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Business Benefits of Convergence of Mobile, IoT and Cloud

Published: Jul 21, 2016  |   | 

Business Benefits of Convergence of Mobile, IoT and Cloud

In the last decade or so, three technologies have completely transformed the way we operate our business. The three technologies in question are Mobile, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. The mobile revolution has been there for the last three decades but it is only with the advent of smartphone technology that it has changed how businesses communicate and collaborate with their clients and customers. Cloud Computing services has increased the storage capabilities for businesses, increased their data sharing opportunities and most importantly has made data more accessible. Internet of Things (IoT) on the other hand is leading us to a more connected world, where ordinary equipment and devices would be interconnected to create a smarter world.

All these three technologies have made major impact in the business world helping businesses improve their productivity and offering to enhance user experience. For now, we have just touched the tip of the iceberg as far as possibilities with these technologies combined are concerned. Convergence of these three technologies can open new horizons for interconnected devices, enabling convenience in data and information sharing for both B2C and B2B enterprises. It would lead us to a truly smarter world where production, decision making and delivery may be automated benefiting businesses as well as end customers. So what are the benefits in store for businesses and their customers with convergence, let’s find out.

Overcoming Current Limits

Though all these three technologies have evolved and come of age, they are handicapped by their own limitations. Let’s take the example of IoT, while it promises to make devices smarter and take their decisions independently, there are times when it would require human intervention and this is where mobiles may act like remote control for IoT powered devices. Similarly so many interconnected devices would generate tons of data and this need to be stored, processed and made accessible to users and this is what Cloud Computing brings to the table.

Connect Business To Customers Unlike Before

If there is one thing that redefines business of 21st century it is how they connect with their customers. Increased collaboration lead to better customer service, which acts as a transformation agent for the business. With the convergence of these three technologies, businesses tend to scale upward. It will help customers access services in near real-time as they communicate with businesses. In easy terms this would be a huge improvement over the present device-to-gateway model that is in place with cloud and Internet of Things solutions.

Maximize Resource Utilization

Maximizing resource utilization has become an important goal for businesses across industries. It also helps them cut costs and competitively price their products and services. Convergence enables sharing of resources between mobile, IoT and cloud computing solutions. In fact this will ensure that businesses get the best out of devices, networks and applications.

Personalization of Services

Customers around the world aspire to use tailored made products and services that have been customized to their liking. With convergence, businesses would have more access to user preference and would thus be able to personalize their services to meet the expectations of the users. While such information is still available with the present model of computing, it doesn’t quite foster real-time processing of such information. To avail real-time access, it is important to understand the business needs, and personalize the solution accordingly.

Increased ROI

Last but not the least, return on investment is what interests businesses across the board and convergence promises to offer healthy return on investment to any business. It is estimated that by the end of the decade close to 30 billion devices would be inter connected in the world through wireless technology. With convergence, businesses would be able to process data being generated from all these devices and offer better customer experience to their users. Convergence would also reduce the need for human intervention in some of the mundane tasks that are performed by businesses.

The true benefits of convergence can only be derived when businesses focus on these three elements individually. It is thus important to focus on these three key elements and build them to seamlessly converge and complement one another. If you are looking for IoT app development in India or enterprise mobile app development, Semaphore Software would let you get a taste of the future. Convergence is the future and to gain competitive edge over your rivals write to us at info@semaphore-software.com