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The Perfect Time to Move to M-Commerce Starts Today

Published: Dec 7, 2015  |   | 

move from ecommerce to mcommerce

According to a research by Comscore, there has been an observed change in the global users on Desktops and Mobile. The number of desktop users has gone down from 19.1% in 2014 to 10.6% in 2015. On the other hand, the number of mobile users has gone up from 10.8% in 2014 to 11.3% in 2015. It has been observed that PCs dominate during the working hours, while mobiles and smart devices like tablets etc. are popular during the morning and night hours i.e. after or before work hours. About 1/3rd of the web traffic can be attributed to mobiles or smart devices.

In case of retail, there is a multi-platform culture. Most consumers don’t confirm to a single platform; they are known to use more than one platform to complete their purchase. A mobile device is used for about 7.3 hours in a week, to surf the web, which is quite high average. In fact, mobile search conversion is recorded at 93% which gives hope that mobile device dependibility is the in thing.

The statistics are pointing towards a paradigm shift from web to mobile. The mobile adoption and usage is fast growing. Even those who claim to be stray from technology otherwise, have a growing fondness for the mobile phones. While we are on this conversation about mobile phones, and their growing usage, it would be the right time to talk about the other impending shift i.e. e-commerce to m-commerce. It would be a healthy discussion to understand why businesses need to change their focus from e-commerce to m-commerce.

Why Consider the Move, from e-Commerce to m-Commerce?

E-commerce has facilitated online shopping in a way that offers convenience in shopping. You can treat yourself to goodies sitting in the convenience of your home. It has become an important part of your everyday life. But, things are gradually changing with the entry of mobile phones. Gradually, people are ditching those big laptops and desktops, to be in the comfort of their mobile phones. You will find people seeking comfort in the apps that have been downloaded in their phones, to keep themselves busy and going. The world is moving fast, and you really don’t have time to browse and surf the internet on your PC, let alone shop during the hours you are in front of the PC. People gradually prefer shopping on the mobile websites, which has given space for growth of commerce on the mobiles, or in other words growth of m-commerce.

Developers are busy creating apps that can be used on the mobile for shopping. Mobile commerce has been embraced well by the consumers who find it convenient and easy to shop on their mobile devices. Another very interesting statistics states that there has been a growth of 174% in the lifestyle and shopping apps, specifically in the past year. The growth of revenue in the mobile commerce segment, also speaks volumes regarding the potential of mobile commerce. It is impossible to ignore this segment of shopping, and developers as well as retailers need to consider m-commerce. You can say this is the perfect time to shift to m-commerce from e-commerce.

Why the Need for Shopping Apps?

One of the easiest ways retailers have adopted to go mobile, is to make their e-commerce websites responsive and mobile friendly. In this way, the users are navigated to the mobile friendly website, while accessing the website from the mobile. This way the retailers are not using the complete potential of being present on the mobile. A mobile app is a convenient way of shopping, and completing the payment process. You have the app interface built to suit the look and appeal of a mobile device. According to a statistics revealed by Paypal, about 64% of the users shopping on a mobile device, use shopping apps to complete their purchase. The reason being the interface is suited for the mobile device, and the convenience offered is higher than a mobile website can manage to offer. A thorough m-commerce solution is one that will offer unique user experience. Learn more on why user experience is important for m-commerce. It is obviously important to create a compelling application, which will pull your audiences to the application, and make them purchase. Around $100 bn sales was observed from mobile commerce, which gives you full reason to go mobile commerce immediately.

If you are planning to transfer your e-commerce to suit the needs of m-commerce, you should focus your entire energy on developing the ideal mobile app, which is not just user friendly in terms of the interface but also in terms of checkout and payment procedures. Semaphore Software has the ideal solution, Silver Shop, which will help easy and convenient transition from e-commerce to m-commerce. To know more about M-Commerce software solutions, and how it will be effective for you, get in touch with us via info@semaphore-software.com