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Five Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs Magento Development

Published: May 8, 2020  |   | 

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In today’s Internet-driven age, everyone is online. Even during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, people prefer to stay and shop online. This is where you can take advantage of running your business online on a 24/7 basis. Yes, we are talking about an eCommerce shop. It is fair to mention that an eCommerce store and Magento development services have become synonymous with each other these days.

As per Magento IT Solutions data, over 250,000 retailers count on Magento for their eCommerce business globally. Magento powers almost 12% of all eCommerce websites. As a powerful CMS, Magento keeps on updating itself to meet changing market trends and challenges of online business. Ford, Land Rover, Liverpool FC, and Pepe Jeans are some of the big brands that rely on Magento.

If you want to grow your business online, you can simply hire Magento developers and make the most of this excellent platform. Here are the key reasons why you should opt for Magento development services to build a feature-rich eCommerce shop.

1. SEO-Friendliness

seo friendly

If you want to get a higher rank for your eCommerce website on Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), SEO-friendliness is the first and foremost condition. Be it attracting a lot of customers or keeping your existing customers to visit frequently, the Magento platform can help you with extensive SEO support and responsiveness. Magento also supports SEO-friendly URLs and facilitates you to rewrite the URLs to boost an SEO effort.

Magento has in-built designs to make mobile-friendly websites. It gives high page load sped and provides efficient UI (User Interface). Both these factors contribute to improving your eCommerce website’s ranking on search engines. What’s more, product category and Metadata support also help your website get higher visibility and improved ranking on SERPs.

Simply put, the Magento platform enables eCommerce websites to remain in touch with a huge audience by making them SEO-friendly and user-friendly. It is better to upgrade to Magento 2 version if you want to make the most of your existing Magento store.

2. Multiple Store Management

As an online retailer, you would certainly grow your business by promoting multiple brands or come up with multiple stores with different items across various categories. With Magento, it’s possible, and it is considered as one of the biggest advantages of Magento. You can easily manage multiple stores thanks to the robustness and scalability of this platform. Every store can maintain its uniqueness and individuality along with a distinct identity.

Also, Magento enables you to treat each store as a single one while managing multiple stores. One of the keys to success for an eCommerce store is it should run seamlessly on a 24/7 basis. With Magento, it is possible to run multiple stores securely.

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3. Higher Customization

Magento development services enable your website to integrate the theme and templates in line with your business model. The Magento platform offers highly customizable themes. The Magento platform offers highly customizable themes that are useful to develop and design user-friendly websites. Business owners like you can choose the theme from a wide collection and the Magento web development company can customize them as per your business needs.

You can hire Magento developers to get any sort of technical assistance for modifying and updating your existing Magento website. What’s more, Magento has a huge community consists of active and dedicated developers who can assist you at any point. Also, it is possible to increase or decrease products across various categories on the Magento website because of the platform’s higher flexibility and scalability.

4. Support for Third-Party Integration

Your Magento website can be integrated with any other third-party services for providing rich user experience. The website owner can get advanced features and seamless functionality with the help of third-party tools and plugins. For example, Analytics tools help you get real-time insights into your eCommerce store. You can also get actionable insights related to most sold products in the week or month to make informed decisions. You can maintain the supply chain by knowing the shopper’s behavior through third-party tools.

If you want to implement various marketing strategies and make your online store successful, the third-party integration can remain handy. The Magento web development company also provides you business analysts to come up with more effective strategies.

5. Edition for Every Need

Magento comes in three different editions to meet all the project needs and budgetary limitations. Its community edition is an open-source version and free-to-use for all online shop owners. The enterprise edition aims at addressing complex requirements of large online stores, whereas Magento Go provides a hosted solution to eCommerce businesses. Whether you own a startup or a small-scale business, Magento can help your company grow online with a hassle-free experience.

You can contact a reputed Magento web development company to know more about Magento 2 and various editions of this excellent platform.

Concluding Lines

Magento is an easy-to-use and advanced platform that can help you build a feature-rich eCommerce store. As mentioned above, Magento offers many benefits to online businesses and gives a room to developers for developing a futuristic store. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that Magento can help you meet all the needs of an online shop. Whether you run a business on a small or large scale or you have a startup idea for an eCommerce business, Magento can be the right choice.

All you need to contact a reputed Magento development services provider to reach a huge audience online.

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