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Key Things to Keep in Mind while Hiring Team of Dedicated Developers

Published: Jan 22, 2021  |   | 

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Laptops, tablets, and even smartphones have revolutionized the way we work and accomplish daily tasks. Be it sharing reports or approving business plans, making presentations, or taking part in conference calls, these smart devices have made everything possible at the comfort of our house. Evolving technology and a thriving mobility platform have played a vital role in this pandemic period as well. Custom software development and advancements of emerging technologies make organizations ready with robust mobility solutions for the post-COVID era.

These days, the custom application development domain is in the limelight as most businesses spend 50% of their IT budget on developing new applications. Even startups and SMEs also jump on the mobile app development bandwagon by hiring dedicated developers. But then, hiring a dedicated development team needs a lot of brainstorming and research because once you hire dedicated developers, you can get many benefits through an ideal combination of commitment, advanced skills, domain expertise, and reduced costs.

The emerging trend of working with remote development teams for offshore software development has brought more mobility, collaboration, and flexibility. However, it is necessary to make an informed decision carefully because many companies offer hiring models at dirt cheap rates that ultimately lead to chaos and waste of time and money. In this blog, we are going to discuss the hows and whats of hiring a team of dedicated developers. Let’s start with the outline of a dedicated development team model.

Dedicated Development Team Model- Brief Introduction

In this model, an outsource software development company acts as a vendor and offers a facility to hire a team of dedicated developers for various web and mobile app development projects. Here, all the developers or the entire team works exclusively on the client’s project to meet the deadline without compromising on functionality and performance. As an entrepreneur, you can hire a team consists of suitable professionals from the list of available developers.

The dedicated development team model facilitates you to hiring talent from an offshore software development company. For example, a large section of global business prefers dedicated developers from India to get the perfect combination of productivity, agility, and reliability at affordable rates. Even startups and SMEs can also leverage the benefits of this model and grow their business using customer-friendly solutions. Companies can also hire dedicated developers for customization or modification of existing software. This model can handle any size of software project across various industry verticals.

Let’s go through five important factors to consider while hiring a dedicated team for your dream project.

Five Factors to Keep in Mind while Hiring Dedicated Developers

Complete control over the project, quality infrastructure, quick turnaround time, and access to global talent are some of the noteworthy benefits of hiring dedicated developers. However, if you want to leverage all these and other benefits, it is better to keep the following factors in mind-

1. Defining Objectives and Goals

This is the first and foremost step to consider. Before hiring dedicated developers you need to analyze the project requirements thoroughly. You can consider the requirements of your business and the expectations of the target audience. On that basis, you can make a complete roadmap containing objectives, scope, benefits, and desired outcomes or goals from the software project.

2. Research Extensively

Your research should be focused on three areas- One, market trends Two, offshore software development companies, and Three, competitor’s activities. These days, many software development companies offer hiring models, and therefore you need to check all of them for references, portfolio, client testimonials, and experience before shortlisting. Also, it is better to find whether the developer’s team has prior experience of working on a similar project as yours. Extensive research can give you a clear idea of the developers’ capabilities and competitors’ activities.

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3. Stay Connected

Proper and real-time communication can lead your project to success. It is beneficial to consider the cross-cultural references, working language, and time zones especially you opt for offshore software development. For example, if you are based in the UK and want to hire a team of dedicated developers from India, there is a difference of over 5 hours in time zones. You can communicate with your team accordingly to get an optimum outcome for your project.

4. Establish Trust

While hiring a developers’ team, both your team and developers’ teamwork from different locations or may say, different parts of the world. In such a scenario, you need to build trust among both teams. You can build trust among developers by streamlining payments, maintaining transparency in expectations, and offering flexibility in work hours. Also, you should keep the project requirements steady and maintain transparency in expectations.

5. Initiate with Small Project

Finally, you should start with a small, one-time project to know all necessary aspects related to offshore software development. You can check whether this model works for you. It will also help you find out whether a sustainable relationship is possible with your team of dedicated developers. It helps you mitigate risks associated with software development and manage costs effectively. Startups and SMEs can get the benefits of this tip.

Concluding Lines

Hiring a dedicated team of developers is a crucial decision because it can offer you the dual benefit of cost-effectiveness and highly skilled resources. All you need to keep the points mentioned here in mind for leveraging the benefits of hiring developers. It is also better to consult a reliable outsource software development company to hire developers that can help you focus on your expertise while handling the app project efficiently.

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