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How AI Powered Smart Phones are Reshaping Human Life

Published: Apr 18, 2019  |   | 

smartphones with ai and human life

Mobile phones have always simplified human life in some of the ways. No doubt in saying that today’s world is rounded by technology, which humans rely on for overcoming their business problems and regular life. When it comes to mobile, all of us have one question and that is what’s next in the technology? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Yes, I have.

Nowadays, we are able to manage the whole business from the mobile and able to connect with people from all over the world and provide them with better products and services. In simpler words, as the days are passing, humans are making a very close relationship with mobile phones to manage their regular life. From business culture to social life, cell phone users can sit at their home and meet all their daily life needs. What’s next? Here in this blog, we’ll discuss how mobile technology is going to predict the next move of the user.

E-commerce and M-commerce are like yesterday. Leaders who have opted for this technology have seen unbelievable growth and now they are also trying to pick machine learning, big database, and most importantly AI for implementing a good relationship with customers. They believe this will also help them to improve their company.

Everyone is aware of the Artificial Intelligence technology today and its functions. Have you ever asked your Siri or google assistance for instant help? Yes, I did and I was shocked by the solutions that assistance I got. Isn’t that amazing that you just have to ask your phone for the solutions on any topic? But have you ever wonder, how does the AI do this?

AI has the capability to understand, analysis and store data of the user activities on the internet in the system backend. Later this information is used for helping the user to make a smarter decision. It means, whatever you do on the internet or in physical life (where you go, whom you meet; this data is stored with help of GPS), AI collects the data through wireless singles or sensors. This process initiates with the internet of things later communicated on smart screens for updates.

  • Predication and Implementing

Tools of the AI have been helping to understand the user and enhance marketing strategies. In the near future, AI will be able to save people from the accident and produce accurate information in real time to save the businesses from loss. Yes, you read right, technology will be so advance to help in fields like hospitals, education and most importantly our existence. Data processing in the digital has become the highest level priority for the organization. Your data is understood and analyzed to serve you better. Here are some examples of AI helping in a different sector.

  • Education

Every student has access to smarter devices and digital classroom to understand the subject better. This is a more innovative way to learn and explore things, but this is not ending as we have a tendency to keep developing and moving on to the next big thing. Companies like Google are investing a huge sum of money in developing virtual reality (VR) with AI to enhance student learning style. Virtual Reality takes you near to authenticity. This allows to experience in real time. Just imagine, the student has the power to explore the subjects by visiting the diffident location by sitting in a classroom. Another development in AI is that every student will have personal assistance to teach lessons in a very systematic way. This assistant understands students individually so they get equal importance.

  • Hospitals

According to studies, AI technology can be really helpful in predicting the best way to perform surgery at the time of emergency and providing the right treatment. AI robotically understands the patient condition and analysis of the health report. By this, the doctor will have accurate information to perform the surgery or give the necessary treatments. This could save doctors’ time and most importantly it will allow the doctor to cure more patients. Here, the robotic technologies generate real-time data which can help doctors or nurse to give the best treatment to the patient. In future, we may expect robots to perform initial level surgeries.

  • AI in Human Life

AI is already helping a lot in simplifying life and making it easier every day. Moreover, in recent years, the development of AI has increased. It can help humans in cooking, managing homes and most importantly providing the personal assistance for health, education, social life, shopping, fashion and lot more. Point to remember, AI has a capability to produce real-time data and analyze the same to give the best output. Real time scenario, traffic problems are increasing in every city. To solve traffic solutions, we have started to utilize AI in the transportation sector which will help vehicle owners to choose the best way. With this everyone can reach their destination on time. Here, AI will predict real-time data with the help of internet and GPS locations. It will tell you what root to take and at what time to start from home. Benefits in automatically diagnosing the problem of the accident, and make life easier. Soon, we will have self-driving cars which will stop an accident and save lives.

  • AI in Business

With the help of machine learning and big data, business problems can be solved in seconds. This technology is proven to be very useful in understanding customers and their needs. With the help of big data, the organization can speed up sales and launch products fasters. Other tools like CMS and CRM software companies are able to improve internal interaction and client communication. This creates an opportunity for business to solve problems and meet deadlines.

AI is creating opportunities for business to grow fasters and meet more customers. If you want to become the leader in the digital market, then you should start utilizing smart technologies like big data, ML, AI, CRM, and CMS. This will also give you an option to stay connected with your business from anywhere. These points are outlined so you can get basic ides. To know more about these technologies and understand how it helps your business, contact us today and talk to our expert.