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Role of AI in UX Design Services for Developing Corporate Websites

Published: Sep 6, 2019  |   | 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting mainstreamed quickly in the corporate sector and contributes to improving business practices globally. Here we are going to discuss the impact of AI on UX design services for making the user experience richer and more engaging.

AI enables modern businesses to adapt the web design that complies with changing trends and user behaviors. AI can improve the overall user experience and assist entrepreneurs to meet the user’s demands. Let’s have a look at the impact of AI on two major aspects of UX design services- Images and Personalization.

Role of AI in Images

Images play a vital role in making the web design capable of drawing the user’s attention. AI, with its ability to collect and analyze the data, can help a UX solution provider to make decisions about visuals for improving UX. Various AI-based aspects like image recognition and visual sentiment analysis enable UX designers to come up with engaging, innovative, and interactive web design.

Image Recognition and UX Design

AI technology enables the designers to get rid of categorization of images based on their names. AI can simply detect the pattern structures of a specific image and suggest related images with similar structures. It takes optimization at the next level on the basis of user behavior. What’s more, it is possible to customize the landing pages with image suggestions of products and services in line with the user’s previous purchases or page interactions. Such related images can improve the UX significantly.

As the image recognition feature will evolve, we will see more relevant and sophisticated filter functions and results based on the user’s behavior.

Visual Sentiment Analysis and Web Design

This is a new approach in AI that deals with classification and study of our emotional responses to visual stimuli like videos and images. The visual sentiment analysis technology finds signals in images that convey the overall sentiment of the image. As AI evolves to understand particular visual sentiments of specific images, it will be easy to categorize the images and show them to the users who tend to see such types of images. AI paves the way for websites to give the most personalized visual experience in the future. The technology matches image categories and user interactions for providing a rich UX.

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How AI impacts Personalization

Today, customers tend to stay updated with the latest information and remain selective in choosing the products. AI can effectively serve both these objectives and enable UX design services to provide a personalized web design that can suite their expectations and meet their demands. Here, predictions, semantic search, and layout play a crucial role in providing a personalized experience.


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One of the important features of AI technology is predictive analytics. The AI technology can predict future actions of users on the basis of analysis of the data like page visits, item selection, and website interaction. Simply put, AI analyzes the data of the customer’s past interactions to predict their future behavior and recommend products or services accordingly.

AI can also forecast the difference between current and future purchase patterns. It helps enterprises make informed decisions by anticipating the user’s needs. AI can provide actionable insights to improve the user experience. Predictions also help designers to come up with a website tailored to meet the needs of different visitors.

Semantic Search

The search feature attracts visitors more than standard navigation. The reason is simple- search bars can provide more relevant results as compared to the navigation. A user-friendly search button can enhance the customer’s shopping experience as they can readily find what they want from your website. It also increases the chances of returning customers. The semantic search feature improves search accuracy and shows a deeper understanding of the user’s intent by showing accurate results.

Website-based search is a favorite area of many big enterprises. They see the long-term value. For example, Etsy has invested in Blackbird Technologies for improving the search feature. The improved search features can provide a more accurate user experience. Such technologies utilize two key aspects of AI- NLP (Natural Language Processing ) and ML (Machine Learning) for analyzing large volumes of consumer data.


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There is no exaggeration in mentioning that AI will help UX solution provider to develop individually curated websites. In other words, websites will show the content that suits the user’s interests directly. Machine Learning can also make the computer or an application ready to customize the user experience. It is also possible with ML that the user needs to spend less time searching for products. Instead, the user can spend more time in the stuff of their interest.

Also, adaptive UIs (User Interfaces) utilize ML to detect the device, OS, and platform through which the visitor comes to the website and give them the best experience on the particular device and platform. In brief, layout and content can provide a rich user experience with the help of AI for years to come.

What lies ahead for AI in UX Design Services?

Considering the effect of various AI-based applications on the UX design services, and the pace at which AI is becoming mainstreamed in modern web design, it is fair to mention that this is just a beginning. AI technology is all set to exert the disruptive force in the web development domain. In the coming years, we will see how AI takes a pivotal role in every facet of web design. For example, with the prevalence of NLP, we may witness that voice interfaces become a new norm in the web world.

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