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Implementation of AI in Mobile App Development – Scope and Future

Published: Nov 26, 2019  |   | 

Ways AI Empowers Mobile App Development Services

As we are approaching 2020, we talk about 5G and foldable devices. On one hand, mobile apps have covered every aspect of our life. On the other hand, challenges of the corporate world and ever-changing demands of the users have transformed the mobile app development services over the period. Today, we have technological advancements in futuristic technologies like AI, IoT, and the like to implement in the mobile apps that can seamlessly run across various advanced smartphones.

Here we will keep the focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and go through the ways through which this technology integrates into mobile app development. It is fair to mention that AI is going to play a vital role in enhancing the smartphone experience. From iPhones to Google’s Pixel phones, we can find specially designed functionality to perform AI-related tasks with ease. It is expected that 35% of all smartphones will have AI capability by 2020.

Scope of AI Implementation in Mobile App Development Services

AI promotes innovation and assists mobile app developers to come up with interactive, user-focused app solutions. It is interesting to mention the ways in which we can apply the AI concept in mobile apps for modern business. When you hire mobile app developers for solving different tasks, chances are fair that they implement AI-based features to meet your requirements. Here are key concepts of AI that can make mobile apps highly interactive.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Software giants Google and Apple have successfully integrated this concept in their devices after putting a lot of effort for many years. Today, their devices can recognize the user’s faces with great accuracy. This concept is useful not only for identification but also for representing the digital image into various frames.

Mobile app development services can implement this technology to secure confidential corporate data. With the help of the smartphone’s camera, the face recognition concept can enable mobile app developers to integrate various interactive features to improve user experience.

Voice and Image Recognition

Think of Siri and Google Assistant! These virtual assistants become more powerful thanks to AI. Both these assistants use the voice recognition concept to serve users in the best possible way. Google Assistant is a robust AI algorithm that can work fine even in a noisy environment with almost 98% accuracy.

People tend to search for products and services on the move using their smart devices. At times, they use images and voice for searching along with the text. Now, business apps can enable them to search using images or voice thanks to AI and ML technology.


“Hello, how can I help you today?” – This is one of the most common sentences of Internet these days. Be it a website or a mobile app, AI-powered chatbots always remain busy to improve customer services by providing a human touch. On one hand, chatbots have made it possible to offer 24/7 customer support services, and on the other hand, they provide excellent conversational experience online. They can easily manage multiple queries at once and give quality responses.

80% of service decision-makers believe AI is most effective when deployed with — rather than in place of — humans. Many business mobile apps have already added chatbots and some companies hire mobile app developers to integrate chatbots in their existing apps.

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Enhanced Search

Be it an Android app or an iOS app, mobile app development services can make it more accurate and user-friendly to search for a product or services by integrating voice and image-based search. Users or customers just love to find products through images or voice, and your app can earn popularity in a short time. All you need to hire mobile app developers who are experts in implementing AI-based algorithms for the enhanced search feature. The advance stage includes audio and video-based search in the app. Media and entertainment companies can consider to come up with such futuristic apps.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Modern businesses generate a huge amount of data on a daily basis. You can make informed decisions by analyzing the data accurately. Both AI and ML concepts work on data analytics and insights gained after analyzing a large amount of data. You can get actionable insights with the help of data analysis in the domains of current and future market trends, app’s efficiency, users’ behavior patterns, financial ratios, historical data, etc. The BFSI sector can remain the biggest beneficiary of data analytics feature as financial institutions and banks can offer its direct advantage to customers.

Also, retail, manufacturing, utility, and healthcare sectors can gain from this AI-based feature to make decisions on-time and stay competitive.

User Behavior

One of the biggest advantages of AI in mobile app development services is it makes possible to analyze the user’s behavioral patterns and prepare recommendations based on their likes, dislikes, and preferences. It is easy to send your customers personalized messages or notifications for the products and services they may need, and as a result, you can win their trust. With an increased satisfaction level, your customers can spread a good word for your company that directly reflects the growing sales figures. Nowadays, eCommerce companies tend to use this technique to offer enhanced experienced and personalized recommendations to their customers.

Data Mining

Big Data is a future of enterprises, and the concept is getting mainstreamed in the corporate world swiftly. Today, we have many applications that focus on mining the big data. AI can empower them to bring amazing results while increasing their efficiency. From fetching the data to improve the data analysis process, AI can play a vital role in effective and result-oriented data mining.

App Safety

App Safety

App security and prevention of data theft are two major concerns of entrepreneurs these days. As we witness an upward spike in the cybercrimes these days, it becomes more necessary for mobile app development companies to build secure apps for their corporate clients. AI can certainly add an extra bit of security when it comes to safeguarding the user’s data.

AI can easily blend with other technologies to ensure your app’s safety. AI contributes to developing a highly secure process for authentication, registration, and data access. Apps with sensitive data or confidential or personal information of users can get the benefits of AI-based security. For example, healthcare apps have the patient’s confidential data like health reports, medication schedule, and the like. It is of utmost importance for the healthcare companies to prevent this data, and AI can help them efficiently.

Even Google’s search engine works on AI technology and uses different algorithms to bring the best possible results. These AI-based algorithms are designed to protect the user’s identity and protect their privacy. Similarly, when you snatch a picture and store it in the gallery, your smartphone stores it date wise thanks to AI technology. AI also remains behind the scene when you edit the existing picture as well. In a way, our day-to-day operations are also influenced by this amazing technology.

Parting Note

AI can bring radical changes in the traditional ways of doing business. Worldwide, companies have started embracing this revolutionary technology for enhancing the customer’s experience. When AI-based features are integrated into the mobile app, you can have better control over various business operations. AI can empower your enterprise with innovative solutions that ultimately improve productivity and profitability.

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