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How to Boost the Mobile Commerce Conversion Rates?

Published: Dec 27, 2018  |   | 

Why Is Conversion Rates The Key To Success

Do you have a mobile commerce app? Are you worried about the impact of facing low conversion rates? Yes, then you surely need to increase the conversion rates and draw the attention of more mobile users. More searches are originating from mobile than desktop, then how more income is generated from the desktop? We have seen that mobile conversion rates are usually less than half of the desktop. Also, we know that the mobile platform is one of the crucial parts to bring success and spend more time in understanding and developing the app.

After knowing this, if you feel that you need conversions rate for eCommerce and wanna know why the above numbers do matters to you. The very first thing is to identify the underlying cause and improve the eCommerce Conversion that boosts your sales and revenue.

Keep reading to convert your conversion rates

What’s a good eCommerce Conversion Rate?

If you’re already achieving the 3 to 10% conversion rates then is it high as what you’re thinking? If we check globally then on average the landing page conversion is 2.35% to 5.31% or may be higher. But if you’re planning to break a record then ideally the rates are from 10% to 11.45% or higher than that. According to the survey we have found that there are thousands of Google Ads that combine to spend annually on advertisers that can help in converting the rates and help you perform better than others in our industry.

search conversion rate distribution


Same as every business leader, we know that getting traffic is one of the crucial parts of doing business. We spend more time in advertising than on another phase of marketing. So it’s high time to convert those visitors and take the next step along the path to make the customer happy. Any page on the internet can buy traffic and optimize a website that turns your traffic into sales, and your site will fail in performing to capitalize it.

Why is Conversion rate good for my business?

You need to understand how well you’re marketing to doing business. In the end, you’ll get frustrated by spending money and drawing traffic for your site. Make sure you have collected data from eCommerce which covers small and large businesses. Knowing that the average e-commerce conversion rate is the first to step to understand and perform with giving the highest ROI. Below we have a few reasons that show why the average e-commerce conversion rate is so important.

  • Conversion rate helps to uncover the friction points

This is the main reasons that reveal that the whole bunch of vital things and the website’s performance will depend on its friction points. If you’re called to action aren’t strong then the people will leave your site without taking any action. If you’re site covers error which prevents the purchasing process from finalizing their order. So get ready to track your sales conversion rate by an industry that prevents visitors from moving forward.

  • Save money on paid advertising

Spending money on hundreds of people on site does not bring an answer to boost the conversions. Various points in an attraction carry the hiccups in your conversion, so you need to address it. You need to fix them and increase conversion. Convert a higher percentage of your current visitor which cost you less than the new one.

  • You’ll always found a room for improvement

We have seen that there is no such thing as perfect; it all depends on how well you do regarding traffic and sales. If you have a long contact form, then test into a shorter version and more entice people to fill out. There are a lot too many steps that help you to find ways in making the process easier to understand with generating more leads.

In Sum

The best way to honestly know the conversion rate is by using the counting system and delivers the ratio of the people when it comes to purchasing. All business are essential whether its revenue generation or brand awareness. So if you’re looking to improve your site performance and conversion rates then contact us at info@semaphore-software.com