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Why Developers are still Choosing PHP for Web Development?

Published: Nov 5, 2015  |   | 

PHP for Web Development
Ever wondered, in this digital landscape filled with numerous frameworks and options, why developers still rely on PHP framework for web development? It is indeed a curious question that sits on everyone’s minds, why PHP is still a hot favorite, years after it took off? Though the development on the framework, and tweaks performed on it are in small proportions, compared to others; it is still one of the most favored platforms. The answer lies in the capabilities of core PHP, which helps you with developing customized websites to suit your needs.

Small Learning Curve

This is the best part about core PHP, it has a very small learning curve. If you are new to website development, you can easily grasp the PHP techniques, and get started with PHP website development, without really investing too much time in learning the whole process. You can, with this learning curve, create a web page quickly, and offer a quick turn-around time.

No Need for Complex Concepts

When you go for development using other frameworks, you may need to learn Object Oriented Programming concepts and coding methods to be able to work on it. You don’t need to understand such concepts when working on PHP. You just need to be able to code in this particular language, and you are good to go.

Used for Double-end Web Development

PHP is the only framework which can be used for frontend and backend development. You can easily alter the present conditions of a website by simply changing a single code. In case of other frameworks, you will need to uncode if you want to understand the relation between the backend and the frontend of the website.

Compatible with Browsers

PHP as a framework is compatible with all browsers, systems and operating systems. You may or may not find this level of compatibility and ease with other frameworks. This is why developers are at ease when offering websites with PHP.

User Friendly Platform

What do you need majorly when developing a website? A platform that offers both simplicity and user friendly features such that you can offer a good interface, and derive a good experience. PHP is not only user friendly from usage perspective but also from development perspective. No wonder, developers adore this platform. PHP is definitely a hot favorite of most developers, owing to its ease of use and the wide range of functionality it provides. Semaphore Software offers PHP Web Development services suited to your design needs. To know more about our services, get in touch with us via info@semaphore-software.com