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What Impact 5G will Brings in Mobile App Development?

Published: Nov 19, 2019  |   | 

How 5G will Drive the Future of Mobile Application Development

Connectivity and data sharing will play a pivotal role in the development of modern enterprises. Every time, the mobile app development company strives to bring better business apps that excel in these two aspects. Advancing technology assists app developers to integrate features that help businesses to survive and thrive in the competitive scenario. We can consider the advent of 5G as a giant leap of technology to make the data sharing extremely fast and efficient.

Many enterprises have already started to hire mobile app developers to develop business apps by keeping the 5G rollout in mind, and why not? It is expected that 5G will arrive in 2020 across the world, and by the end of 2021, the number of 5G connections will touch 100 million. This technology is expected to have a major impact on almost all industry sectors. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that 5G technology will drive the future of mobile app development and business.

How will a mobile app development company benefit from 5G?

We live in a data-driven age. The mobile app development company will address the growing demand for faster data sharing with 5G technology. What’s more, the IoT app development and other segments of mobile app development will get benefits of 5G. Talking about the industries, it is easy for various sectors to implement the IoT network and control it through fingertips with the help of robust IoT apps. For example, the automobile sector can implement IoT capabilities at the plant and control it through 5G-enabled mobile apps.

The 5G network will assist the mobile app development company to think beyond traditional enterprise apps while enabling the company to develop innovative apps for more sophisticated mobile devices. Futuristic technologies like AI and ML can also be integrated effectively in advanced 5G capable apps. 5G will support a wide range of applications like data analytics, telesurgery, and the like. The mobile app development companies can explore a huge opportunity lies in these domains.

How 5G will Impact Mobile App Development Process?

The advent of a fifth-generation network or 5G will make mobile apps capable to operate more efficiently. This will eventually increase the overall productivity for business persons and app developers. You can readily hire dedicated mobile app developers who are technically ready to develop 5G-based apps.

Here we give a list of some factors on which the 5G has an impact on the mobile app development process.

1. eMBB, uRLLC, mMTC

These are three main categories on which most of the 5G use cases are based. Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), Ultra-reliable low latency communication (uRLLC), and Massive machine-type communication (mMTC) are these categories around which the mobile app development process will revolve in the future. The 5G network will bring radical changes in both IoT and mobile app development to enable the users to get highly efficient services in a cost-effective way.

2. Faster transfer of files

file transfer

The 5G network utilizes bits of the electromagnetic spectrum for providing faster data transfer. It is possible to share any type of files within the blink of an eye with the help of 5G. Mobile app developers can either improve the existing apps or make new ones that are compatible with the 5G network to leverage this benefit.

3. Richer user experience

Rich UI and better functionality are determining factors for any app’s success or failure. The 5G-enabled apps can enable the app developers to make their interfaces even more elegant and richer with excellent app performance. It can give the mobile app development company a competitive edge over other companies.

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4. Rise of navigational mobile apps

Location-based on-demand service providers, retailers, and tour operators can get a lot of benefits from the upcoming 5G technology. If you are in the tour and traveling industry, you can simply hire mobile app developers to develop a navigational mobile app that can offer uninterrupted and high-quality communication and file sharing facility to your customers.

5. Inclusion of 3D models

Real estate and education sectors can get a lot of benefits from 3D models. Thankfully, the 5G technology enables mobile app developers to utilize 3D models in abundance because there is no concern of slow speed. It can introduce a whole new method of education in the coming days.

6. Security concerns

Security Concerns

The mobile app development company needs to focus more on security and privacy issues as the 5G technology establishes a fast and smooth connection across the network. Any type of file can be instantly shared across a number of devices and that can cause serious issues related to privacy.

Major Benefits of 5G in Mobile Applications
  • Arrival of Mixed Reality

5G will enable us to enter a new era of mixed reality. High speed and bandwidth of 5G are sufficient to leverage the benefits of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). The mobile app developers can leverage this technology to build advanced mixed reality apps creatively. In the coming years, the mixed reality app development domain will thrive with the help of 5G, and we will enter the virtual world that looks more real than ever.

  • More Speed

Experts are expecting that the speed of data communication will increase by nearly 3 times with the 5G network as compared to the existing 4G/LTE. This whopping data transfer speed can enable the users to send and receive images and videos in just no time! Downloading an HD movie is just a matter of a few seconds with the 5G network. As a result, the usage of HD videos and images will be increased and the mobile app developers can utilize them more frequently and freely to come up with appealing apps.

  • Minimal Delays

The 5G network enables users to download files, stream videos, and surf the web at a rapid pace. As compared to the prevalent 3G and 4G networks, the 5G technology will have fewer problems in downloading movies or streamlining videos. Even the large-size files will also be rapidly downloaded in the future with 5G. Mobile app developers will also test their apps quickly and effectively because of enhanced bandwidths and real-time data sharing across the network.

  • Improved Connectivity

5G technology is aimed at enhancing connectivity by offering more capacity than 4G/LTE. More people can share the data and communicate with one another at once thanks to the robust 5G network.

Concluding Lines

That’s it for now. We can expect that the 5G will bring radical changes in the way we develop mobile apps in the coming years. This lightning-fast network will make the data-related processes more productive. Complex app features of emerging technologies like AR, AI, and ML can be easily run on 5G-enabled devices. It will gradually improve our lives and the corporate world will enjoy the benefits of faster data sharing and network automation.

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