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Top Node.js Frameworks You Need to Know for Your Upcoming Project

Published: Mar 11, 2021  |   | 

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Ever since Node.js was introduced in 2009, it has changed the shape of the web development process by enabling developers to utilize JavaScript for scripting server-side as well. As a result of this exciting benefit, Node.js development has become a preferred choice for developing customized websites.

It is interesting to see how modern businesses transform from physical to virtual markets in the post-COVID era. Node.js development services are all set to play a vital role in this transformation. Because of the advancing technology, the Node.js concept has evolved with many frameworks. But, it has made the selection of the right framework one of the most daunting tasks.

Interesting Facts about Node.js

  • Over 28000 websites are built on Node.js technology in the USA
  • More than 50% of web developers use Node.js till early 2020
  • It has over 75.9k stars and 19k forks on Github
  • eBay, Netflix, PayPal, and AliExpress websites are powered by Node.js

In this article, we will go through the top fifteen frameworks you should look for in the year 2021. But, before moving forward, let’s have brief information on the specialty of the Node.js framework and its architecture.

Why Node.js Development Service is Special

  • It offers a cleaner and more consistent codebase
  • It enables developers to build enterprise-level apps faster with more scalability
  • It is useful for agile development and prototyping
  • It possesses a vast ecosystem that provides many open-source libraries

Architecture of Node.js Framework

The architecture of any framework plays a vital role in keeping the web projects ready for the future. The Node JS has a single-threaded event loop architecture, which enables the framework to tackle multiple demands easily. What’s more, the architecture of Node.js does not follow the traditional model of “multithreaded request-response” to handle various client requests at once. It is useful to build complex and unpredictable programs under the hood of Node.js development services.

Finally, Node.js has an event-based model with a JavaScript call-back system. Altogether, it is fair to mention that the versatile architecture of Node.js helps developers come up with excellent web solutions.

Top Ten Node.js REST API Frameworks Set to Rule in the Year 2021

1. Express.js

It is one of the best Node.js API frameworks and the most important constituent of MEAN Stack. It is useful for developing enterprise-grade, hybrid applications with single or double pages. The final product or an application built using Express.js is highly scalable and quick to respond.

It has an MVC-based infrastructure to build high-end apps. Express.js acts like a routing table or set of libraries and supports over 14 engine templates, HTTP methods, and asynchronicity for enhanced performance. It enables developers to inject heavy load packages that help in extending the framework’s functionality.

2. Socket.io

It is one of the most popular Node.js frameworks useful for developing real-time computing apps. Node.js developers and even custom application development company prefers this framework for the accurate and rapid development process. Straightforward and uncomplicated API is one of the major characteristics of socket.io that facilitates the development process.

Socket.io is a highly amicable framework that assists in auto-correction and anomaly detection. You can hire dedicated developers to build a robust app using socket.io as this framework enables them to build a bidirectional flow of data. It also assists developers in giving clear streams to multiple browsers from the server.

3. NestJS

It is a highly flexible platform for building server-side applications. NestJS is known for developing streamlined and reliable applications. It utilizes progressive JavaScript written on TypeScript. A set of strong typing models including the OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), Functional Reactive Programming are accompanied by this framework.

NestJS is useful for AngularJS development as a front-end development framework. In its modular form, NestJS arranges code methodically in various modules. NestJS can build robust web applications that have unique features and excellent functionality.

4. Hapi.js

This is a Node.js REST API framework that acts as an intermediary between the server and client-side. Hapi.js is known as an excellent substitute for Express.js. As an open-source framework, Hapi.js acts like a server framework.

You can hire dedicated programmers for building real-time chatting apps using Hapi.js. The framework has a scalable, plugin-based architecture. What’s more, it gives dynamic content because it arranges for a JavaScript template engine quickly. With detailed API references and reliable support for documents, Hapi.js is one of the popular choices for software development.

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5. Meteor.Js

This framework is highly useful for building web applications and some mobile applications. It makes the app development process more accessible by supplying a secure space with JavaScript. Meteor.Js enables developers to build real-time applications with lightweight architecture and a reducing number of code lines. Also, the Meteor.js framework ensures that developers need not renovate mobile apps.

6. Salis.Js

This framework is created on Express.js and offers features similar to it. It has code generators for developing applications with less code. As a highly compatible framework, Salis.js enables developers to make browser-based applications of superior quality. The framework is highly compatible with websites with frontend platforms.

7. Koa.Js

The makers of Express.js have made this framework. It is a small yet highly expressive and robust framework for developing web solutions. It is useful for building web applications and API. It provides extra customization and facilitates developers to work on the customized applications from scratch. Its generators can limit the use of callbacks to give developers an efficient error-handling system. The middleware is packed in a bundle in the core of Koa.js.

8. Derby.Js

It relies heavily on MVC structure and useful for making real-time apps. Derby.js has an automatic conflict that enables data syncing between the client and server. Built-in rapid Derby Racer acts as a data engine in this platform and enables developers to come up with flawless synchronization.

9. Total.js

This framework is extremely quick and needs minimal assistance. When it comes to stable services with flexibility in building customized IoT apps, Total.js can help developers. The framework is useful for developing other desktop or web-based applications. A NoSQL database is embedded on this framework. Total.js features a modular coding structure with some special features like Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

10. LoopBack

Last on our list is LoopBack, which is a well-known Node.js REST API framework. It has a straightforward and simple CLI along with a zestful API web browser. It also enables developers to construct customized models, and developers can quickly generate SDKs as well as API documents with the help of LoopBack. It supports a number of databases.

Apart from these frameworks, other major Node.js API frameworks include Adnois JS, Feather.JS, Mojito, and Keystone.Js. An offshore software development company can choose the most suitable Node.js framework based on your project requirements.

Concluding Lines

Out of many available Node.js frameworks, we have highlighted the top ten frameworks with their features and key characteristics. It is better to consult a Node.js development company with a team of experienced developers to know more about these frameworks, and its scope for your upcoming web and web application projects.

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