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Looking to Build a Million Download Mobile App? Success Secrets Revealed!!

Published: Mar 30, 2015  |   | 

Build a Million Download Mobile App
The mobile app market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world with increased number of enterprises getting into mobile app development. In this crowd of mobile apps across all app stores, it is very difficult to distinguish your mobile apps from others in the market. There is a huge competition and numerous apps available in various categories. So what does it take to develop a distinct mobile app? An app that can attract more number of users and lead to a million download. It is challenging to build highly-popular mobile apps keeping in mind the success and failure trends in mobile app development. Many factors are to be considered and some valuable lessons to be learnt, before venturing into mobile app development to achieve high success ratio. We will reveal some success secrets and share a few tips to help your mobile apps cross the one million download mark!!

Understanding and Analyzing the Market

Understanding and Analyzing the Market App idea is one of the deciding factors for the success of your mobile app in market. It is vital to conduct a market research before getting into the app development process. Understanding the characteristics of the most popular and top mobile apps can help you in finding out the choices and requirements of customers. You will understand what exactly customers want; helping you decide what type of an app you will build. Download and use the successful apps available on the app stores.¬†You will find the list of popular apps on the app stores itself; giving you an idea about the latest trends. You will be able to figure out the reasons for success of these apps and for their huge demand among users. You will even understand the usability, features and what competitive advantage these apps have over others. Based on the research you will get an idea about various competitors that are there in the market for your potential app. You will have to think what additional you can provide in your app, what USP your app will have over your competitors and how can you enhance your app idea to attract masses to download it.  

Deciding the Category of the Mobile App

Deciding the Category of the Mobile AppWhile analyzing the app market and downloading the most popular mobile apps, you will come across various categories of mobile apps like Social, Business, Entertainment, Music, Productivity, Photography, Media, Utility and more. You will be able to decide the category of your mobile app after going through the category of these popular apps. For example you will find various popular Social apps like Instagram, Facebook, popular Communication apps like WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger and popular Photography apps like PicsArt, Photo Grid on app stores. Mobile apps under these categories are of great demand, are highly preferred and are of great use to customers. So selecting the category of your mobile app that can attract masses should be your next step after market research.  

Deciding the Platform

Deciding the Platform This decision is equally important as there are various platforms available including iOS (for Apple), Android, Windows and BlackBerry to list the major ones. iOS users have a tendency to spend more on apps as compared to Android users. Decision to choose the platform will also be dependent on the number of users for each platform and its popularity in various countries. For example in US, the number of iOS users is more whereas in India number of Android users exceeds iOS users. Use of Windows platform is increasing, but is less as compared to Android and iOS. Apps that can run on various platforms can also be built, giving you more chances to popularize your app.  

Deciding the type of Monetization

Deciding the type of Monetization There are various monetization options available for mobile apps including premium version, free download and ad networks. In case of paid apps, a specific amount is charged for getting the app from the app store. Paid apps are a good way to earn revenues, but can lead to a less number of download as masses prefer to download free apps. You can even upload free mobile app on apps stores and allow upgrading to premium version by paying a specific amount. This is an attractive model as it attracts masses due to its free availability. For the users wanting to avail additional features of the mobile app, a premium version can be downloaded. Numerous such apps with two different versions are available in the app stores. Advertising is another way to earn revenues. App and its content can be free but you can still earn through advertising. For example, users visit some apps regularly like social apps and also stay there for a while, thus giving an opportunity to place ads. Your success rate will depend on the advertising partners and the place of ads to boost the revenues. You can also cross promote your apps through your free apps. You can provide cross-application features as well. Hold on!! These are just a few tips to help you develop a popular mobile app resulting in a one million download!! Stay tuned on our blog to read the remaining success secrets in our next post Looking to Build a Million Download Mobile App? Success Secrets Revealed!! Part-2. Semaphore Software specializes in building popular and successful mobile apps. Our team of mobile app developers has extensive experience and is proficient in mobile app development, leaving no stone unturned in crafting dynamic, user-friendly and ingenious mobile apps across all leading platforms!! To know further about our world-class Mobile App Development Services, please contact us through info@semaphore-software.com