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Build your own CNG-LPG Gas Station Mobile App

Published: Mar 31, 2015  |   | 

Build your own CNG-LPG Gas Station Mobile App

Several smartphone technologies have proven that the user will get the new ways to hail the rides. When you have decided to travel by car to an unknown city, then you need to have an idea that how you could find an essential CNG-LPG gas filling station. Apart from this you also need to have concerned about the nearest CNG-LPG station from your current location.

With an intention to resolve this, you need to have a smart app that is responsive to all iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones. We have an expert Mobile Development team, who can help you to build app according to your needs and which works efficiently on both online and an offline mode so you can get information with just a few clicks.

What Customer wants today?

Many gas station owners are thinking that they’re doing great without a Mobile App. But in reality, they are missing the opportunities that help them to carry out better business. Why not hire a best iOS app developer and brand your station by covering all user’s needs and preferences. Customers have some top priorities when come to using the Mobile apps. They consider that their app should help them to find the best nearby route of the fuel station by providing easy navigation guide. The mobile app should work on iOS, Windows, and Android by merely typing the locality on the search bar and the app will do the rest.

Benefits you get in your Smart app

  • Get the smart application that can find the nearest gas station with a less time-consuming experience. The app will work based on your current location or else the user can manually select an area with navigating you to the nearest gas station.
  • The Mobile app will do a quick search with using the GPS system and let you know the distance from your location.
  • You can add some of the fuel stations in your favorite list for easy navigation and can save it to have access to the offline route.

Mobility Solution with Silver Touch

Silver Touch has delivered thousands of on-demand solution to many industries including the gas industry. We have Mobile expertise that develops well-versed and on-demanding apps to offer best Mobile and Web Development services with cost-effective solutions. We have developed an App named with ‘AutoGas’ which can reduce your precious time with ease and comes with all above benefits. To know more about the Autogas Application, .

The App is completely free and available for download through the following links: