The 6 Keys to the Success of your Custom Software Development Project

May 22, 2015 Published by: Disha Kakkad

Success of your Custom Software Development Project
Custom software development is an excellent way to ensure that an application is built as per your unique business needs, facilitating your short-term as well as long-term objectives. Read Why Custom Software Development is Preferable for Businesses? But bespoke software development project is not always easy to handle and manage due to numerous reasons including the time or budget crunch. In order to achieve favorable results in tailored software development, various points are to be considered and several pitfalls to be avoided. This post is intended to list the six keys to get success in your custom software development project.

Choosing the Company

Choosing the Company The success of your project will be highly dependent on the company you choose for the development. You might be looking to get an application developed at the lowest possible cost. But there’s no way to ensure that the company will deliver high-quality software until you have already made a huge investment into the project. So don’t solely rely on upfront cost estimates to take a decision about which company to hire. Choose a company based on their experience, expertise, reputation in the market, clients’ references, portfolio and more to increase the chances of the success of your project.

Identifying the Purpose

Identifying the Purpose If you will not be able to identify the purpose for which you are getting an application developed, you will not succeed. The project should have an idea and vision behind it. It should cater to the requirements of a business. The software project must bring efficiency to your business, resolve your current issues and problems, have the ability to meet your long term goals and help to add revenues to your business.

Choosing the Project Methodology

Choosing the Project Methodology One of the most important decisions is to choose the project methodology. There are various project methodologies, out of which you need to choose the one which suits your business requirements. Waterfall methodology puts emphasis on upfront requirement gathering while in Agile the project is divided into small phases and requirements change with the change in situations. Read more about Choosing the Agile Methodology for Custom Software Development. You need to select the model suitable for your business, after properly consulting the software development company and getting the inputs of its team.


Communication Communication is an important aspect for a custom software development project. Have an effective communication channel and participative environment for continuous flow of ideas and information. It is essential for you to have open lines of communication with the team which would include giving updates on problems, development issues, new features to be incorporated and much more. In order to get desirable results, the team too should respond to your needs and show willingness to take your inputs and feedback.


Estimates Tailor-made software has benefitted numerous companies to transform their business for the better. However it is important to be realistic about the budget, timelines and involvement of the resources. It is essential to make the correct cost estimates; the project otherwise might not get completed. It is also necessary to build a complete project timeline and review the skill set of the resources. All this can help in controlling the cost of your project and driving it towards the success path. Sometimes unrealistic expectations for the delivery of a project might even lead developers to compromise on the quality aspect.

Flexibility & Scalability

Flexibility & Scalability When you are getting custom software built, you have to consider your future needs as well, by keeping a room for flexibility. You have to see the big picture ahead. Have a foresight; otherwise your project might not fit to the future requirements. These tips will help you to get positive results from your custom software project. You will be able to meet your specific business needs, streamline your business operations and gain a competitive edge. Semaphore Software has the proficiency in custom software development. Our developers are highly skilled and experienced in delivering utmost quality, tailor-made software and are aware of the projects’ success factors to yield positive results. Contact our experts through¬†for the successful delivery and execution of your cherished custom software project!!