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Why .NET Framework is Right for Enterprise Application Development?

Published: Oct 8, 2020  |   | 

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Powered by Microsoft, the Dot Net platform has achieved fame as a backbone of web development. When it comes to building robust web applications for enterprises, .NET remains a preferred platform for developers and entrepreneurs alike. This is the reason why .NET is the second most popular platform among developers and their clients. Seamless development tools, rich libraries, and excellent techniques make this powerful platform capable of delivering a flawless application.

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If you want to hire dot net developers for your upcoming web project, it is better to know about the dot net framework first. Today, hundreds of thousands of dot net developers are available across the world, but if you want to choose the highly skilled ones, you need to know the role and responsibilities of dot net developers.

Key Responsibilities of Dot Net Developers

In software application development, dot net developers remain a bit different than other software developers. Dot net developers need to have proper knowledge of various programming languages to accomplish their tasks efficiently. For example, they need to know programming languages like VB.net, C#, and MSSQL to develop web-based software for their clients.

Also, Microsoft development demands skills in software testing and quality checks to ensure the delivery of flawless applications to the corporate users that follow all the standards. What’s more, dot net developers should be capable of maintaining .NET websites and applications in line with the client’s business models and diverse needs.

Finally, it is better to check whether they have an ability to test applications and websites on different browsers when you hire dot net developers. Extensive testing across various browsers can enable your enterprise application to offer a standard user experience.

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After knowing their responsibilities, let’s go through the benefits of choosing .NET developers for web application development.

Top Benefits of Hiring Dot Net Developers

The first and foremost benefit of hiring dot net developers is it can save a lot of time, effort, and money. Hiring a team of developers does not need investment in infrastructure or requires any operational expenses. The team of developers works in a readymade setup in the software application company, and the company pays them for their services. With cutting-edge tools and technology, developers can build an engaging and seamlessly-performing web application for your enterprise.

If you have a .NET application for your company and want to upgrade it with the latest features, then also you can hire dot net developers. With the knowledge of technological advancements and market trends, they can tweak and tune your existing business application with desired features. Here it is fair to mention that the company you select as your dot net software development partner should have the following characteristics-

  • Dedicated dot net developers with domain insight and excellent communication skills
  • Compliant with all the standards and development procedures
  • Proficient developers who have hands-on experience in developing multi-faceted .net project
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced tools
  • Transparent development method and NDA for complete assurance of data safety
  • Timely delivery of projects irrespective of their size and scale
  • Regular reporting on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Agile approach with scalable and flexible hiring models

All you need to contact a reputed IT consultant and solutions provider company to know more about the benefits of hiring .NET developers and choose the right team of developers for your web application development project. You can shortlist companies and research their portfolios to get a better idea of which is the most suitable company for your app.

Concluding Lines

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