VPP service has been extended to global audiences, thus allowing IT teams to assign apps in a remote environment. This has not only made app deployment faster, but also reduced the entire infrastructure cost.

MDM Managed Apps

Easier migration and better trust prevails in the enterprises with the MDM managed apps that have been a part of the iOS9 upgrade. The MDM managed apps induces trust in the iOS9 devices, thus allowing installation without trust confirmation. These devices will not trust all apps, and thus improve security within the enterprises, as sideloading apps will be significantly reduced in this case. Keeping the devices updated with latest offering has benefited the enterprises as remote initiation of download has been made possible with the MDM managed apps.

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Taking it Further with iOS10

iOS10 has released a few updates that will take the remote accessibility and collaboration further.
  • Community Support: Incorporating EMM standards and best practices, iOS 10 has revealed the unparalleled support of the Appconfig community. This community gives an accepted framework as well as open resources to the iOS developers to develop managed app-configuration policies that will work within the enterprises
  • Auto Unlock:Now you can control your Mac with an Apple Watch, and unlock it without typing in a password. The watch should be on the user’s wrist, and the distance between the watch and the Mac should be close to 3 mts, else you will need a pin to unlock it
  • Unsecured Wi-Fi: This is more of a security recommendation, and ensures you don’t operate into an unsecure WiFi. The device will detect an unsecure WiFi network, and prevent you from adding it to your device, thus leaving your organization vulnerable
With BYOD seeing a rise within the enterprises, it is important to secure the device and app management, allowing remote accessibility. These upgrades by iOS9 and iOS10 should be effectively used within enterprise structure for efficient management. Partnering with the right mobile solution partner can improve mobile infrastructure and make it more secure. Semaphore Software is a leading enterprise mobility solution provider with proficiency in developing iPhone apps. Connect with us at info@semaphore-software.com for further queries and your requirements.