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Ten Factors to Consider for Better and User-friendly App Design in 2023

Published: Jan 23, 2020  |   | 

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3.83 million and counting- this whopping number of total mobile apps across both Google Play and Apple’s App Store tells the success story of mobile apps. A mobile app development company can build a feature-rich in line with your business model and according to the expectations of your target audience. But then, the growing competition in the app world makes it increasingly difficult for new apps to mark its presence and get a high number of downloads.

As per Statista, the number of mobile app downloads is expected to cross 258 billion. But, the surge of apps in both app stores can act as an obstacle for a particular app to become popular. Therefore, we can mention that an app with a pleasant user experience will survive and thrive over the period. Here we will discuss what it takes to offer a smooth and rich user experience to your app users. You can share these top tips when you hire UI/UX designers.

Before moving ahead, let’s go through some key questions you should ask yourself while considering the app’s design.
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What will be the primary use of my app?
  • Which purpose will my app serve?
  • Do the end-users of my app know the service?
Practical Tips to Improve User Experience of Your Business Mobile App

1. Make a Roadmap for App Development


After doing enough research about the market trends and the user’s expectations, you should think of your app’s objectives or goals and necessary features to achieve them. In other words, after thorough research, you should make a clear roadmap for your enterprise mobile app. You can also consult a reputed mobile app development company. This roadmap will help you add necessary features and skip unnecessary functionality.

2. Keep Design Simple and Consistent

Simple and Consistent

You already know that the mobile app represents your business in the online world. Therefore, its design should be simple and in line with your business model. Such an app can assure your app users that they are using an official app of your company. There is no need to use pompous words or jargon that can mislead the users. It is better to maintain the app’s style guide to keep consistency in color, font, spacing, and other necessary elements.

3. Use Native Elements in Your App

When you assign your app project to the mobile app development company, you should ensure that popular native elements are integrated into your app. Also, it is better to avoid any visual effects on the app interface because it can create unnecessary clutter. Instead of using irrelevant design and redundant links, you should make use of native elements of Android or iOS platforms in your business mobile application.

4. Focus on Design as Per Platform

You need to hire UI UX designers to bring an app with the most suitable design as per the platform. “The first impression is the last impression”- this statement holds true for developing an app design. Arrows, specific buttons, and relevant graphics can enhance the overall app design. What’s more, to provide an effective onboarding process to both Android and iOS users, you need to consider different aspects. For example, Slack has given four screens initially to build a value-focused context.

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5. Test Your App Before Launching

This is important for various reasons. You need to test the app before its launching. It is a test analysis that differentiates an ideal app from average apps. Extensive testing of your app can help you keep it free from bugs and add necessary improvement before release. It also assures the quality of your app and increases the chances of your app to become successful. Testing procedures for Android and iOS platforms are different, but for Android OS, the testing procedure is a bit longer than iOS.

6. Make the Maximum use of Screen Space

The screen size for a mobile app is small, and therefore, there is no room to perform multiple activities on a single screen. If you want to make the maximum use of screen space, you should keep the content short and allocate different screens for primary functions. Also, while using the screen space, it is better to keep in mind that the app design does not make the users anxious. A short registration process and simple navigation will help you attract more users.

7. Give Feedback Feature in Your App


Feedback is an important feature that enables you to know the user’s opinions and suggestions. You can improve the app’s features and functionality based on feedback and suggestions. Also, it can make your app trustworthy and people start thinking of downloading it based on the existing users’ reviews. You can give feedback in various forms. The onboarding process, the appearance of sub-menus, etc. are known positions to give feedback.

8. Consider Visuals

There is no need to use more visuals and substance in the mobile app because the screen real estate is very small in smartphones. You can replace the content with images or visuals whenever necessary. However, you need to make sure that the visual is equal or more insightful than content. You can also use two pictures and substance at once to grab the potential app user’s attention.

9. Give Straightforward Content

If you want to keep your app accessible for all types of users- technical and non-technical, then keep its content easy-to-understand and straightforward. If you want to attract more people toward your app then you should write the content in a simple language. It is also better to add a picture along with the content to make it more understandable. If your application is developed while keeping the B2B users in mind then you can keep the standard business language.

10. Reduce the Load Time

Last but not least! You must take care of your app’s load time. Ideally, the load time for a mobile app is about two seconds. It is better to remember that the app users just hate to wait for more than 4 to 5 seconds for an app. A lightweight app with simple UI can load speedily and retain the users to your app for a long time. A mobile app development company uses various tools and techniques to reduce the load time of your business app.

Wrapping Up

A visually appealing interface and seamless functionality are the most essential factors for any user-friendly app. Also, data safety and privacy protection-related features contribute to improving the user experience. It is fair to mention that an app with great user experience can take your business to the next level as an online representative, and therefore, you need to focus on improving the user experience. Hope these top tips will help you achieve this objective.

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