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Why Startups Should Hire Full-stack Developers in 2023

Published: Nov 5, 2020  |   | 

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Technology advances at a rapid pace as new programming languages, frameworks, and tools keep on coming for developers. When you hire full-stack developers you can make the most of technological advancements, and in this blog, we are going to know why it is so.

The custom software development process consists of three aspects- the front-end, the back-end, and the database. Full-stack developers have proficiency in all three aspects and they can handle the web development project alone without requiring other additional support. When it comes to startups, they have minimal resources and budgetary constraints. Most startups do not afford to hire a team of specialized developers at the initial level. There, hiring full-stack developers can be a feasible option for them.

The software development company offers full-stack developers to hire for taking care of all web and app development needs. A full-stack developer is like a one-man army who takes care of every process ranging from designing to deploying and scripting to managing databases.

Before going through the reasons why startups should hire full-stack developers, let’s go through the responsibilities of a full-stack developer-

  • Web and mobile app development
  • Coding of software
  • Troubleshooting and bug fixing
  • Coordinate with team members
  • Testing and quality assurance

It is fair to mention that a full-stack developer can handle the entire project with strong insights of technologies including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MongoDB, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The full-stack developers can also take care of animations, design, and graphics to add value in the project.

Let’s go through the key benefits of hiring full-stack developers for startups and SMEs.

Why Startups Should Hire Full-stack Developers

1. Versatility

A full-stack developer has inherent skills to come up with an end product with desired features. They are capable of working on the front-end and back-end of a website or an app. From JavaScript to CMS and CSS to databases, a full-stack developer can take care of every task with ease. They are versatile and dedicated to developing software that can reach customer expectations.

2. Experience

Full-stack developers have hands-on experience of working on multiple web and application projects. They have domain expertise and in-depth knowledge of various technologies. They also remain updated with technological advancements to build excellent websites and web or mobile applications. Startups can come up with unique and innovative applications with the help of full-stack developers.

3. Build Product from Scratch

This is one of the biggest benefits of hiring full-stack developers. Startups and SMEs can get a product built from a scratch without hiring a team of specialized developers. When you hire full-stack developers, they can provide a 360-degree solution for your project. They can easily understand the needs and collaborate effectively with your existing team to build a user-friendly product.

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4. Troubleshooting

With expertise in multiple domains and vast experience, full-stack developers can fix bugs and troubleshoot the web or app efficiently. As full-stack developers have insights and experience of the different stages of the development, they can identify the issues quickly and bring their solutions for the long term to ensure optimum performance of the website or applications.

5. All-in-one

From developing your business website to add new features toto it, full-stack developers can handle all tasks single-handedly. They are highly flexible and quickly move from one to another process during the development phase. It is easier to streamline the development process with full-stack developers than specialized ones.

6. Deadlines

As compared to the team of developers, it is easier to meet deadlines for a full-stack developer. The reason is simple- when you hire a full-stack developer, there is no need to coordinate or collaborate with other developers. The full-stack developer can handle all the tasks with ease and meet all the deadlines related to the project.

7. Cost-effective

Though full-stack developers cost more than specialized developers, startups can find it to hire full-stack developers cost-effective because they do not need to hire multiple developers. For example, startups should not hire separate developers for front-end and back-end development of their projects, a full-stack developer can handle both these domains effectively. This can save a lot of money for startups and SMEs.

8. Ownership

Full-stack developers can be very good project managers or even CTOs. When startups hire full-stack developers, they can remain assured that the project is in the right hands. The software development company that facilitates startups to hire full-stack developers can handle every aspect from beginning to end. Also, if startups want to come up with an MVP at the initial level, full-stack developers should be their preferred option.

You can get more ideas on what you should look for in full-stack developers in this blog.

Wrapping Up

Full-stack developers know what it takes to build a website or an application from the scratch. They can meet the requirements of startups quite easily and ensure on-time delivery with excellent performance. Startups can hire full-stack developers to get all the benefits mentioned above while having more flexibility and long-term human capital. You can hire dedicated programmers for leveraging the benefits of technological advancements and getting an edge over competitors.

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