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Hire Android App Developer

According to recent statistics, Android holds the largest market share for mobile operating systems at 47.5%. Approximately, 81% of the smartphone users globally are based on Android. With an unprecedented growth in the Android market, more businesses are now opting for Android apps to promote and add value to their brand. This has given rise to the demand of developing custom and vibrant Android apps. Companies are seeking professional and dedicated Android app developers who can develop innovative Android apps to boost their business growth. Android is a flexible platform, which gives developers many opportunities to develop creative and high-quality Android apps. Hire android developer to leverage the full potential of this powerful platform, by developing visually appealing Android apps. Our developers will successfully write app codes after exploring the possibilities of using the most advanced tool, techniques and technologies to deliver satisfactory end-result.

Our professional Android app developers will help you reap myriad business benefits by blending their expertise and experience in development. By keeping a tailored approach, they craft Android apps that are syncedwith your business objectives. Our Android app programmers have extensive experience in developing robust and scalable apps on latest Android versions including Nougat and Oreo. The developers regularly update their knowledge and keep abreast with the latest trends of Android. Our dedicated Android app developers focus on providing utmost quality apps, adding business value and reducing time to market. Our Android App Development Services offers a skilled team that is proficient in providing end-to-end services, right from formulating app strategy to deploying the app in Play Store. We are best known for our 24/7 support.

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Why hire Android App developers from Semaphore?

  • Our team keeps clients in the loop throughout the project, giving regular updates
  • We develop tailored Android apps to meet the exact requirements of the business
  • Our flexible hiring models will help you to select the best among them, as per your needs
  • Our Android app developers adhere to the deadlines, and follow high-quality standards
  • Our team works with the latest Android tools & techniques including the latest Android SDK
  • Our team has knowledge of Android Studio 1.3 which proves to be useful in creating excellent apps
  • Our enterprise Android apps will help you to scale your business as and when needed
  • Our Android apps will ensure quick time-to-market and enhance business profitability
  • Our team provides continuous support to resolve your queries whenever you face them
  • Extensive experience in mCommerce, eGovernance and Enterprise Applications.