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Impact of Mobilegeddon on Businesses

Published: May 11, 2015  |   | 

Impact of Mobile-geddon on Businesses
Google brought a change in its mobile search algorithm on April 21st, which will now place the mobile-friendly sites at higher ranks. Those sites that are not mobile optimized will be demoted, thus ranking lower in Mobile Search Results. The webmasters have nicknamed this Pigeon update as “Mobilegeddon“. Read more on Mobile-geddon and the things you should know about it. Mobilegeddon is a major update and is expected to impact businesses in a much bigger way than what the major algorithm changes: Panda and Penguin brought on search engine rankings. Let us understand how your business will be affected due to Mobilegeddon.
  • If your business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website, your mobile devices’ search rankings will slip. Your business might become “unfindable” for Smartphone’s users, thus directly affecting your mobile traffic.
  • With more than 60% of the online traffic now coming from mobile devices, a drop in mobile traffic will significantly affect the sales of your business.
  • Businesses that depend on people finding them through localized search results will be affected more. For example a tourist typing “Hotels on MG Road Bangalore” from his Smartphone’s will only find the hotels that have mobile optimized site. Thus many businesses will see a decrease in foot traffic due to this update.
  • If the mobile users are not able to find your business through Google search, you will lose your business to competitors due a large customer-base now using their Smartphone’s to search for products and services.
  • Many small businesses that depend on search engines for getting customers and cannot afford to have mobile optimized sites will be significantly affected.
  • Businesses that have a separate mobile site that redirects users to a different domain will also see a drop in their rankings.
  • A drop in rankings in Mobile Device Search Results will directly affect your business revenues as the mobile traffic will get diverted to the top ranking websites.
Mobilegeddon has thus made businesses to take a mobile first strategy for their websites for good search results and to survive in this cut-throat competitive environment. For most of the businesses, mobile compliance is no longer optional. Making your website mobile-friendly in the present scenario has become essential. It is important for you to understand that getting a responsive site built is a good long term investment even if doesn’t affect your short-term traffic as the Smartphone’s users are growing by leaps and bounds. No doubt for a lot of businesses this would be a difficult transition, but for users, this update means an enhanced browsing experience! Semaphore Software specializes in developing interactive and dynamic responsive sites for the clients across the globe. Our designers will guide you through this transition and build mobile-friendly sites, compliant with the mobile algorithm update, for your business. Contact us through info@semaphore-software.com┬áto get the benefit of our comprehensive consulting services for your websites and webstore!!