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Importance of Hiring UI/UX Designers for Your Upcoming Project

Published: Jan 28, 2022  |   | 

Importance of Hiring UI/UX Designers for Your Upcoming Project

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds to make web and application development easier than ever. As a result, these days, we come across a huge number of websites for almost all businesses under the sun. On one hand, the ever-increasing number of available websites can give a plethora of options to customers, and on the other hand, it can intensify the competition for entrepreneurs and business persons.

It is increasingly difficult for companies to attract and retain customers on their websites. It is no longer possible for companies to keep poorly designed user interfaces (UI) in websites or applications. This is one of the major reasons why 87% of managers give a top priority to user experience design. Here, UI-UX design service providers can lend a helping hand. In this article, we will go through the top reasons why you should hire UI/UX designers for your next project.

When UI is not appealing and UX is poor, chances are high that users or visitors end up abandoning the company’s website. UI-UX design services can assist you to come up with an attractive design that can easily meet the needs, interests, and preferences of your potential customers. All you need to hire dedicated UI/UX designers to make creative designs for your organization’s website.

Here are some interesting stats about UI/UX design.

Quick Facts

  • 2/3rd part of people’s judgment on a website’s credibility is purely based on its aesthetic or say, design
  • 44% of shoppers will tell their friends about a bad online experience on a sub-standard website
  • Better UI design could raise the conversion rate by 200% and better UX design could increase it up to 400%
  • 85% of adults think that the business should have a mobile site as good as its desktop version

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    Here are the top ten reasons why you should hire UI/UX designers.

    Top Reasons You Need to Hire UI/UX Designers

    User experience or UX defines as the experience users get while interacting with your website. It is fair to mention that if you do not give attention to this aspect, the entire website and even your business may suffer. Thankfully, you can assign your web project to a reputed UI/UX design company and leverage many benefits in a cost-effective way.

    1. Reduced Load Time

    As per an official survey, web pages that load within two seconds have an average bounce rate of 9%, whereas pages that take five seconds to load can experience a high bounce rate of 38%. Simply put, a difference of even a one-second in loading time can have a great impact on your website’s performance. Though fancy graphics and animations may attract visitors, they contribute to increasing the load time significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to balance style and performance while developing a business website. Here, UI/UX designers can assist you.

    2. More Readability

    UI and UX experts know the ways to make all necessary information on your website easily accessible to visitors. This can eventually enable you to make the most of CMS (Content Management System) and maximize visibility and readability. Also, your website should have a responsive design so that all types of users can see the content across various types of devices with ease. In this mobile-driven world, it is essential to take care of the readability and accessibility of your website. You can hire UI/UX designers to achieve this goal efficiently.

    3. Optimum Performance

    The high performance of the website is one of the most important benefits of hiring UI/UX designers. Search engines favor consistent and fast pages that perform well every time. Optimum performance is necessary to reduce the bounce rate and increase the page rank. Here, hiring UI/UX designers can work wonders and you can remain assured of performance.

    4. Improved Functionality

    A well-built website with seamless functionality can engage users effectively. You can get the assistance of UI/UX designers to map out the website properly and organize the content accordingly. It further boosts the user’s engagement and satisfaction ratio. As a result, they can take purchasing decisions in favor of your organization.

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    5. More Engagement

    How about leveraging the useful insights or data related to your customers’ interests and preferences? Well, you can do it by taking the help of UI/UX designers. Many website owners tend to forget that projects do not always attract the target audience, and therefore, it is necessary to consider the user engagement factor. A smooth UI and rich UX can certainly increase engagement and users tend to visit your company website frequently.

    6. Drive Conversions

    Today’s tech-savvy visitors know that they have multiple options on the web these days. Therefore, they will readily abandon unappealing websites in favor of ones that serve their requirements in a better way. This can particularly impact eCommerce websites, and entrepreneurs need to understand the audience while catering to their preferences for this reason. If entrepreneurs can achieve this objective with an effective UI/UX design, they can drive more conversions.

    7. More Insights

    Though UI/UX designs are aimed at matching the user’s requirements and expectations, for this, you need to gain insights into their needs. You can get these useful insights with the help of excellent designs for initial users. They can give feedback if they like to use the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with a seamless UX. After getting these insights, you can hire UI/UX designers to translate them into a rich website or application that boosts revenue.

    8. Better Prototyping

    You can get better prototyping by hiring UI/UX design services. Such better results in prototyping can help you to come up with an interesting and engaging website with relatively less effort and money. What’s more, if you have hired experienced designers, they can make big changes to an almost finished design with ease. It can help you reduce TTM (Time to Market) and ensure a seamless product.

    9. Higher Recognition

    In today’s highly competitive and challenging business scenario, it is not possible to get away with generic and common designs. High-quality UI can assist you to stand out from the crowd and you can get higher recognition. Such high brand recognition can assist you to increase sales eventually.

    10. Competitive Edge

    Altogether, UI/UX designers can assist you to bring a website and application that can attract many visitors and retain existing customers. In a way, you can stay ahead of competitors and take your business to a new level.

    The recent WebFX research has revealed that 66% of website visitors prefer websites with appealing designs. What’s more, 34% of customers are more likely to make purchases even if they have not planned for after reading personalized content on the website.



    Concluding Lines

    Whether you own a startup or an established company, it is imperative to have a user-friendly and interactive website with an excellent user experience. You can hire UI/UX designers to get such a business website with desired features and all the benefits mentioned above. You can address the core needs of end-users with such a website.

    As a reputed UI UX design company, we offer flexible engagement models to our esteemed clients globally. You can hire UI UX designers from our in-house team of experienced designers in a cost-effective way. Just send an email with your project requirements or objectives at info@semaphore-software.com and our expert business consultants will contact you soon.