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Are You Ready To Move To The Cloud?

Published: Oct 29, 2015  |   | 

Are You Ready To Move To The Cloud
When terms such as scalability, agility and cost efficiency get attached to any service, the business world is sure to get hooked onto it. Such has been the case with cloud technology. The numerous benefits of cloud services have attracted diverse businesses to not only pay attention but also consider adopting it. Enterprises are migrating to the cloud like never before and the trend is only expected to grow in the coming years. Research also indicates that within the next five years, there will be a 44% annual growth in workloads for the public clouds. It’s not surprising either that around 82% of the enterprises have already adopted cloud computing, as it offers to be a cost effective solution Considering the enthusiasm over cloud services, the question that needs to be asked is whether you ready to move to the cloud? If you have reached the threshold of migration, yet you are unsure whether you are ready or not, here are a few pointers that should help.

What To Move and What Not To Move

At the beginning, everything about the cloud looks neat, exciting and inviting. But, there have been several examples from the past where enterprises have failed to understand a few things about migration. One such decision is about what to move and what not to. It is essential you remember that not all applications should be moved to the cloud, especially those which contain legacy applications, sensitive data and also mission critical workloads. Migration should be a slow process, and applications should be moved in batches.

Determining The Cost Factor

By now, you must be well-versed with the fact that cloud services are cost effective. Yes it is, but not every time and certainly not in every case. The financial benefits differ from application to application, with several hidden expenses adding burden to any enterprise. If you are using legacy enterprise hardware that needs to be moved to the cloud, the migration may prove to be costly. Thus before migrating, it makes sense to go on a budget accuracy check with the help of tools such as Amazon Web Services CloudWatch and Microsoft Azure Pricing Calculator.

Choosing the Type of Service

Another important checklist that will determine your decision about moving to the cloud is choosing the right cloud environment for your enterprise. There are three options–public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons thus you need to make a call based on your requirement.

Challenges of Governance and Security

With the decision of moving applications to the cloud taken, you must also be prepared to make certain organizational changes, especially those pertaining to governance. When half your system is running on the cloud, you cannot work with the traditional governance system. Similarly, planning ahead with regards to security is also essential. No system is fool-proof and hence you need to plan ahead in case there are security breaches. Semaphore Software is vast experience with cloud app development, helping enterprises migrate efficiently. Contact us through info@semaphore-software.com to know more about our services.