Responsive Web Design- A MUST for Magento E-Commerce Store

June 17, 2015 Published by: Disha Kakkad

Responsive Web Design for Magento

Most of the business owners these days adopt Responsive web design for their websites. If you still haven’t embraced Responsive web design; a lot of benefits would have already passed by through your head. And after the Google’s Mobile-geddon update, it has become very essential for businesses to choose Responsive web design to maintain their Mobile Search Engine Rankings.

If you own a Magento eCommerce store, a Responsive web design will offer numerous advantages to your stores, helping you boost your online sales. Let’s look at the business rationale for having a Responsive web design for you Magento online store!

Mobile-geddon Update

Mobile geddon UpdateThe first and the most important reason for getting a Responsive web design for your Magento eCommerce store is the Mobile-geddon update brought by Google last month. If you will not make you eCommerce site mobile-friendly, you might go down in your Mobile Search Engine Rankings in Google search. This is specifically important for the start-up eCommerce store owners, trying to establish themselves in the market. If your online store is not well known to the users, you might face disastrous consequences because of the lowered rankings.

Improved User-Experience

Improved User ExperienceThe most obvious benefit of Responsive design for your eCommerce site is enhanced user experience, as users get an optimized view across various devices including Tablets and Smartphone’s. Responsive web design will allow Smartphone’s users to shop while on-the-move. There are chances that a Smartphone’s user may add your products to the cart on the go and then make the purchase through his Laptop or Desktop, after he returns back home. If your Magento store is responsive, the users will have a unified user experience when transitioning from mobile to Laptop or Desktop.

SEO Benefits

SEO BenefitsAs mentioned about Mobile-geddon, Google brings down the Mobile Search Engine Rankings of the sites that are non-mobile friendly. In fact, Google has already started penalizing such sites. Moreover, it is easier for Google to search and index responsive sites. Having a single site and one URL of your Magento store for all the devices is beneficial from SEO point of view, as it becomes simpler for Google to crawl and discover content, thus giving you SEO benefits.

Easier Management

Easier ManagementIf you will have a separate site for your Magento online store for desktop as well as mobile, you will need to have separate catalogues, product details & banners and marketing and promotional campaigns, thus making the management of your eCommerce store difficult. You can even lower down your development costs by building only one site.

Wider Reach

Wider ReachThere is high competition in the eCommerce marketplace. To survive in the competition, it is important that you to have a Responsive website built for your Magento online store as most of the eCommerce stores already have a mobile-friendly website. Smartphone’s users will like to visit your mobile optimized site and make purchases, thus increasing your conversion rate. You will even be able to reach wider audience and turn your online store’s visitors into customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social MediaMarketingSocial Media has become very important from the marketing perspective. Most of the online stores are using social media sites to promote their products and services. This is due to the increased popularity of the social networking sites among users. Most of the people access social sites on their Smartphone’s; thus making it possible for you to reach users easily through your social media promotional activities.

At the end of the day, it is much easier for online store owners to target audience to find their business through Smartphone’s. Given the easy proliferation and range of different sized devices, deploying a Responsive site makes sense.

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