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Key Takeaways for SharePoint Developers in 2023

Published: Dec 8, 2016  |   | 

In the era defined by enterprise mobility, SharePoint solutions are gaining popularity. Businesses are moving towards custom SharePoint solutions in order to create a more collaborative environment for better efficiency and productivity.

2022 saw quite a few instances in the SharePoint lifecycle, with the introduction of SharePoint 2023, and SharePoint for developers. Some drastic changes were made in the product to ensure it matched the enterprise needs.

It seemed like the developer community were divided with respect to this new version of SharePoint. But with time Microsoft delivered its promise by giving the apt solution that can effectively be used in launching enterprise solutions for better outcomes. With SharePoint, enterprises have been able to improve their business outcomes, which is quite a deal.

With 2023 coming to an end, developers need to take a look at what they have learnt with SharePoint, and what they should take with them in the New Year. Here we will discuss some key takeaways for SharePoint Developers for the coming year. Hopefully this will be of some use to you.

Hassle-free Sharing

The integration of SharePoint with One Drive is essentially one of the best that Microsoft could offer to the developers who are keen on getting the enterprise solutions right. The seamless integration is surely going to help with collaboration and easy workflow management. Developers need to realize the importance of this easy file sharing delivered by this integration, and should capably use it in the applications they will develop in the future. The whole idea is to enrich the enterprise app users, and by incorporating this file sharing capabilities of SharePoint in the application, you will be engaging your users in a better way.

The future sees a better and hassle-free integration of SharePoint with the Office products along with analytics for better outcomes at work.

Redefining Intranet

Earlier Intranet used to be the single collaboration point for developers. SharePoint seems to be working towards redefining both workflow management and intranet with its unique solutions. With SharePoint, you have intranet in your pocket, which emphasizes on enhancing your experience, and making intranet consumable. With mobility, the accessibility and ease of use has increased, thus allowing you to create content and share without any effort.

Secure Applications

SharePoint seems to have given more importance to security in this year, which is also another reason why the usage has increased in the enterprises. The security and privacy compliance has been defined not only for cloud hosted applications but also for on-premise integration, which will definitely benefit your enterprise. With SharePoint, you can easily prevent loss of data during migration as well as cater to encryption needs for your enterprise.


The last but definitely an important takeaway for 2023 is open collaboration. There will be an integration of the Office 365 groups, which will on-board their own SharePoint site. The developers will need to look into the UI needs for this site. While the UI will be slick, the features specific to SharePoint such as libraries, lists etc. will not fade away. With the different tools that are aimed towards collaboration, you will be able to create custom workflows for greater levels of efficiency in your enterprise.

SharePoint is definitely all set to revolutionize the enterprise application development. In 2017, developers should use these key features and ensure they are well into the system when creating applications to enhance efficiency.

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