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Top 7 Features of ASP.Net 4.5 You Must Know

Published: Oct 28, 2015  |   | 

Top 7 Features of ASP.Net 4.5

ASP.Net 4.5 is a mature framework, adopted by most developers for developing websites. ASP.Net 4.5 is part of Visual Studio 2012, and offers highly scalable and flexible websites. If you want performance, then this is the platform you should prefer. Let’s see some of the amazing features shipped as part of this framework.

Bundling & Minification

If you want to boost the performance of your website, then you should use the bundling and minification feature that comes with ASP.Net 4.5. This feature creates a bundle of the stylesheets and scripts and minimizes the scripts, thus reducing the load on your website. You get the System.Web.Optimization namespace to offer support in this process. In a new project, you will find the following code in the Global.asax.file

protected void Application_Start()
 //Some code

Data Controls

In this framework, you get strongly typed data controls. With this framework, you get intellisense which will assign the ItemType property to the model that will be associated with the data controls in your .aspx page.

<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Name" >
 <%# Item.Name.ToString() %>
The following is a complete markup code of a GridView control that uses strong typing:
<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="false"
 <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="FirstName">
 <asp:Label ID="lblFirstName" runat="server" Text='<%# Item.FirstName %>'></asp:Label>
 <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="LastName">
 <asp:Label ID="lblLastName" runat="server" Text='<%# Item.LastName %>'></asp:Label>

Model Binding

There is a model that will hold on to the view, and then there is the web form which is connected to the model as such. But, with this framework, you can develop web forms that are independent of the model which contains the view. This means if you want to perform unit tests on the models, you can do so with ease. You will need to use the System.Web.ModelBinding namespace for this purpose.

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Value Providers

This is one of the best features that you get with this framework. You get Value Providers like QueryString, Session, Cookie and Control Value with this framework. If you want to create your own custom Value Providers, you can do so with this framework.

OpenID Support

With the OpenID support for OAuth logins, you can easily login to your application via external services. This makes access easy and viable. You can register OAuth provider in App_Start/AuthConfig.cs file.

Supports HTML5 Form Types

You get excellent backing of ASP.Net 4.5 for the HTML5 web forms. With this, you get controls for email, url, number, range, search, color, date pickers etc.

Support for Asynchronous Programming

You don’t need the OS threads to be able to read/write the HTTP requests, as this framework offers excellent support to asynchronous programming. await and async are the new keywords that gain support from this framework. These features help improve the performance of the website.

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