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Top 7 Features of Android 5.1 and their Usefulness for Users

Published: Apr 9, 2015  |   | 

Android 5.1 Features
Android 5.0 was the biggest update that Google released since its 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich release. See why Android 5.0 was considered to be the sweetest Android release. Google recently released Android 5.1 an upgrade after a span of four months of releasing Android 5.0 Lollipop. It is not a minor upgrade with bug fixes and improvement here and there but has some worthwhile features that make the release a major upgrade. Let’s check out the top 7 features of Android 5.1 and how it will improve the performance of your Android Smartphone’s.

Device Security – Anti Theft

Device Security – Anti TheftAndroid 5.1 has the new Device Protection feature for Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and new Android 5.1 devices to enhance the security of users. This feature prevents unauthorized access of your device even if an outside person performs a factory reset. It gets automatically activated if you have a secure lock screen enabled with a PIN, password or a pattern. The device can be unlocked only by logging in to your Google account. As stated above, this feature is restricted to only a few devices. Hopefully, it will be rolled out to more Smartphone’s in the future.  

Priority Mode

Priority Mode The Priority Mode was introduced in Android 5.0, allowing users to close off snoozing alerts or audible notifications for a period of time say when you are asleep. With Android 5.1, you can activate the Priority Mode until your next alarm, letting you free yourself from the disturbances. Say for example if you are asleep, you will receive the notifications only once you are awake by setting the Priority Mode.  

Heads-up Notifications

Heads-up Notifications Heads-up notifications were one of the most useful features of Android 5.0. When you slid the notifications you received while using the phone, from the top of the screen, these alerts got dismissed completely. Android 5.1 improved on this feature. Now you can slide the notifications away from your view whenever you receive it and deal with it later by dragging down the notification menu.  

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Android 5.1 has made it easier for users to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You will not be required to go to the settings menu every time to change your Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth device connection, instead you can directly swipe down to the Quick Settings panel. There will be small arrows below Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; touching on them will give you a list of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks. You can touch the one you want to connect to. Other than this, your Wi-Fi will work in a smarter way. Whenever you go to public places and are unable to connect to poor Wi-Fi network, your Android 5.1 device will remember all these networks and will not connect to them in future.  

HD Audio Calling

HD Audio Calling HD Audio is finally going to come in Android 5.1. Google has promised a “crystal clear” audio quality on voice calls. This however will work on a compatible device on a compatible network. To get this native feature of Android, you will need a strong signal to support HD voice capabilities.  

Dual SIM Support

Dual SIM Support Android 5.1 allows running two SIMs simultaneously in one device even if you don’t have a dual SIM phone. This feature is going to be useful to users in developing countries, where devices are shared and also for international travelers. The dialer app will let you select the SIM you want to use and will color-code the interface to let you know the SIM you are currently using.  

Quick Settings

Quick Settings With Android 5.1, you will be able to access Quick Settings panel from the Lock Screen even if it is password/PIN-protected. Just drag down from the top of the Lock Screen to open up Quick Settings and turn off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or flashlight. To customize it more, Android 5.1 will also allow you to long press the button you want to hide in Quick Setting drawer. Other than these features, there are many minor improvements and bug-fixes in Android 5.1. One of which includes fixation of the infamous memory leak issue that had affected a lot of Android 5.0 users. The enhanced features as well as the improvements in Android 5.1 seem to make the Lollipop version stable in the coming future. Semaphore Software has extensive experience in Android app development, building apps on latest Android versions. Our Android app developers use the latest tools and techniques to devise robust and ingenious Android apps. Please get in touch with us through info@semaphore-software.com to get innovative Android apps!!