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Significance of UI Design Services for Your Business Website and App

Published: May 6, 2019  |   | 

power of good ui

Merely having an online presence is not sufficient for the companies these days. Ever-increasing competition in the online world demands more engaging and interactive experience for the users. There, UI/UX design services can play a vital role in creating a user-friendly and appealing solution with an appealing interface. Let’s dig deep into why good UI is important to take your business to the next level by attracting more people toward it.

What makes an interface elegant- the answer to this question is the UI or the visuals. UI can connect your app with people through offering a perfect combination of functionality and engagement. It helps you achieve business objectives and facilitates the users to fulfill their needs through a pleasant interaction. As a result, you can improve your relationship with your customers and boost your brand’s reputation. You may raise the question- how can we come up with a good UI? Well, this blog answers.

Key Attributes of Good UI Design

Let’s go through some major characteristics of an excellent UI design. A reputed UI/UX solutions provider company can assist you to come up with a user-oriented and visually appealing design, which is

1. Functional

The app should be capable of meeting the user’s needs. The UI design should be in line with the app’s objectives while remaining functional every time.

2. Easily Accessible

Do you want your app to reach a huge audience? Obviously, yes! So, you cannot consider only niche class while designing UI for the business app. The UX design is not focused on edge cases but considers as many types of app users who can take benefits of your app. In other words, your app design should be readily accessible for different types of users.

3. Interactive

The UI/UX solutions provider company strives to make the UI as interactive as possible. The UI needs to be capable of assisting the users to make informed decisions. While addressing the user’s pain points, the UI design should remain friendly.

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4. Intuitive

Designers ponder upon various ways of user interaction and try to reduce the amount of time the app takes to complete the user’s tasks. These attempts can make the UI intuitive and the app users simply like it.

5. Attractive

Last but not least! Visually pleasant and aesthetically decent UI design remains successful to grab many people’s attention. UI/UX design services can assist you to offer the app users a pleasant experience.

Top Tips to Get Engaging UI Design

engaging ui design
  • It’s a journey from A to B to C

When it comes to a website or a mobile app for any business, attention is given on addressing the user’s needs. An app and a website play a significant role in assisting the user to achieve their goals or accomplish tasks. The UI/UX designers segregate and ‘visualize’ the entire task in a flow like a journey. It is like a guided tour for the user to go from A to B to C, and the UI/UX design services are aimed at providing a pleasant user experience during this tour.

Think of a typical design- it has a title, subtitles and then beautiful images. This is a user-friendly path that most of the design follows. It can increase the user’s retention on your website or app.

  • Alignment is Important

Put yourself in the user’s shoes. As a user, how would you feel if you find an app or website with improper alignment? Alignment is one of the primary design concepts for websites and mobile apps alike. It can play a significant role in improving the user experience and helps the user understand the concept. We have two types of alignments- Edge Alignment that refers to placing all the elements in one side with a single line, and center alignment that refers to lining up all the elements by midpoints. Now, websites and apps can have different alignment pattern. For example, looking at the small real estate of mobile phones, edge alignment is preferable for apps.

  • Highlighting Elements

Be it a website or an app, we find many clickable elements. These include sliders, switches, buttons, and navigation docs. UI/UX design services consider some aspects while integrating and highlighting such elements to make the UI more interactive. For example, if you want to highlight a button you can either give a shadow or an animation that indicates that the button can be clicked. It can provide an immersive experience to the users and they find it interesting. Also, the user can readily understand that the button is necessary to be pressed to perform specific tasks.

  • Choose Fonts Wisely

In the UI design domain, image or animation and text go hand in hand. Texts with proper fonts can effectively convey the message and are responsible for influencing the prospective users in perceiving your app. Here are a few noteworthy points to keep in mind while selecting a font to make the UI design more user-friendly.

1. It should be easily readable and appealing

2. Bold, italic, and underlined texts are preferable

3. Different colors should be used in a proper way

Once your app or website is ready, it is always beneficial to test fonts across all devices with different screen size before releasing the app or site.

  • Colors can Make a Difference

Colors can make your UI design eye-catching. But then, selecting colors for the elements is a herculean task for the developers and entrepreneurs. The color selection criteria also keep on varying on the basis of different factors. The UI/UX solutions provider company considers various factors like market trends, competitors’ apps, business needs, targeted audience, geolocation, and the like while selecting colors. The UI with the right color combination can give your app or website an edge over competitors.

Colors have a big impact on the UX also. Simple yet vivid colors can make it easy for the users to read the content while keeping the UI design appealing.

That’s not all. A reputed UI/UX solutions provider company focuses on various other aspects as well to bring a good and interesting UI. It is advisable to hire UI designers to get a customized and user-friendly interface for your business software.

Wrapping Up

We have gone through various attributes of rich UI along with useful tips to improve the design. It is fair to mention that UI and UX design can give your business a unique identity and enhance online reputation. Therefore, it is always beneficial to emphasize the look and feel of UI. Think of Uber, Pinterest, and Duolingo. All these apps have inspirational UI designs that have assisted these companies to write success stories.

At Semaphore, our experienced UI and UX designers have a knack for creating an interactive interface that can maintain the subtle balance between your business objectives and the user’s requirements. If you want to offer a pleasant user experience in a mobile-friendly UI, just connect with us. We will assist you to come up with excellent and engaging UI design of your business website.