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Key iOS Development Tools You Should Know

Published: Oct 29, 2015  |   | 

Top iOS Development Tools
If you want to give out a real good iOS based app, then you need to work hard on getting familiar with the tools that will help in app development process. Like any other platform, iOS too owns a few tools specific to the platform that will help you ace the development process. Here, we will look into some of these key tools, and how they help you.


Xcode is the IDE for iOS app development, which helps create apps from the scratch. It begins with creating a user interface using the storyboard, and goes on to creating the files, debugging them, and finally submitting the apps to the store.

Storyboard Creation

When you are working on iOS app development, story board is the first part that you need to familiarize with. With the storyboard aboard Xcode, you can easily pull out an user interface which includes basic navigation and interactions, minus the coding part. The second useful technique that you gain with storyboard includes size classes and auto layout. You can easily handle the varying sizes and layouts on a single storyboard with the help of this technique. Basically, you get a chance to reduce the amount of code in your app, which directly affects the testing part.

Debugging and Profiling the App

The debugger that comes as part of the Xcode is what you need when you sit to debug all the code based errors that form a part of your app. You get a preview of the objects within the code; you get to segregate the different breakpoints using different parameters, which makes it easy to debug the whole element in one go. You get a basic profiler in the debugging view which offers a view in the CPU and memory utilization. You can map the performance issues that your app is going to give in the long run with this.


The iOS SDK is the core to iOS app development. You will see that the core functionality is hidden in this SDK, and you need to get in touch with it to develop the app that offers the perfect mix of functionality and features. Let’s discover the core and its varying techniques

Removing the Load from Main Queue

When you can make perfect use of the background queues, thus reducing the load on the main queues, you will be improving the performance of the app. You will need to know the techniques that will help you indulge in the background queues. There will be some pitfalls like deadlocks,race conditions etc. that you might suffer from when you work with background queues. But, mastering the SDK will help you deal with the pitfalls in a much better way.


Networking is essential from communication perspective. You will see that the internal networking features of iOS platform have been developed in such a manner that it offers powerful networking capabilities to the app developer. JSON parsing, NSURLCache are some of the capabilities that are being offered by this platform.

Programming Languages

iOS app development offers two different programming languages, Objective C and Swift, which can be used either individually or in combination to create the awesome looking iOS apps. Let’s have a brief look at how these programming languages nurture app development.


This programming language is pretty dynamic, and offers a wide range of capabilities to you. You can easily add a method to an existing class, without a source code. This becomes useful when you need to add utility codes to standard classes like NSSString or Ullmage.


With Xcode, you get a playground which allows you to learn, practice and develop using Swift programming language. So, basically the developer can experiment with the project, and get started with developing. This will help develop the right app, without too many bugs. With a lethal combination of this functionality, iOS app development becomes easy and the debugging becomes less strenuous. Semaphore Software is a leading iOS iPhone App Development Company that has its core strengths in developing apps that suit your business needs. Get in touch with us via info@semaphore-software.com with your requirements.