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Are the Pros and Cons for SharePoint 2016 Dividing the Developer Community?

Published: Sep 5, 2016  |   | 

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There isn’t any technology company other than Microsoft where the line between lovers and haters is clearly defined. It perhaps comes as no surprise that the talk around SharePoint its web application development platform is no different. SharePoint development for years has divided the developers. If SharePoint developers talk about its pros there is an equally strong voice in the developers’ community that highlights its cons. Here we take a look at some of the pros and cons of SharePoint 2016.

The Pros of SharePoint 2016

  •  Scalability –

     It is one of the biggest pluses with this SharePoint for Developer and it would allow developers to build scalable apps without sacrificing on performance. The limitations to the size of files and items to be indexed have been increased to allow more data to be managed by the system which will benefit large organizations.

  • UI Enhancements – 

    Office 365 has been integrated in the new version and this directly enhances the user interface. New app launcher has been directly integrated within Office 365 which is a big advantage for the developers as this will allow them to design apps that are more interactive and engaging.

  • Cloud Ready –

     This is the first version of SharePoint that is truly cloud ready. This will allow developers to cater to customers who have stayed away from investing in large on-premise infrastructure.

  • Improve Speed –

     One of the huge advantages of this new version has been improvement in speed and this works both for search function and creating sites. This will benefit the developers as well as businesses that adopt this technology.

And The Cons

  • No Free Version –

     Previously many developers and businesses benefited from a free version of SharePoint which was known as SharePoint Foundation. Microsoft has altogether done away with this free version of the tool forcing even small businesses to pay for the full enterprise version of the tool.

  • Single Server Install –

     Unlike before it isn’t possible to install SharePoint on a single server and this has become a huge obstacle for the developers as well as their clients. In the new version SQL would have to be installed on a separate server and may add little value to a business.

  • No Business Intelligence Capabilities –

     This is like taking a U-Turn as developers are saying. Surprisingly Microsoft has done away with the business intelligence features from this new version. Along with it has also done away with the social tagging features. Businesses which want to have these features in their application would have to do it via cloud.

  • Customized Workflow Limitations –

     Every business needs a customized workflow and for years developers have opted for third-party apps to develop these. But the new version terribly limits these as the tools may require upgraded license fee and this may not always ensure great return on investment.

  • InfoPath Forms Services –

     This tool has allowed developers to modify SharePoint list forms but as of now its future remains unclear with SharePoint 2016. Microsoft had a few years back announced its plans to withdraw support for this tool. Though the support continues as of now the future remains uncertain.

Despite the many pros and the cons in SharePoint 2016, it is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to web application development. If you are looking for a partner for SharePoint Customization Solutions or develop an app from scratch you can count on Semaphore Software. We are one of the leading service providers and boast of a skilled and experienced development team. To know more write to us at info@semaphore-software.com.