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Why Your e-Commerce Business Needs a Mobile Website?

Published: Feb 2, 2016  |   | 

mobile website for ecommerce business
Is your ecommerce store slowly losing traction? For most online stores, the absence of a mobile website is leading to this stagnation and in worst cases they are losing their grip over the market. Ask any ecommerce solution provider and they would stress on the need for a mobile website to further your e-commerce business. Here are some reasons why you need to go mobile with your online business.

Realize The Shift

If you feel mobile traffic is not important, it is time to wake up from your self-induced sleep. At the start of the decade, mobile devices’ share of the total Internet traffic stood at 15% and this figure crossed the 50% mark in 2015; it is expected to breach the 65% mark globally in 2016. If you aren’t targeting mobile users, you are turning away majority of your potential customers. In fact, these are the people who are more tuned with technology and the ones likely to shop for products and services online. You may lose out on important conversions without a mobile site.

Better Engagement

While browsing the Internet on desktop/laptop, most users switch to new sites at the click of a mouse and browse numerous tabs simultaneously. Switch to the mobile medium, and you will observe that users are more patient. They prefer browsing a website instead of opening multiple tabs. This allows better brand engagement, and helps in improving the conversion rate for most websites.

Higher Conversions

Desktop websites in a mobile environment fail to attract users, and prove to be complete non-starters. Navigating through these websites is a pain and the ‘Call to Action’ button often remains hidden in one corner of the page and is extremely difficult to click and same is the case with cart management. In fact you would be lucky to score a sale on mobile with such a website. Having a mobile responsive ecommerce site on the other hand immediately improves your conversion rate.

Get The App

A mobile website would definitely give boost to your ecommerce business, but if you are to cash in the true power of mobile revolution, you need to get an ecommerce app developed. This allows you to target your customers in a more personalized manner and increase your conversion rates. App developers such as Silver Shop allow you to come out with an inspiring app for all major platforms that include Android, iOS and Windows. This app seamlessly integrates with your Magento powered online store and allows you to manage every aspect of the store right from its interface to inventory using the Magento Admin panel. Ecommerce development is undergoing constant evolution and with billions of customers shopping online for their needs, the opportunities are immense. Semaphore Software is a leading eCommerce development company in India catering to small and large online stores around the world. We have helped many brick and mortar stores take leap into the digital world. To know more about our ecommerce development services, get in touch with us at info@semaphore-software.com.