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The 3 Most Popular Front-end Frameworks Compared

Published: Oct 11, 2019  |   | 

Comparison between Top Front End Development Frameworks
A thought of JavaScript-based frameworks strikes whenever we talk about front-end development services. As an entrepreneur, when you give project requirements to the developers, they consider various aspects like performance, reusability, development time, and tools for choosing the right framework. Today, many front-end development frameworks are available in the market, but three of them have marked their presence with excellent performance and ever-growing community. Here we compare the top three front-end development platforms- React, Vue.js, and Angular, which have the potential to reshape the face of front-end development services in 2019 and beyond. ReactJS
Facebook has developed this leading and one of the fastest-growing front-end development frameworks. It has become a choice of beginners and experienced developers since its release. Facebook created this framework with the aim of making the code more efficient. A report on the State of JavaScript 2018 shows that the popularity of React keeps on growing consistently over the period. As a result, React has a large community of active developers who are ready to assist newcomers and even veteran developers. As a user-friendly framework, React enables developers to cope with learning or development-related difficulties. Here are key reasons why the developers prefer React.
  • Component-based architecture with a simple learning curve
  • Attractive programming style with declarative views
  • Rapid performance thanks to one-way data binding
  • Effective handling of events and DOM-based development process
  • SEO-friendly platform and uncomplicated, reusable components
When it comes to deal with real-time data in business applications, the front-end development company prefers React. Vue.js
Though Vue.js is relatively a new framework as compared to React and Angular, it has started gaining popularity for a gentle learning curve and less complexity. This is an ideal framework to develop simple web apps in a short time. Vue.js has become more stable with regular updates and keeps on drawing the attention of many developers since its launch. Though React and Angular are still ahead of Vue, we can assume that Vue.js will become an important part of front-end development services. Vue.js makes the components reactive that makes it possible to apply changes to the state object visible in a flash. Here are other reasons why the adoption rate of Vue.js is high.
  • It has a component-oriented structure that includes reusable code and gives flexibility
  • Reactive mechanisms of Vue.js enable developers to keep the state object in full sync with the DOM and the view
  • It also offers solutions for mobile UI development
  • It is a small-size framework with a simple learning curve
  • It makes web applications with a simple structure
  • Its integration into other JavaScript applications is easy
Vue.js has an ever-increasing community of active developers that makes it a great option to Angular and React. The front-end development company considers Vue.js as a lightweight and growing framework. Also Read: Best Front-end Web Development Tools for Developers in 2019 Angular
Developed and supported by Google, Angular framework has gained ground for building expressive and elegant user interfaces. This framework has shown its capability of handling large-scale, enterprise-grade web app projects, and thereby maintaining a top position among available front-end platforms. The current version is Angular 7.0, which is fit to meet the modern web development requirements. Angular is one of the components of MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js), and it is highly useful for developing complex apps for enterprises. TypeScript language makes the coding process easier to maintain. Front-end developers can readily use all the features of TypeScript as it is a browser-independent language. Here are the key features that have made Angular popular among the developer community.
  • Its component-based architecture has reusable components to make the development process more productive
  • Two-way data binding enables the developers to get rid of writing excessive code
  • It is developed by keeping the mobile-first approach in mind
  • Easy-to-write template syntax and excellent performance
  • Large community of active developers
  • It keeps on updating regularly by the team of Google developers
Simply put, Angular is a part of front-end development services for developing complex and reliable applications. However, if your web app project demands fast-changing UI, then it is better to go with either React or Vue.js because they are simpler to handle than Angular. Pros and Cons of Top Three Front-end Development Frameworks Pros
React Angular Vue.js
Virtual DOM improves user experience and facilitates developers to update changes Google supported robust framework with component-based architecture to create the UI with single components Easy-to-learn framework with the smallest API surface area
Saves time because of reusable React components Coding process is easier thanks to TypeScript language that compiles to JavaScript Up-to-date and well-explained documentation with a large community support
One-direction data flow provides the stable code It offers the Angular Universal support with the set of tools for various purposes Capability of creating flexible and reusable components
Rich open-source library with a number of tools Material Design interface can be developed by using Angular Provides browser devtools extensions to enable developers to change separate components manually
React Angular Vue.js
Long learning curve that takes more time of developers Complex framework with a difficult learning curve Code irregularities are seen due to higher flexibility
Lack of documentation due to growing popularity Poor CLI documentation Developers’ community is smaller as compared to Angular and React
In the past one year, React has maintained its top position, whereas Vue.js and Angular are neck and neck. Comparing their size, Vue.js is the smallest framework with 23k size and Angular is the biggest framework with 143k size. Wrapping Up Worldwide, front-end developers find the task of choosing the right JS framework very challenging. These three front-end platforms are capable of creating excellent and user-friendly applications. They have given new strength to front-end development services. A reputed web and mobile app development company can select the right platform for your project by keeping all the business requirements in mind. If you are looking for a leading front-end development company, your search ends at Semaphore! As a reliable web development partner, we have assisted startups, SMEs, and large companies worldwide. We have an in-house team of experienced web developers who can provide you end-to-end web solution. We’ll be glad to help you with consultation and development. You can reach out to us by sending an email at info@semaphore-software.com.