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How Cross Platform App Development Can Make Your Work Effortless

Published: Jan 29, 2019  |   | 

Cross Platform App Development

As we know that mobile devices come with mostly two operating systems and that is Android and iOS. Now developing an application for the android and iOS devices are kind of messy. We need different code, design and development plan. Which makes it costlier and increase maintenance cost. This is not true if you are developing an application using cross-platform technologies.

Native Mobile Application Development

With native mobile application development, we need different code and a different stack of technologies to work on. Here, we require multiple resources for development and for support and maintenance. One of the problems is that we need to push updates differently.

Cross-Platform App Development

For web, Android and iOS, we need only one code and a stack of technology to develop an application. This is one of the reasons why many companies opt for cross-platform as it allows them to save development time and cost-effective solutions. This doesn’t only add a plus point to your side but it also adds amazing functionality into the application for the users. To push an update, we have to write code only one time for different platforms. Obviously, cross-platform app development makes the work easier as well as decrease the cost of mobile application development.

A quick view at Cross Platform App Development

  • One code for different platform and devices
  • Cost-effective
  • Attractive UI
  • Reliable support and maintenance
  • Faster development
  • More features for users

Here I am going to discuss some of the widely used cross platform for app development. This will help you to choose the best technology stack for your application.

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jQuery Framework

The secure and full of amazing features. The jQuery is built with Java technology. To make the UI more user-friendly and attractive, this framework comes with HTML5 framework. The Java and HTML5 make your application user-friendly and secure. Application developed with jQuery works on Windows, Android, iOS, blackberry, and many other browsers.

The resources for jQuery are available at our demand so you don’t have to worry about the same. And the app development is very faster as it comes with inbuilt extensions.

React Native

Mobile App development with React Native is very easier if you have some developers in mind who are good at JavaScript. React native source code will exactly look like your native app. As this framework is good for compiling native code and similar libraries to code the app. The community allows you to use the same libraries for iOS and Android. This technology is perfect to create the same UI for different platforms. This framework increases the speed of the application and decreases the loading time. This is cool as many users don’t like to wait.

Ionic Framework

This is probably the best one for developers as this allows to code the app using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Ionic Framework is widely used the platform as it makes the development process faster. The advantages of this framework are that you can develop, design, secure, and test the application at the same time. This makes it easier for you to launch the application too.

Ionic developers are available in bulk so whenever you are stuck at any point you can expect to get an immediate solution from the community. This framework comes with built-in plugins, features and functionalities which are very easy to use. To provide a seamless experience with the framework works with Angular technology.

Xamarin Framework

Support from the Microsoft community makes it easier for you to works on bugs and develop application faster. Xamarin Framework libraries help you to develop application better than ever. You can share the same code web, iOS, and Android. Due to a large community of developers, you can hire xamarin app developers at cheaper rates and you can also aspect the overall cost to be minimum.

At the time of designing UI, you can aspect to use 90% of the same coding for different platforms. The integration is very easier with other platforms, so you don’t have to worry about losing data.


HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the main part of the framework. As we have seen that these programming languages make the coding work faster and also enhances the UI. PhoneGap is also known as Apache Cordova. Adobe aims to meet all the requirements of developing the mobile application. With the support from the Adobe team, developers can easily solve bugs and promote new feature in the applications. You can aspect better performance and seamless experience for the user.


No matter what application you are developing with what so ever technology stack or framework, all you have to keep in mind is the support from the community you are choosing good and meeting your needs. Another most important thing is to check the availability of the resources in the market at your cost. A part of all this, to develop mobile application faster set a fixed deadline and set a maximum time for testing before launching an application. All the framework are best, you have to choose as per your requirements.