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How to Find the Right Offshore Software Developer for Your Business in 2023

Published: May 10, 2021  |   | 

How to Find the Right Offshore Software Developer for Your Business in 2021

Finding the right offshore software developers is indeed a difficult task. Here are the top tips for hiring the most suitable offshore software development company. Offshore software development has become the need of the hour in a challenging business scenario. But, entrepreneurs, who always remain busy solving various issues while coping with intensifying competition, find it extremely difficult to hire the right software development partner from a plethora of options available in the market.

Startups and SMEs cannot afford to overspend in experimenting for their software project, and therefore, we are going to dig deep into the topic- how you can find the right offshore software developer for your company in this blog. But, before moving to this topic, let’s go through some interesting facts related to outsourcing quickly. 

Quick Facts

  • Over 94% of organization use some form of IT outsourcing
  • The value of IT outsourcing is expected to reach $440.41 billion by the end of 2022
  • Manufacturers outsource 70 to 80% of their finished products on an average
  • Over 40% of help desk positions are outsourced in the banking sector

Let’s start with the top destinations for hiring offshore software development companies. For over two decades, some Eastern European, Latin American, and Asian countries have remained the favorite outsourcing destinations for entrepreneurs based in the US, Canada, and Western Europe.

Deep industry insight, a proven track record of delivering high-quality work, and cost-effectiveness are some major reasons why enterprises prefer to hire the right offshore software development partner. Development and maintenance-related activities, repetitive or rule-based activities, and non-core processes remain the top options for outsourcing. 

Offshore software development companies can provide mobility solutions, enterprise software, and robotic process automation (RPA)-based solutions to bring automation in various processes and transform the business digitally. Enterprises across various industry sectors including manufacturing, utility, and healthcare can hire a dedicated team of developers to meet their complex business requirements and customer expectations effectively. 

Once you opt for hiring an offshore software developer, it is necessary to plan the due diligence process. Though outsourcing is a cost-effective process with multiple benefits, it is necessary for both partners to take care of legal formalities while following all the norms given by the authorities. Let’s check out the big advantage of software development outsourcing. 

Key Business Benefits of Outsourcing Your Project 

Here are some of the top benefits of hiring an offshore software development company for your upcoming project. 

Reduced Development Cost

Outsourcing can assist you to save a lot of bucks in terms of operational expenses as there is no need to spend money on infrastructure, hiring costs, and salaries for software developers. 

Also, outsourcing destinations offer competitive hourly rates for developers, and you can save a lot of money as software development costs. 

Higher Flexibility and Scalability 

When you hire software developers from a reputed company, it is always possible to scale up or down your team as per the project requirements. When you have to pay developers as per hours they spent, you can always have high flexibility in line with the size of the project and budgetary limitations. 

Timezone Advantage 

This is one of the biggest benefits of hiring a software development partner. It is possible that your team of developers works in a faraway place on your project even when your office is closed. This timezone advantage can save a lot of bucks and time as you can focus better on the project and chances are high that the project would complete on time. 

Higher Exposure 

Usually, US and Europe-based entrepreneurs outsource their software projects to countries like India and the Philippines. It gives entrepreneurs more exposure to strengthen their footprints in global markets and developing economies. This higher exposure can also contribute to taking companies to a new level.

 New Talents 

A team of dedicated software developers you have selected works with your existing workforce, and your company can get an advantage from hiring new talents. These developers are not on your company’s payroll and there is no need to allocate separate space and other necessary equipment, but still, these developers work as your team outside your office or headquarter. In a way, you can hire and retain new talents in a cost-effective way. Finally, let’s go through the important points to consider for finding the right offshore software development company. 

Top Points to Consider for Hiring the Right Offshore Software Developer You need to consider key factors including technology stack, expertise, portfolio, communication, and experience of developers while hiring the right offshore software development company. You need to ensure that the software outsourcing team has all the tech skills necessary for your project. It is better to go through the company’s portfolio and testimonials online to get some idea about their software development skills. 

Simply put, you need to maintain a subtle balance between quality and development cost while hiring offshore software developers. Cultural differences and language barriers should also be considered along with time differences. 

Concluding Lines

Hiring the right software development partner for your project is a herculean task. However, in this blog, we have tried to cover all the necessary aspects for finding and selecting the right developer to make this task a bit easy. It is always beneficial to shortlist reputed software development companies and consult them with your requirements to find the most suitable one for your upcoming project.