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iOS 9.3 The Most Awaited iOS Update is Here

Published: Mar 30, 2016  |   | 

iOS 9.3 - The Most Awaited iOS Update is Here
The much-awaited release update iOS 9.3 is out, and has been mostly appreciated for the long runs of testing processes Apple went through before launching the update. This new version comes with updated features and functionality. Users who love a bit of personalization, or who are looking out for night reads will love this new update that iOS has to offer. The update is said to enhance education with its features. Downloading the update is pretty easy. You can download the update over the air for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch; you can even download it to your computer using iTunes. Let’s have a look at the features that are part of this new update.

Night Shift

night shift ios 9.3 new featuresThis is the much talked about feature for iOS 9.3. Haven’t you heard some wise person telling you that your sleep gets affected after that good long time you spent staring at the screen of your phone in the night? According to some studies, the bright blue light that reflects from the screen of your phone can affect your circadian rhythms, which affects your sleep patterns majorly. This feature hence is useful to you. It uses the iOS’ clock & geolocation to know the time of sunset at your location. Accordingly, it will shift the colors on the display to a warmer end of the spectrum at sunset, and the normal settings are turned on in the morning. This way your eyes get tuned to the night mode and your sleep stays unaffected despite spending long hours on your phone before heading off to the bed. The idea of going with the orange hues is that your eyes can quickly adjust to the hues in the darker environments. You will find an orange tint on your screen, thus making photo/video color corrections slightly difficult. This feature comes with a disable option, so you don’t need to use it if you don’t want to.  

Enhanced Security for Notes

Enhanced Security for Notes ios 9.3 new featuresFor iPad or iPhone users, Notes is a feature often explored or used. But, till date, it was getting difficult to keep the information in Apple Notes confidential, as it did not possess any form of security. iOS 9.3 is going to change everything. The touch ID and passcodes have now been included for Apple Notes as well. This is welcomed by those who are in a habit of keeping private information like financial data, medical data and passwords to other accounts, etc. in the Notes. You can keep the notes under lock and key; you can even enhance the security by including fingerprint security.  

Personalize News

Personalize News ios 9.3 new featuresThe news is important, and getting relevant news on your app requires personalization. The news app in iPhone has undergone a change with iOS 9.3. It will now include “New Top Stories” section, which will show the highlights or the trending stories for the day. Apart from the highlights, you will also receive editor’s pics curated from the different channels, to offer you highly personalized and relevant stories. You can view the video within the story, and with landscape support iPhones offer better viewing of the news videos. You can even change the font size for the news you are reading.  

Health App

Health App ios 9.3 new featuresKeeping a track of your health and wellness got better with iOS 9.3. You can easily search and add new health apps to your dashboard to keep fit. The categories like weight, workouts and sleep are prominent on the new slider menu. These health apps display your move, exercise and stand data, thus revealing your fitness details. You can connect to Apple Watch and see how much of your goal have you achieved, and where you stand at present. You can access the dashboard as well as medical ID with 3D touch on the home screen. All health metrics can be viewed at a single place with this app, and it makes sharing data with other third-party apps easy.  


carplay ios 9.3 new featuresHave a Carplay compatible car? With iOS9.3, you have just got a feature lift. The Apple Music integration has become more warranted for iOS 9.3, with better & useful features, as well as “For You” playlist along the right side of the screen. This playlist will include hand-picked selections based on your preferences. If you are on Apple Maps fiend, you will find that CarPlay supports the “Nearby” feature, which means you can easily search for gas stations, parking, etc. in the vicinity of your area.  

Apple Music

Apple Music ios 9.3 new featuresThe two-step process of adding music to your playlist just got shortened to one step. You can directly add selections from the Apple music catalog to your playlist, avoiding adding it to the library. The radio tab to the right will display what’s playing on Beats 1, so you can avoid visiting this section.  

Still from Live Photo

Still from Live Photo ios 9.3 new featuresiOS 9.3 allows you to capture a still from a live photo. You just need to tap on duplicate when viewing a live photo, and you can get the still of the live photo. iOS 9.3 also allows you to share photos between iOS and OS X using AirDrop and Messages.  

iPad & Education

iPad & Education ios 9.3 new featuresiPad received an education upgrade with iOS 9.3, which will prove to be useful to those educators who are using iPads in the classroom. There are three improvements that you need to know of here

Shared iPads

With their login credentials, students can login to any iPad that belongs to the school. The personal information, iCloud Drive documents, books and apps for the particular login will appear. With intelligent caching, the system will work efficiently, and without taking too much time will download the apps the student uses. The photoID is a feature which will display the student’s photo on the lock screen, and four digit pin for those who cannot type in their login ID and password are features that will make security easy and user-friendly for the younger students.

Classroom App

This is specifically designed for the teachers who use iPads in their classrooms. This app allows teachers to check on their student’s progress, plan their lessons and also share the work with the students. They can view any iPad, and even take over a certain iPad from remote using this app.

Apple School Manager

This is specifically for the admin of the school. Controlling the different iPads in the school becomes easy with this Apple School Manager. It helps manage the IDs for the students, teachers and staff. It allows easy ways to build and distribute course materials. These features are definitely making iOS 9.3 a splendid update, one that users are raving about. But, as with every update, users have observed some issues here too that Apple is trying to get fixed as soon as possible. It seems tapping or long pressing of hyperlinks causes Safari to lock-up. Many users have stated this is happening in certain apps which include Messages, Mail and Notes. According to 9to5Mac, certain devices that were not affected by the bug during installation, received the bug when installing some apps. While Apple is trying to resolve this issue, many suggest switching off JavaScript as a quick fix resolution. The features that come with iOS 9.3 are absolutely fantastic for all segments of users, and will offer them more convenience and security. Semaphore Software is known for developing top-notch feature filled iOS apps that help deliver your business goals. If you want to get an iOS app developed, get in touch with us at info@semaphore-software.com