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10 Design Mantras for Mobile App Developers

Published: Sep 30, 2015  |   | 

Design Mantras for Mobile App Developers
Independent app developers or developers working with an offshore development company have to keep their minds open while developing apps. Most people want to know just one thing from app developers- what is it that makes an app engaging? While it may seem that a mobile app development team usually has a strategy up their sleeves, using which they roll out one spectacular app after another; in reality there are no such strategies. However, mobile app developers will readily agree to certain design mantras which have helped them through the whole mobile app development process. Let’s take a look at 10 such design mantras.

Work on The Grid

The first thing you shouldn’t be looking for is the grid, yet it is the main thing that will guide you through the development process. Confused? To state it clearly, the grid is the invisible mark on the screen that serves as a guide.

Layout Design

You have to decide on the layout for the app, with the help of the grids. You can take help from the design libraries to decide on the layout of the app.

Stick to Defined Elements

You need to define the elements of the app, and stick to them throughout the development process. These elements, even if they are used again and again, should appear in the same place – each time.

Use Colors Purposefully

You should ideally remember two things when using colors –the brand (for which you are developing the app), and the purpose. If the brand is recognized by certain colors, use them in the app. Additionally use colors to set hierarchy – a darker shade can denote more importance.

Keep Designing Trends in Mind

Mobile application development service is an ever-changing world. Trends keep coming and going, and as an app developer you have to keep track of these changes. Using the latest UI trends will help.

Stick to Standard Fonts

Standardized fonts should be used while developing apps, especially if you are going for native app development.

Make Stylistic Choices to Create Hierarchy

If you have to set hierarchy with the content used in the app, you can make several stylistic choices. For example proper use of caps, indent, title case, underline, and contrast.

Hide the Obvious

Most of the apps you will come across, except game apps, have a basic structure, which more or less look likea navigation list. Though this is the most obvious fact about app development, it shouldn’t be evident, as apps need to look different from each other.

Stick to Visual Guidelines Set by Different Systems

Android, iOS, Windows and every other mobile operating system has its own design guidelines. When you know the native application platform, stick to the prescribed guidelines.

Engage Users First

Don’t make users’ sign up on the first page of the app. Give them the opportunity to like the app first. Semaphore Software offers mobile application development service. We have a dedicated team working on various mobile operating systems. Contact us through info@semaphore-software.com to know more about the services we offer.