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Five ways to reduce Software Development cost by Hiring Dedicated Developers

Published: Jun 22, 2021  |   | 

Hiring Dedicated Developers
Developing customized applications and websites is a costly affair for start-ups as well as established businesses. The high cost of software development serves as a barrier to the success of various enterprises, especially small-scale businesses and start-ups. But, when there is the unseen barrier and costing, there are also unseen ways to reduce the overall costs of solution development for your business. As per a global survey, cost reduction is one of the primary reasons for companies to outsource services to reliable IT service providers. By hiring dedicated developers, you can reduce the cost of overall development and can also enjoy additional benefits like access to a variety of skills, better control over the steps, flexibility, and more focus on the development of business. A dedicated team of developers can gradually reduce the cost of custom software development and provide you better services. Let’s understand the factors contributing to increasing the software development cost before moving further. Top Factors Responsible for Increasing Software Development Cost
  1. Lack of planning and poor execution is one of the major factors that lead to higher costing. To avoid it, you should be familiar with your exact requirements and well-developed strategy before hiring a developer.

  1. Over-communication, micromanagement, or miscommunication between the client and developer lead to a fuss in the project and hence to over-cost.

  1. It is very important to test the final product before its launch to avoid any bug or damage to the product. Otherwise, the unseen or undetected issues will lead to unforeseen costs.

  1. If any damage occurs in your website or application that gets crashed,  developers can recover it as soon as possible to bring the project back on track.

  1. The cost of software development generally depends on the time taken by the developers to complete it. In-house, developers take more time as they work on multiple projects at a time and avoid the projects without the deadline or longer deadline and due to this the speed of the developer slows down as well as the quality of the project and lead to over-cost like no other factor.

After understanding the factors affecting the over-cost of project development, it is important to understand dedicated developers to understand how hiring them can reduce the software development cost.

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Who are dedicated developers?

Dedicated developers are skilled and highly experienced professional developers to be hired on a part-time, full time or project basis. You can hire dedicated developers through flexible engagement models. The team of developers you have hired can easily collaborate with in-house developers to deliver the projects on time. A dedicated development team usually includes Front and backend developers, UX/UI designers, QA engineers, project managers, and business analysts. After understanding the factors of over-cost and about dedicated developers, let’s move to the core focus of the blog; how hiring a dedicated developer can reduce the software development cost, and why is it the best option?

Top Five Ways Hiring Developers can Reduce Custom Software Development Cost

1. Cut down the additional hiring cost-

Hiring a full-time developer for a particular project may not be cost-efficient. For different projects, we require different skills in which the in-house developer lacks. So, instead of hiring a full-time developer, it is better to collaborate with an offshore development company and hire dedicated developers as per the project requirements.

2. Learn to take advantage of technological expertise-

Developing a customized and complex solution requires high-level technical expertise and experience and working with an inexperienced resource may not give the desired result for the same and this will ultimately lead you to hire dedicated developers to fulfill the need of business by developing a top-quality customized solution.

3. No cost incurred to provide training-

The IT industry is an ever-evolving industry with updated technologies and trends. Providing training to the in-house developers can increase a lot of costs to keep them updated with the latest trends, and it can affect your budget a lot. By hiring, an expert developer based on the required skill set, a business can avoid this huge training cost.

4. Go for the best Strategy for the project-

Lack of planning, execution, unclear objectives, and requirement of the project can cause a lot of trouble and cost. Due to unclear objectives and requirements, developers can make mistakes while developing software, and these mistakes can increase the cost and time involved to complete the project. By hiring experienced and dedicated developers, companies can use their expertise to understand the specific requirement of the project, and they can also suggest essential changes to make your project better in a very timely and cost-efficient way.

5. Cost comparison of in-house and outsourced developers-

As per the Statista report, approximately 288 billion USD were spent globally for outsourcing IT services. The development charges across the globe for dedicated developers are varying as per the geographic areas, but people prefer to hire dedicated developers instead of establishing an in-house development team. As a cost-efficient alternative, you can hire PHP developers or AngularJS developers to use their skill set as per the requirement.

Concluding Lines

The cost of software development is increasing, which is also a major concern for businesses. To avoid the worry of budget, one can hire a dedicated developer and launch the project within the available budget and time frame. Semaphore is a renowned custom software development company. You can hire PHP developers, ASP.Net developers, and AngularJS developers among others as per the project needs and business objectives. Just email us at info@semaphore-software.com, and we will get back to you soon with our flexible engagement models.