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Understanding the Importance of an mCommerce App and its User-Experience Aspect

Published: Jun 12, 2015  |   | 

Importance of an MCommerce app
It’s almost halfway through 2015; has your eCommerce store gone mobile yet? If no, you are missing out on many potential Smartphone’s buyers. Mobile sales are rising by leaps and bounds since last few years. As per the 2014 research by Criteo, mCommerce accounted for 30% of the overall eCommerce transactions. Asian markets are leading in the ROI front with mobile sales reaching $230 billion USD in 2014, which is almost half of the global mCommerce! Online businesses need to understand that Smartphone’s have shifted the behavior of the users and now has a major share of the online revenues. Let us understand why online businesses need to invest in mCommerce.

Why go Mobile?

Why go Mobile
  • With Smartphone’s penetrating the market deeply, it has become essential for the eCommerce business to address the need of this segment. Smartphone’s have enhanced the online experience of the users and now contribute to a large part of the buying decisions.
  • A large number of consumers use Smartphone’s to research and buy the offerings of a business. By going mobile, you will be able to engage your users and convert them to your customers.
  • Users expect to have an optimized mobile experience while shopping from an online store and if you do not cater to this requirement, they will look elsewhere. It is important for you to meet users’ expectations to create brand recognition and survive the competition.
  • MCommerce is growing and will continue to be so in the coming years. Goldman Sachs has predicted that by 2018 mobile spending will be half of the total eCommerce spending, with the projected sales of $626 billion.

Importance of User-Experience

Importance of User-Experience Smartphone’s are a quick and easy way to access information. Consumers use their mobile apps on-the-go to browse and even make purchases. This makes it essential for the online store owners to live up to their expectations and give a pleasant user-experience. Users will uninstall your app if it is not user-friendly and doesn’t have an appealing design. You will thus lose your potential customers to your competitors. Below mentioned are few of the tips that you can follow, for giving an optimized user experience to consumers:
  • Your homepage should be streamlined and have an exquisite design as it is the first impression of your online stores for users when they download your mCommerce app. Your menu should be simple and user-friendly to access. You can keep a space to promote your new products and offers. You can even provide quick links for important tasks and include the search facility for quick access of products.
  • Product Catalogue is an important aspect of your mCommerce app. Make sure that the catalogues are easily searchable and have high-quality images and relevant product information. When users go to your product pages, they should get an overview of the features of your product and then get the details by tapping or expanding drop down menus. Do not forget to include the feature to share your product via social media platforms. Ensure your ‘add to cart’ button is properly visible along with the user-friendly menus.
  • The shopping cart page of your store should have an easy way to proceeding to check-out with an option to edit the selection.
  • Some customers might add your products to the cart but might not purchase them right away. They may complete the transaction later on from their PC or laptop, so it is advantageous to include the feature for desktop viewing as well.
  • Your mCommerce app should be designed keeping in mind the intuitive interface of the Smartphone’s. Ensure there is a proper space between the links and the app has drop down menus and swipe slideshows for your product images.
Smartphone’s have changed the way, users research and shop, making it essential for the eCommerce store owners to cater to the mobility requirement of consumers. MCommerce growth is showing no signs of slowing down; online businesses need to catch up or they will have to lose their potential Smartphone’s customers to their competitors. Only designing an mCommerce app will not work, it has to be created keeping in mind the user-friendly aspect and the key tasks your customers will perform in the app. Semaphore Software has the proficiency in delivering custom mCommerce solutions to the clients across the globe. Silver Shop developed by us will help you to convert your Magento eCommerce Store to a mobile app in just 5 days!! Get in touch with us through info@semaphore-software.com to get more details about Silver Shop and our comprehensive mCommerce solutions!