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Looking to Build a Million Download Mobile App? Success Secrets Revealed!! (Part-2)

Published: Apr 8, 2015  |   | 

Build a Million Download Mobile App Part 2
In the previous post, we gave you some important tips to build popular mobile apps that can cross the one million download mark. Let us now continue with the remaining success secrets to attract more number of customers to download your mobile app!!  

Designing and Development

Designing and Development For building a mobile app, you needn’t be a developer or programmer yourself. You can hire Mobile App Developers team for carrying out mobile app development. In case of team, you need to choose the right team having rich experience, technical competency and a zeal to create innovative apps. Some important points are to be considered before you undertake the design and development process, either by yourself or through a team.
    • The look and feel of the app is very important for the success of a mobile app. When a user downloads it and opens it, he should come across an elegant UI. If the user will not find the app attractive to use, he will simply uninstall it without taking the pain of understanding and using it.
    • The app should be fluid to navigate, intuitive and light to use. It should fit various screen sizes of your users’ smartphones and should be polished and finely detailed, providing users a splendid experience!
    • The icons & buttons used in the app should be self-explanatory to the users, giving them a familiar feeling and allowing them to learn the functioning of app instantly.
    • An app should be user-friendly and be helpful to the users to do things on the move through their smartphones. To state briefly, it should adapt to a user’s needs.
    • The app should occupy less memory space in a smartphone and should be quick to install.
    • It should be of high-quality, with releases given at regular intervals involving enhanced features and fixation of bugs/errors.
    • The app should be upgradable to latest technology and versions. Continuous improvements should be brought in it to avoid users to uninstall it after some time. It should keep on including market’s latest trends in its releases.
    • Continuous support should be given for mobile apps in case of any queries or issues, which otherwise might lead to unsatisfied customers.

App Store Optimization & Marketing

App Store Optimization & Marketing Publishing and uploading the app in the app store will not garner huge downloads. A new mobile app should be properly marketed and promoted to make the audience aware about the availability of the app. You can promote this new app through your website or by sending across newsletters to users. It is important to design advertising material with only the highlights of the features and the USP of mobile app. Readers shouldn’t get bored or leave reading after two lines. You can even use social platforms to market your new app. Reviews of happy customers are helpful to encourage more downloads of apps. A new user generally goes through the app reviews to decide whether the app is worth downloading. Thus it is essential to encourage happy customers to leave their reviews on the app stores. Ratings of customers are equally important. Potential users generally download apps with high ratings. A kind of screen alert or notification can be put to remind customers to rate your app or give their reviews after downloading or updating the app. Users should also be able to search for your app easily. The title, keywords and app description should be set properly following the basics of App Store Optimization (ASO). It should be search engine friendly and be able to reach masses.  

Retention of Users

Retention of Users This is a very difficult task, especially due to cut throat competition in the mobile app market. You need to make your users return to your app regularly and avoid uninstalling from their smartphones. You can send them notifications of exciting features, discounts, coupons etc. and use engagement mechanisms to encourage users to continuously use your app. Updates can be sent through app stores with a list of improvements, enhancements and new features of your app. All these tricks will help you to keep users involved in your app and encourage them to use your app regularly. There is no magic formula through which your mobile app can succeed in market. Your app should be based on a good idea, should be distinct and have its own USP to attract millions of smartphone users. Market research plays an important role and helps in understanding what exactly the users are looking for. Users generally prefer apps that help them carry on their tasks while on the go, keep them entertained and reduce their time to do something. Innovation and out-of-the-box app ideas can also help you to fill the missing gap in the mobile app market, increasing the chances of downloads. By taking the above points into consideration, you can surely improve the chances of your app’s success, helping you cross the one million download mark!!!! Are you looking to get a million download mobile app developed? If yes, then your search ends here!! Get benefitted by the professional mobile app development services from Semaphore Software, developing innovative mobile apps and helping businesses to increase their bottom-line through successful mobile apps. Get in touch with us through info@semaphore-software.com for your mobile app development needs!!