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How to Make Interactive Mobile Apps to Improve Your Business

Published: May 15, 2020  |   | 

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Mobile app development services are designed to meet the diverse and complex requirements of modern businesses. Apart from simplifying processes and increasing the sales figure, business mobile apps also draw the attention of many people and act as a bridge between your company and customers. These days, users tend to consider customized mobile apps as a solution to accomplish certain activities.

In such a scenario, it is necessary to come up with an app that has built-in advancements of futuristic technologies like AI, IoT, and the like. But, while focusing on the features and functionality of the app, you just cannot ignore the UI design factor. It is better to hire UI/UX designer to build an interactive app that can retain the users for a long time. Here we give top development and design tips to make your app interactive for ensuring the growth of your business.

Top App Design and Development Factors to Consider for Increasing Interaction Level

1. Understanding Problems and Analyzing Solutions

It all starts with understanding the user’s problems and pain points. You need to present your app as a unique solution to some common issues faced by your target audience. It is better to do proper research on market trends and the end user’s expectations before developing an app. When you make a proper roadmap by understanding problems and analyzing possible solutions, you can come up with a user-focused mobile app. A reputed mobile app development company can assist you to meet these objectives.

Another important part is to analyze the product life cycle. Yes, the customized mobile app with desired features is also a product that assists you to grow your business. When you hire dedicated mobile app developers, they focus on making an app that draws the attention of lots of people while improving your business operations. You can use different strategies to ensure that the mobile app contributes to simplify the work processes and helps app users in their journey.

2. User-friendly Interface and Easy Navigation

This is one of the most important factors you should keep in mind while developing an interactive mobile app to grow your business. Both User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are necessary to make the business app successful. You can hire UI/UX designers to fulfill the design needs and attract as many users as possible. Many mobile app development companies focus on UI and UX to ensure the growth of the client’s business.

Creative design of your business app can boost sales. You can establish and maintain brand reputation through engaging and interactive design. It is also possible to implement the business rules through a user-oriented design. Along with this, easy navigation can help your app get noticed among many people as the app users spread positive reviews for your app. Simply put, simple yet interesting and interactive app design can work wonders to increase the profit.

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3. Push Notifications


Push notifications are like a double-edged sword. If applied properly it can give the users a personalized experience, which is extremely important for a higher retention rate. As per the report by Localytics, app users who get some degree of personalized experience while interacting with brands are more likely to return to an app for 11 or more times.

A push notification that welcomes the new users or provides them useful information at different levels can be beneficial for maintaining the app’s interactivity. Your business app can shape the user’s journey through this type of interaction that reflects in more visits and increased sales. After implementing push notifications effectively, the app abandonment rate decreases to 19% from 25%. However, sending frequent, irrelevant, and unnecessary notifications can annoy the app users and they may uninstall such apps.

4. In-app Messages

In-app messages are the other way of increasing interaction and retention. A survey has revealed that in-app messages assist brands to get user retention from 61% to 74% within 28 days of sending a message. It is a powerful way to interact and communicate with active users. They are important notifications that remain within the app. Though they do not require immediate actions like push notifications, they can convey important messages and enable your company to communicate effectively with the users.

In-app messages include app issues warnings, version upgrade notifications, and payment failure messages. It is better to segment the audience or make categories of users to make sure that every user gets valuable information. The mobile app development services can integrate location-based functionality to achieve this objective.

5. Content and Two-way Communication


Content can play a vital role in making your app interactive. When it comes to inspiring app users to take a particular action or making their journey across your app pleasant, the content can always help you out. The content part is also inevitable for search engines and ASO (App Store Optimization) techniques. Every process of your business can move through the content part, and therefore, you can draw the attention of many prospective users through content.

Last but not the lease factor to establish and maintain the app interactivity is two-way communication. Customers who feel valued are willing to build long-term relationships with brands. Here, two-way communication comes into the picture. Users can give feedback and your company can resolve their problems- the two-way communication can make this possible. As a result, you can improve the functionality of your product over the period. What’s more, you can show concern and responsibility to your customers and get a loyal customer base in return.

Apart from these key aspects, you need to ensure seamless performance and the integration of all necessary features to increase the interaction level of your business app. It is fair to remember that when your app can interact with the end-users effectively, chances of its success remain high. This is a reason why the mobile app development company gives UX the top priority these days.

Concluding Lines

You won the half battle when people download your app. But, if you want to make the most of a mobile app to grow your business, you need to have an interesting and interactive app. Mobile app development services can help you get such an app. You can certainly increase the app’s interaction and the user retention rate by keeping these points in mind during the app’s development.

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