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Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence, What’s the Difference?

Published: Jan 8, 2019  |   | 

ml vs ai

This topic will continue to be hotly debated for many years and its hype isn’t slowing down very soon. We’ll find various advancements in the industry every year. So let’s dig deeper to know AI and ML complexity and its importance.

Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the future and is already a part of everyday lives. If we go deep, the machine learning and artificial intelligence are nested within each other. Deep Learning is the subset of Machine Learning and ML is the subset of AI. John McCarthy, a widely recognized godfather of AI, has defined that there are a lot of ways that simulate the human intelligence and map the raw data into symbolic categories. In short, any computer will be able to perform tasks regular as human intelligence such as speech recognition, Visual perception, and translation between languages.

Machine Learning

Nowadays, Machine Learning is another hot topic that brings artificial intelligence to improve the algorithm automatically through experience. It comes with the large datasets that examine and compare the data to explore the nuances. For example, a search engine helps to improve the results using online learning in their algorithms. Mainly machine learning is used to make the drastic improvement to the computer system. It uses several algorithms to build a model that accurately increases the level of the machine.

Keep a note that All ML is AI but not AI is ML. To clear these real-time insights, you need to study their difference and drive efficiency by reading below content. Have a look.

Humans + Machines are present and not Future

The very first thing is we need to understand the real world challenge with implementing AI expertise along with human data processing skills. Today we live in an ordinal era where human-machine partnership will help to automate and coordinate with lives to transform how the organization manages to work. It becomes essential for both to work together across all countries as an integrated team and within the organizations. One should think of smart machines and not killer robots. AI is going to get better and bright within a few years.

Technology has already reshaped people’s life by adding their respective work habit to it. We help you to achieve the innovations with making a dream into reality and empowering human-machine teams.

AI Classification

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are both relatively new in the market. The concept of the AI was based on the earliest computers that weren’t making the right decision, but people with using AI have created a machine that works well as a brain. We have developed an improved understanding of how your mind works. The more you’ll go deep in understanding the AI changes one will get an incredibly complex calculation with a complex task.

  • The main aim of the AI is to increase the chance of success and not accuracy.
  • It works like a computer program that works much faster using smarter techniques.
  • It’s a decision maker which leads to developing a system to mimic human to respond and behave in any circumstances.
  • AI will go on for finding the optimal solutions which lead to wisdom and intelligence.

Why is Artificial Intelligence important?

  • Artificial Intelligence adds intelligence with an existing product with combining a large amount of data using improved technologies.
  • AI adapts to the progressive learning algorithms to find out structure and regularities.
  • It automates the repetitive learning and discovers through data to have reliable vitality.
  • AI analyzes more and more in-depth data to change incredibly and accurately.
  • With using AI technique, one can get deep learning, image classification and object recognition to use them precisely.
  • Get most of the data with using intellectual property and creating competitive advantage.

Machine Learning mainly deals with data analysis to enable software applications. With using this one can create the algorithms and can receive the input data with predicting an output value.

Why is Machine Learning important?

There is lots of data growth seen in volumes with computational processing as it comes with cheaper and robust data storage. It’s possible to quickly process and analyze models to deliver fast and more accurate results on a large scale.

What are other things required to get good Machine Learning System?

  • Scalability
  • Data Preparation Capabilities
  • Algorithms for basic and advanced level
  • Automation and Iterative Process
  • Ensemble Modeling

Things to know about Machine Learning

  • In ML, the target is called as a label
  • Whereas in Statistics, the goal is called as a dependent variable
  • A variable of Statistic is named as a feature of Machine Learning
  • The statistic transformation is called feature creation in Machine Learning

In today’s world ML use the algorithm that builds models which uncover the connections and make a better decision without any human intervention. It mainly works with a large amount of data to gain an advantage over competitors. There are lots of industries working out there who are using a large amount of data in real-time.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in 2019

What are some of the popular Machine Learning Methods?

Types of Machine Learning
  • Supervised Learning: This algorithm receives a set of input along with delivering corresponding correct outputs with finding errors. It includes regression, classification, and gradient boosting with predicting the values of the label on an unlabeled data.
  • Un-Supervised Learning: If there are no historical labels then the system has no answer to figure out how to explore the data find out structure within. For example, if one needs to identify the segments of the customer, then you need to use similar attributes and marketing campaign to identify the data outliers
  • Reinforcement Learning: This is often used for robotics and navigation to discover through error and trail actions to yield the most significant rewards. The learning can be done using three primary components such as the agent, the environment and activities. Reach out to the audience with using much faster goal policy.


In summary, the goal of AI and ML provide the human-like interaction using software with offering specific support to them. But at the end, it cannot be replaced with human anytime.